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What do you think of Windows 8?


Do you approve of Window 8?  

  1. 1. Do you approve of Window 8?

    • No, I think they took the wrong direction
    • Not really, but it's OK
    • I think Windows 9 will be good if they keep doing the same thing
    • I like it but I think some things are annoying
    • Love it!!!!!!!!

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I absolutesly hate it. In my opinion, the best thing that could happen to microsoft would be if they suddenly lost all the source code for windows 8 and all the copies of it everywhere magically transformed into windows 7. Just my opinion though.

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what i have said is fundamentally broken as a concept is a phone UI for a desktop. That touch and metro seem to be something MS wants to intertwine for the desktop is not metro's fault, it is something I think to be stupid, mind bogglingly stupid.

I agree with this, it would in fact be so stupid that I do not believe MS intends to do that. Win 8 is a stopgap with some misplaced priorities, 8.1 is a far better test of their intentions which we will see soon enough.

I would think the market is speaking for itself, what with the windows 8 launch being a dismal failure. Every launch, including the all hated Vista has done better than 8 has. This even despite the dirt cheap price tag it launched with, what was it, $40?

Win 8 was cheap precisely because MS knows it is far from ideal, don't criticise them for pricing it low when that was the decent thing to do given the limited scope of the changes. Win 8 has hardly been a dismal failure, it is oriented for tablets, and in tablets it is already above 8% of new sales in less than 6 months. Win 8 was never meant as a true successor to 7, hence the price and the marketing. it is a tablet oriented version of 7 and is doing very well in that area. I would agree that a more balanced approach would have been better overall, but MS is not forcing you to upgrade to it and it's cheap enough that no one is being ripped off here.

The future will tell more than anything else, if Metro becomes optional, and we get the freedom to boot to the desktop directly without ever having to use the start screen, i'd consider 8, if I could get the start menu back as it was, without needing a third party app to put it back, then with all three I would likely be on board for using 8. There's much i dislike, but with those three out of the way the benefits might at least balance things.

Metro will never be optional, it's the mobile oriented UX that will be optional. Evidence suggests that the desktop will transition to a Metro design while exceeding the UX of 7. Already, if you ignore the mobile side of Win 8, the desktop UX is superior to 7 in some major ways (new task manager is a great example).

That office is not touch friendly does not make metro not touch friendly, it simply makes Office not touch friendly. I did try to make it clear that I do not like metro, because it is metro, didn't I? The two are not even the same dev team, in a company notorious for its teams not communicating with each other.

Office is following metro design principles very well, and it's not touch friendly; that 100% means metro does not force touch friendliness. Not liking Metro design is completely fine, but not liking it because you think it means inappropriate touch friendliness is very wrong.

Metro also has a very large number of opponents. being an aesthetic thing its going to be mixed opinions. Which is a big part of why i think it so absurd that this is the first of ANY windows OS to not give the user a choice in interface. here's metro, now deal with it. Even 3.1 gave more choice than this, what with loading direct to program manager, or to file manager as suited your taste.

If you separate the stupid decision to force a mobile UX on desktop users then you get a much clearer picture of how Metro is viewed. Metro is a design language, Win 8 does not implement it very well and people hate that. But when it is implemented well it is very popular. Every version of windows has enforced some form of design language, you can and could tweak almost all of it if you wished though, with third party tools, that has not changed in Win 8.

It is tragic that MS has alienated so many people unnecessarily. Not so much by making a bad product, but by not communicating their intentions very well. They have done this many times in the past though, and they regularly win people back in even higher numbers when they get around to cleaning things up, just look at Vista > Win 7.

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Okay, Windows 8 is not /bad/. It's new and it's experimental, don't like it? Use 7. Like both 7 and 8? Try dual booting and see which one you would like more. There is nothing wrong that MS did; they're experimenting and they are ironing out those bugs in Windows Blue/8.1.

I personally like it; and I don't even have a touch screen and I'm using a game PC. The amount of FPS improvement I got was surprising, but I did also upgrade my computer but it was a noticable difference, and I know at least some of it was from the OS.

And the tablet transition? To be honest most of the changes can really be ignored, Windows 7 is under the shell and usable, and some of the things like booting to the metro mode is meh, but you can get a app.

And to be honest; I didn't really use the start menu. I like Metro because it looks somewhat pretty, and allows a good bit of functionality now that certain windows now run in the background way better.

I'm really rambling, but Windows 8 is not bad. It's an experiment. Also I love the boot speed, it's pretty much from the click of your computer start button and around 20 seconds later you're in. And this is not on a SSD, I wonder how fast it would be on an SSD?

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It is a good direction if your aiming at a market that consists of nothing but touch screen systems. As an OS for a standard mouse/keyboard system then it's awful.

I do like the fact that it runs smooth on really s**t systems, but that is not enough for me to put it on my own computer instead I put it on the family laptop to try it out. Now every time someone goes on it they hate.


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