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Show off your flags MEGATHREAD

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4 hours ago, roboslacker said:


I made this flag for a thread in the mission reports forums.

BTW most the corporation logos were made by community members. If you wanted a high quality version to make a forked/modified flag for yourself you could probably ask the folks who made it.

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set_country_flag = USA_space_program


*my hoi4 mod code 

On 10/14/2018 at 5:27 PM, MrWalrus123 said:


I changed the colors of my edit of the hexagon flag so the stripes matched the colors

(it's based off of the USAF roundel)

Looks very sci-fi

On 5/31/2018 at 6:14 PM, sumghai said:

Confederate States

Interesting name, 

On 4/8/2017 at 3:16 AM, LoSBoL said:


I thought a GSOD would be pretty Kerbal :D

In order to get a fix, just call 1-800 Tech Support and a Nigerian Prince that works out of New Keli can help you fix your rocket

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Here's mine! ( for my friend and I's 'company', 'agency' and (future) Youtube channel)



'H2RE & CO' stands for 'H2 Rocketery Enterprises And Co.'

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On 6/1/2018 at 7:14 AM, sumghai said:

Confederate States

On 8/15/2019 at 7:37 AM, Cheif Operations Director said:

Interesting name,

Rest assured, the name has no meaningful relation to the real-life CSA.

I simply chose it as the name of the United State-like analogue in my Kerbal headcanon, without having to resort to a more blatantly obviously "United States of Kerbal".

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I think my flag making skills have improved significantly since I last posted:


It's based off this neat (unofficial) mission patch for the Juno mission, except I added the little red wing seen in NASA's meatball logo.


I think I'll stick to this style in future!


Edit: Made a variant that I think is a lot nicer:


Edit: Changed the mission name and mixed up the colours a bit:


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For my new Career mode, I made a new flag so I don't have to use the NASA ripoff one anymore. Still similar, but recognizable.



6Cz00R0.pngFlag (Not the national flag, that I've posted earlier in this thread)

nEzJkjt.pngThe seal of the Agency

Now, 'plaques' for several different materials:


MMvrdtn.pngMetal, colour
BVR6dDf.pngMetal, embossed
HYF4RgF.pngGolden/bronze, embossed.
These are to be used with either Conformal Decals or the stock flag decals (set stock flags to 'transparent', the surface material is already baked into the flag texture).


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In this order, here are the flags I have made.

Kiebherr flag (Kerbal version of Liebherr),

the Katerpillar flag (Kerbal version of Caterpillar construction equipment logo),

the KerbalKran industries flag (A 100% Kerbal company-It is pronounced "Kerb-ull- kron" [Kran is German for crane]),

the US and German flags (I obviously didn't make them, but I did make them into KSP flags),

and the KASA logo (I use it, but I Didn't make this on my own. I can't remember who did or where I got it, but it's here)

As a bonus, I also included 3 other flags- 2 basic color flags : Blue and red, and the regular Liebherr flag.

5f1Kiebherr.pngKaterpillar.pngKerbalKran.pngAmericanFlag.pngGermanFlag.pngKASA.pngBlue.pngRed.png       Liebherr.png


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