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White Owl's KSP Video Series

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It may be worth noting again that I have never attempted to play the game with all those mods. It's just a list of everything I've ever had installed while recording.

I'm kicking around the idea of choosing a mod set for one chapter at a time. Maybe.

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Which mod was the giant white SRB's from vid 21?

Nazari1382 made those specifically for this video project! :D

So it's up to him to decide when and how to share them. I imagine they'll be part of Mysterious Projects.

So here's the ROC! Craft file at the link.


Mods required include:


B9 Aerospace

TV Aerospace

Kerbcom Avionics

AIES Aerospace

Aviation Lights

Procedural Wings

Stretchy Tanks

Procedural Fairings

and my own Shuttle Parts

Links for all of these at the first post in this thread.

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Here's a download for the srb so they can be used with the craft. It should have a nice glow not seen in the videos. I updated the values of the thrust, gimbal, and fuel based on the last change in the youtube series so let me know if those are off. I'll include them in my larger mod pack too.

edit: of course, they're bugged. fix up soon.

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I updated the values of the thrust, gimbal, and fuel based on the last change in the youtube series so let me know if those are off.

Did you get the message I sent about those values? After recording I figured out they work better with lower thrust and less fuel....

Just looked it up. 3250 thrust, 18,000 solid fuel, and 2.0 gimbal range. 'Course, they're your boosters, so they'll be whatever value you like. :D

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Not really much of a spoiler to say that the end of the Space Race mission pack is near, so I'm in the market for new ideas. Another mission pack, maybe? I'm hesitant to start any huge construction project right now, with .22 bearing down on us with almost certain save-breaking. (Even if the actual persistent files transfer over, the entire nature of progress in the game will change.) Kerbolquest could be good, but there's no saying when that'll release.

I have a couple silly ideas about starting a space program with absurd restrictions, similar to the long ago very first KSP series in which my kerbals never invented parachutes. Right now I'm leaning that direction rather than do another mission pack... but there's still time to make up my mind.

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Greetings from sweden!

I have a small issue...when i try to add your own shuttle parts, the game won't start, i'm probably doing something wrong, but i have installed all the other mods, and the game starts up just fine with those, but when i add the owl folder to my Game data, it won't...any ideas?

Edit: nvm probibly another mod that messed things up, sorry for posting unnecisarty stuff...

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The first post is unusably cluttered with old mods no longer in use, and there's no good record of which mods were used in which videos. As the first vid of the new

is uploaded and scheduled to be published in a few hours, I need a better solution. So! In this post I will list mods in use in this particular series. I will also try to refrain from adding too many other mods as I record.

I decided to go easy on additional parts mods this time around. No KW Rocketry, NovaPunch, AIES, B9 Aerospace, or anything else with dozens of totally new parts. I'm keeping KSPX since all those parts should be stock anyway. Also keeping select engines, intakes, and control surfaces from TV Aerospace since those are indispensably useful to airplanes. The dynamic parts mods that I intend to make significant use of are Procedural Wings, Stretchy Fuel Tanks, Stretchy SRBs, and Procedural Fairings. In this way, I can make many desired parts directly in the game.

There are a few plugin changes in this series. Most notably, I'm using r4mon's Treeloader to load up Yargnit's tech tree, and also Regex's custom ScienceDef.cfg to dramatically slow the rate of science collection; I'm collecting science at 1/3 the stock rate. Deadly Reentry is gone because it wasn't so deadly except for glitchy bugs exploding things on the runway. FAR is here to stay, of course, and I've added Ferram's other game changing realism/hardmode improvement, KIDS. Many other plugins remain in use... If it displays more information or makes the game easier to use, but doesn't include anything resembling an autopilot, then I'm interested and will at least try it out.

Enough babbling; more listing. Here are the mods.

Parts (sometimes with plugins):

Aviation Lights


Mk2 Cockpit Internals

Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace

Dummy Weights

Shuttle Parts

Plugins (sometimes with parts):


Crew Manifest

Docking Node Controller

Navball Docking Alignment Indicator

Dynamic Warp

Editor Extensions

Kerbal Engineer Redux

Enhanced Navball


Kerbcom Avionics


Grey's Runway for KerbTown

Editor Part Highlighter

Universe Replacer

Mushroomman's Cloud Pack

PreciseNode Interplanetary Maneuver Node Assistant


TAC Fuel Balancer


Kerbal Isp Difficulty Scaler

Ferram Aerospace Research

Kerbal Alarm Clock

In-game notes / notepad

Deadly Reentry Continued

Dynamic/Procedural Parts and Plugins:

Procedural Dynamics - Procedural Wing

Procedural Fairings


Stretchy SRB


Science! Parts and Plugins:



Research & Development Overview

Radially Attached Experimental Data Storage Container

Station Science

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Yay, new series!

Great fun so far, as always. This time though, I've decided to "play along", more or less - I'm mostly a rocket man, myself (hey, it's just my job five days a week) and haven't had much experience with building spaceplanes, nor have I ever used FAR or Deadly Reentry, which alter the game drastically after all.

So, I've created a dedicated install with all the mods you listed here (and KW rocketry. I just *can not* play without it any more). What I'm still a little unclear about: What custom changes did you do? It seems you've altered the tech tree yourself (the stretchy tanks and srbs aren't on there by default, are they?) - would you care to share those .cfgs, or did I miss something?

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Kerbal engineer was available at the beginning of the tree by default; I didn't change anything there.

I decided to make the 1.25m stretchy tank available whenever the first stock 1.25m tank shows up, so "TechRequired = basicRocketry". The .625m and 2.5m stretchy tanks will be available along with stock tanks of those dimensions. I haven't played that far yet, so I don't know which tabs those will be.

My plan is to unlock the stretchy SRB whenever the larger stock SRB shows up; still don't know what tab that is.

I put procedural wings in "TechRequired = stability" because that's when the first rigid wing piece unlocks. If you can build a tail fin like that, you can build a wing, so it makes zero sense to unlock it later.

I think I'll make a separate category for dedicated science mod parts. I've already seen three that should work well with this series.

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I've messed around with Tree Edit to add in mods to the custom tree (supplied by Yargnit), perhaps you could do you own custom tree and make it public?

This way we could all use it.

Oh, is Tree Edit publicly available somewhere? I thought that was still under wraps.

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I've messed around with Tree Edit to add in mods to the custom tree (supplied by Yargnit), perhaps you could do you own custom tree and make it public?

This way we could all use it.

I've been playing with this a little bit. It's good!

But now I have a dilemma.

At the moment I'm really not enjoying Yargnit's tech tree. I picked that one because it's advertised as unlocking airplanes earlier than stock. True, planes are available slightly earlier... but not early enough to make any appreciable difference. By the time enough parts are unlocked for a basic plane, I'll already have all Kerbin's biomes milked dry of science. It defeats the whole purpose.

I want to end the series and start over. But I already have a bad track record of ending series before they reach a satisfying conclusion... it's not a good thing to do, and I've done it too often.

What to do?

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I agree with you (and others) that planes become available much too late.

You play KSP for your enjoyment so start anew from scratch with YOUR tech tree.

Isn't there a proverb saying something like "It's better to turn halfway than to err completely"?

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New plan!

The tech tree concept is all wrong, because no matter what technology line you think should be advanced first, another player wants something different. And you're both right.

We need a way to maintain the spirit of the sandbox, while also rewarding exploration with advancement to new techs. We must offer the player meaningful choices, without stifling the all-important creativity that is the very soul of KSP.

The tree is linear. Linear gameplay is bad. Therefore the tree is bad.

In place of the tree, I suggest... the BUSH!

The bush is non-linear. The bush is good.

All simple structural components are available at the start, but no systems. From the start you have the option to unlock space tech or airplane tech or rover tech or utility tech necessary to all the others. Thus multiple styles of gameplay may equally be rewarded with the satisfaction of progress and advancement tickling the pleasure centers of your goal achieving inner lizard brain! :D

I just stayed up waaay too late drawing diagrams and flowcharts and crap. This'll take some work.

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