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I survived! Join the survivor camp! Let KSI help you!


Did you lose more than 100 posts?  

  1. 1. Did you lose more than 100 posts?

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I'm a survivor! Just had to re-upload my profile picture (the incredibly awesome B★RS) and everything was back to normal :)

Edit: Oh no, I went down to 10 posts! From the huge total of 33! The tragedy!

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The only notable thing I lost that I can think of was my Kinetic Freefall thread in the fanworks forums. I recovered it with Google Cache info, and it's right here, perfectly fine: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/25463-Kinetic-Freefall-Ep-1-Space-Warfare-Evolved

It's because I haven't posted really since last year, except for that and a few replies to threads.

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I survived, but I don't wanna join no survivor camp! I don't wanna sleep in some tent with no insulation and in which you can hear the rain every night! I'm gonna go back to my underground bunker, where I have a nice cast-iron potbelly stove, where I can't hear anything but the radio and the jukebox, and a greenhouse with fluorescent lighting in it. Now, please excuse me while I go back to the bunker, lock myself in, and make up some pizza. MMmMmmMMMM... PiZZZzzzZZzzZzZzZAAaaAaaaAAA.

Oh yeah, I just remembered something:


Don't send the KSI over either. I don't want no law enforcement officials swarming my place just because there was a huge disaster. I'm perfectly fine and set up in my bunker, and I'm happy with my bunker.

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