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I'm Bassoe, just finished re-joining the site after the server crash around an hour ago. I think I made a total of one post last time, in the form of introducing myself but hope to be more active this time around.

So far my things-to-do list consists of:

• "Zoology of the Kerbin System" - a sort of field guide to wildlife and vegetation that I make up of the assorted planets and moons. For example, we know about the Deep Space Kraken, but what does it eat? How come the specimen on Bob died? Are attacks on ships due to hunger or mistaking RCS jets for a bio-luminescence-based mating display? This would be fanart/fic material and therefore presumably not violate the "no aliens" rule.

• Build a working Duna-return ship ingame.

• Blow stuff up.

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Holy crap!! This sounds awesome! I can't wait to see documentaries on the Kraken! Anyway welcome back. The huge KSP blackout only hindered us, we will be back fighting fit soon.

Thanks! And it won't just be the Kraken, but all sorts of wildlife. Think Crocodile Hunter KSP edition. With drawings of the creatures and a kerbal in a safari hat.

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