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[1.0.2] TAC Self Destruct v1.5.1 [13May]


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I think it would be cool if you could set the SD charge to have a countdown timer, and then make it so that a Kerbal on EVA can actually go up to the charge and disarm it. Would be awesome for a movie in-game.

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Tested and it still works with 0.21.1

Now this is something I have been looking for! Very useful especially when you don't want to have debris landing on another ship on Kerbin :P

Thanks for the release! :D

Glad you like it. BTW, I am getting to my Life Support mod. SoonTM

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Is it possible to have this activated by staging? IE like a decoupler?

Sorry I did not reply earlier. I have been thinking about this, and I like the idea... but it would be nice if that was optional. I'm not sure how to make it so that you can turn on/off activation by staging. Maybe I'll need to make a second part...

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I agree with GavinZac, I do really need to have this in staging! No more debris! :D

You could make a staging part and a non-staging part. The staging part will explode 10 seconds after stage triggering (and so, 10 seconds after decouplage)!

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Great addon but how can I change the timer from 10 seconds to 60?

Open the part's config file:


and change the line that says

timeDelay = 10.0


timeDelay = 60.0

Glad you like it :)

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I would like to make a suggestion for a future update to the mod if it isnt already part of it.

Maybe add a timed detonation from separation? For example, on the space shuttle, the SRBs are re-used, however, the ET is not. It would be great to have a bomb of some sort on the ET so that it goes off after x number of seconds have expired after separation. This would give the shuttle time to move away from the tank, and after the tank blows there would be no debris to clean up in the tracker. I get real tired of having to do the clean up on failed flights. Especially large ones.

never mind... question answered.. DERP! lol

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Cool! Might come in useful. Maybe when a falling rocket could damage the KSC, which would force you to pay for repairs? Fun to play around with I'm sure.

EDIT: Sorry if this is a "necro"

I hope that is not considered a "necro post". The mod still works with 0.22. It just needs the addition to the cfg file so that it shows up on the tech tree. I will get it updated soonTM.

For now, you can do it yourself by adding the following lines to the .cfg file:

TechRequired = advScienceTech
entryCost = 10500

How might we allow any part (right click, detonate) on the vessel to explode? I'd love to do fault tolerance testing :)

From the Readme.txt (https://github.com/taraniselsu/TacSelfDestruct/blob/master/Readme.txt#L26):


Add the following lines to any part that you want to have the Self Destruct functionality:



name = TacSelfDestruct

timeDelay = 10.0



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Many thanks to Tyrope, this now comes with KAS integration!

If you have the Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) installed, you can detach, attach, store, and move around the Self Destruct part. Want to fly up to some debris previously left in orbit and dispose of it? Now you can! Requires KAS.

I also added a new part that can be activated by staging. For now there are two separate parts: one allows staging and one that does not allow staging. I hope to eliminate the redundancy once 0.23 and tweakables are released.

Download from: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/tac-self-destruct-2/

Does it work with staging now? :)

It does now! :D

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