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Kerbin Circumnavigation Challenge - Reloaded [New Rules Once More]

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Meh. I'd try this challenge, but the mods list kills my best airliner... it has circum-navigated Kerbin without FAR and other helpful mods.... I was using KW, B9..... and the FASA mod. I use the Gemini Capsule and Big G crew module, with two large 2.5m fuel tanks, with one set of the large B9 wings, and some B9 control surfaces.... so outside of those mods, I'd be set...

The only STOCK option I could offer would be my Grumman X-12B or my better, Grumman P-12A... but the P-12A would need a piggy back after about halfway... hmm... maybe... maybe use both? I'll have to look into this...

The P-12A cannot Circum-navigate Kerbin by itself, however I can travel to a pole and back with some fumes.

My biggest question is, does it matter HOW we go about circum-navigating.... because my way is the most fair. Traveling across the equator is not very fuel efficient, no matter WHICH way your going... the best way is heading North or South...

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My K.I.S.S Circumnavigator. Doesn't take anything fancy. All stock. Just have EVE running for better eye candy.


However, never fly while distracted. I wasn't paying enough attention and a couple of times Bill decided to fly out of the envelope.


Made it with a safe margin of fuel (and this design can glide for a looong time) and landed safely, but while coasting on the runway I...er...Bill decided to respond to a text without paying attention to which button he was pushing. Instead of pressing BRAKE, he pressed GEARS. This of course resulted in several parts of the jet finding something better to do. Bill just looked at the camera with a look that said "What did I do?"

Anyway, will be re-doing this flight. :)

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Ok, here's my submission. Officially it is only my second KSP challenge. Made it home with 5 or 6 units of fuel left because Jeb likes to go really fast or something. Luckily, the plane glides well so I saved some fuel that way. Took out all my plugins except Alarm Clock since I saw that one was allowed. Almost managed to exceed max altitude while having snacks, but caught it just in time.

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Finally got around to tackling this challenge. The Albatross did it in its second iteration (which was surprising, considering I usually suck at designing planes) and may not be that advanced, but it landed with over 300 units of fuel left!




Two turbojets were total overkill as far as thrust goes. I cruised at about 22 km with less than 40% throttle comfortably :P

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Asking if Retro Future is allowed? I have made some very nice craft with this mod, Also why was the drop tanks ruling put into place? I am sure instead of a blanket ban on them you Limit the size and how many a plane can have will be good.

Also are you allowed to land to refuel at already established ground bases Or is this a non-stop flight?

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