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G Variant Liquid Fuel Tank and Radial Decoupler

Wiser Guy

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Like liquid fuel engines? Then I've got the fuel tank for you!

Unlike its standard FL-T500 counterpart, the FL-T500G 'Grappler' Fuel Tank can be attached onto a radial decoupler like so:


Keep in mind, however, that a Grappler tank attached in such a manner will not accept fuel from tanks attached above it. Also, the tank is 0.1 units heavier than its FL-T500 counterpart, so only use it if you want to attach it onto a radial decoupler.

An interesting bug feature is that the Grappler tank attached onto the regular TT-38K Radial Decoupler will actually take fuel from a liquid tank that it is attached to. That means that if the TT-38K was used instead in the above picture, on liftoff the side rockets would first use the fuel from the center fuel tank before using the side fuel tanks.

However, if you wish to avoid this, I would recommend using the TT-38G Radial Decoupler, which lacks a fuel line and will prevent that bug feature from happening:


Other than the lack of the fuel line, the G variant is exactly the same as the K variant, so use whichever one you want.

Download link (Zip file contains both parts): http://www./?96fb7hnytyxw34x

(As a side note, are these parts somewhat balanced? I know with this you can practically forgo using solid rocket boosters, but they are essentially the same as their counterparts)

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Thats a good one, but there are still uses for this one too. Fuel Crossfeed is turned off in the decoupler, so you can create liquid boosters that don\'t drain your main tanks, and you can use the red radial tank without a decoupler if you don\'t need to jettison it separately - saves weight.

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