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The Ctrl+V thread!


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Footnote: I have spent a combined total of about 200 hours between middle and high school taking apart mechanical pencils starting from the back, pretending that they are a rocket blasting off and separating stages. I also know more about the inner workings of mechanical pencils than just about anyone at my school because of it.

…Maybe that’s why I like Kerbal Space Program so much…



A quote from my autobiography. That has to do with Kerbal Space Program.

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calculating a transfer window. 

7 minutes ago, Kuansenhama said:

…Maybe that’s why I like Kerbal Space Program so much…

Well, I built a working (sorta) rocket in Minecraft. And some other stuff. And I think space is just plain awesome so that's why I like love ksp. 

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35 minutes ago, DolphinDude3 said:

Some people have theory's that are probably true like being a captured asteroid blah blah... 

I think it's a captured asteroid mint ice cream comit!


Apparently I had one of @max_creative's posts on my clipboard.

Ha ha! I remember that! I have this: 

"To them, equipment failure is terrifying. To me, it's 'Tuesday.'"
-Mark Watney, pg 152 of The Martian by Andy Weir

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