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The Ctrl+V thread!

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oi ... wandering across the net and irl daily concerns mess series ... wow that's a huge places ... and i have only two hand and ten fingers .... (i m lucky somehow ... because not everyone does on birth ... anyway)

anyway dropping that here because some may be interested ...


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Not about imports



We want you to help write this chapter. You can click on the man above and e-mail us your chapter for Hackers Canyon.
It will be posted in "Alternative Stories" with your name posted with it. 
The Movie will give you credit for your work if we use it as "alternative endings".
Your chapter to Hackers Canyon must include the words:
"He lived and died here"

Remember, the book is already written. You are writing alternative chapters. 
If we publish your work you will not be paid money for what you write. 
You will however get great exposure for your writing.
You must state in your e-mail that you do not expect pay for what you send us.
Good luck and start writing.
Give it your best shot and send it in. 
Don't wait for the perfect words.
Just write.

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                    0.0 = 0.06,0.06,0.06,1
                    0.5 = 0.05,0.05,0.05,1
                    1.0 = 0.0196,0.0196,0.0196,1


Apparently I haven't copied any text since I started messing with Kopernicus atmo colors...

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I regret to inform you that Hedgehog Airlines Flight 1984 from Hog Bay to Detroit has been delayed until the thermal death of the universe due to the emotional state of our autopilot. Please proceed to the golf cart terminal immediately for alternate transportation to your destination. You will receive lodging at the nation's finest highway overpasses.

On 12/7/2017 at 7:39 PM, DAL59 said:


I'm clicking "skip survey" but it's not going anywhere! It's like when I have a screenshot of my phone open, and I plug in my phone, and the battery symbol doesn't start charging.

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