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Kinetic Freefall, Ep. 1 - Space Warfare Evolved


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TehLazyPirates Presents


Remember to turn on captions

EPISODE 2 is here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/30574-Kinetic-Freefall-Ep-2-Shadows

Kerbin is in peril. The year is 2043 KD, war had begun. The three pioneers are no more. The Kerman line is all but gone. Countries and governments have fallen apart, and in their place megacorporations have seized power. They have colonized the neighboring planets; Duna, Laythe, the Mun, along with numerous spaceports and trade stations. The country that housed the Kerbal Space Program and all its seemingly infinite resources is now under control of the Kerbal Space Co. and its partners. To the north is the Munar Resources Federation, who controls nearly all trade and mining within the inner Kerbolar system; from Moho to Duna and all the moons around them.

To the east is Powersearch United. Everywhere you go the products say "Made by Powersearch." They have the world's largest manufacturing capability, and they hold the most land, and thus the most people, numbering over 2 and a half billion, not counting the hundreds of thousands out in space. In close relation to them is Resonance Advanced Weaponry to the west of Kerbal Space Co. Using the manufacturing might of Powersearch, along with the technological might of Resonance's thousands of adamant scientists and engineers, they have created the first practical space fighter.

Kerbal Space Co. had put a spy satellite in orbit of Kerbin to keep watch of their neighbors. They had kept it under wraps, but then Powersearch detected this 'unknown entity' in a suspicious geosynchronous orbit.

And so it begins...


Music by WildDakPaks

Produced by James Lee(James510) and Robert Lytle(Misterspork) of TehLazyPirates

Voice acting by: James Lee, Robert Lytle, Alex Lo, and Chris Chuang

Closed captioning provided by Alex Lo

Made in Kerbal Space Program 0.19.1

Mod List(All credit to respective mod authors):

Chiefly: NovaPunch 1.5 beta, Dynamic Warp, and HyperEdit 1.2.0

Minor mods:

RW Improved Trusses and Girders v1.2

Mechjeb 1.9.8 + Mechjeb 2 v2.0.3

KerbCam v0.4

Gaby's Quick and Dirty Miscellania

Deep Space Mission pack v1.7.1

Deadly Reenty v1.3

Damned Robotics v1.3


FusTek Station Parts


PlaCo Heatshields

RW MiniMega Sepratrons

B9 Aerospace Pack

Ion Hybrid pack v1.4.3

Edited by Misterspork
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