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Show off your flags MEGATHREAD

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My career mode game is named "The Galactic Empire". There's really only one flag that could be considered appropriate:


Of course, I couldn't simply leave it at that. I had to go into the .sfs file, edit the roster, and rename one of my Kerbals.

All hail Tarkin Kerman! Appropriately enough, he's a pilot! :cool: (for those not familiar, the game puts each Kerbal's name through some kind of hash function; the Kerbal's name determines his career. Tarkin comes out as a pilot, and Veers is an engineer)

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My main income these days is doing (mostly 2D) graphics, yet I have never drawn myself a KSP banner.. I named my career space agency 'Recreational Deaeronautics', so I could just use the stock R&D flag.

The shoemaker has holes in his shoe - a poverb where I come from. ^_^

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On 1/20/2016 at 11:12 PM, Rade Krman said:

And for all the really old gamers here


Turboload! Ah the memories. <tweaks tape head alignment and rewinds>


A flag (and agency) I have been using for my modded games... still hasn't been deployed in 1.0.5:



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