What did you do in KSP today?

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54 minutes ago, eddiew said:

it's better to have 1km/s to spare than 1m/s too little.

Truer words never spoken.  Says the guy who has, over time, stranded multiple Kerbals in various orbits...

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MARS! Rhea III missions got to mars as the Rhea II had to return due to a Large Grid Array (LAG) induction failure.  Parts testing and integration on the Rhea II  UbioZur's fine technicians worked out the integration difficulties and the final result was very low LAG compared to the two preceding ships.  Mechjeb dynamic navigation computers aboard the Rhea failed and after three navigation errors compuonded the Rhea II needed 2 years of Hohman transfer to return to earth.  Werner was fully vindicated for including a mission excessive dV and life support budget and limiting the potential 22 man crew to only 6.

"Rhea III" and its Lander the "Hestia" are resounding successes,

Heading to Mars currently over Aussieland.


Saturn Robotic Explorer interupts mission


Arrival at Mars 27deg Inclination, Polar landings may be cancelled


First Martian landing of the Hestia


Sample Prepr bay gets used and Val starts storing the first crates of martian regolith and air samples


Crate is winched into place for the trip home.


Mission Flag




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picture problem

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Decided on a whim to see how my RSS rocket fares in stock. In RSS it takes 5 tons to Low Earth Orbit. In stock it takes that same five tons from Kerbin to Low Jool Orbit :D And by implication will deliver it to orbit any planet or moon in the system.

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Out of game, I spend several hours cutting videos for a cinematic, and trying (and failing) to set up a career save with RSS.

In-game, I flew my XB-70 around.


It cruises at 1300m/s at 15km without too much trouble. The trouble comes when you try to turn around and fly home.


Plus, some flap-wing action for all of you.



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I made a test video of the VTOL system:

It is very much a work in progress; I plan to add more controls to the VTOL screen to handle things like thrust reverse, pivoting the nacelles, allowing you to set a specific angle, and so on. But what I've got is definitely coming along. :) (In case you're wondering, yes, the engine sound comes straight from a V-22 Osprey.)

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Today I mostly worked on craft for the reboot of Project Babylon (which I highly encourage everyone to contribute to).

First, I built a 200 part space station that needed a 600 part lifter. This led to the highest part count I've ever had on a functioning vessel. (I once built a 1500 part cluster of crew cabins just because I could, but that didn't do anything).



Also, I built a simple plane.

And then circumnavigated Kerbin.


This is the first legit Kerbin circumnavigation I've ever done. The first one I had to cheat in some fuel (because I didn't fill up some of the tanks) and ran out of fuel about five kilometers from KSC. I landed about 1km short of the runway and rolled the rest of the way.

I have a plan to send around four of these to Laythe.

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On 15 March 2017 at 10:04 AM, eddiew said:

Minor design error; there's a lot of roll surfaces, with the result that Drake II has major oversteer on re-entry. Easily fixed by dialling them down in the SPH, but mildly alarming when performing barrel rolls at 100m from the runway.

I'd be inclined to keep the outer ailerons at relatively high maximum deflection while using the inner ones as pure flaps and/or spoilers.

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Built a cheaty three person Minmus lander, put it into polar orbit for maximum science gathering with what few science gadgets I've actually unlocked. Landed it, planted flags, got the OG three to level 2, and brought them home with 1k science. Had a brown pants moment when, as I'm at about 50km up....I realize I don't have a way to jettison my return stage short of ditching my heat shield....which I'm not going to do at 2km/s. cue several hair raising minutes while I pray it doesn't flip and burn on me.

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Discovered that the engine with the biggest bell in the game doesn't look quite big enough to be a F-1. But the bigger problem is the massive tankbutt that prevents me from moving it out radially as far as I want. I might end up needing to make custom stock F-1 engines using fairings for the bell or something.


Did some more testing of my E-50B in an attempt to figure out what needs fixing. Most flights ended like this 2017-03-15%2019-47-40.png

And then there's this thing-that's-not-quite-a-sword-but-not-really-a-dagger-either. Don't ask why I made it. I really don't know. 


Maybe it would be part of some giant statue of a Kerbal knight.

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Had quite a few launches this 2 days!

1. Second flyby and first "landing" on surface of an asteroid! I will call it Alexandrovich-Ivanchey A32 now!




2. Landing and fist exploration progress of "Violator" rover. It landed on a Farside crater and will explore it for 3 months.


3. Launch of "Farsider" Craft to orbit kerbin, dock with the station and return.



4. Launch of "Zodiak" rocket with a payload of a standard mk-1 but with a new SLIACS (safe landing in any condition system)



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Today I toyed with the concept of reusability. I hardly needed a new launcher, as I already had the 'Phoenix' reusable space shuttle, which is launched from a recoverable booster using Stage Recovery. But, I wanted to do it properly. I wanted to do it SpaceX style. Well, I almost made it.

I present to you, the 'Old Shepard' reusable rocket:


The first stage booster raises my Apoapsis to 90 kilometres, before it is jettisoned and performs a PAPL (Parachute Assisted Propulsive Landing). The second stage completes the orbital insertion and de-orbit burn, and the capsule detaches, opening its parachutes and landing.



1st stage SEP:


Using FMRS, I switch to the booster and begin the trajectory flip.


Parachutes deployed:


Activating the 'Separatrons' for the PAPL:




Returning to the main mission:


This mission was just to prove that a reusable rocket was possible; so I immediately de-orbited it.



Parachutes deployed:





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All vehicles have now arrived at Gauss.

I've done a lot of complicated maneuvers so that everything is in place and on time. This alone took more than 3 hours. I will spare you the pictures of the maneuvers, whoever wants to - can see them in my report.

The Catulluslander was docked on the mother ship and the Crew ist waiting until everyone else is in their orbit.



The Survey probe has started its work.



And the Tarsiss SSTO was also taken around Gauss in a parking orbit at Catullus.



Also, I have just received this offer. So lucky for the poor guy that I have enough space.


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Today we start with an exciting new opportunity. A request from the popular Second Breakfast TV presenters Sonsen and Tatiana Kerman to visit Ceti - and more importantly, the studio is offering a full million roots to give them the ride of a lifetime!

Packing Jinx, Tora, River and Piper Kerman alongside the celebrity guests, mission control gives the mission a double green light and Pegasus I takes to the air.



At 35.4 tons on the runway, Pegasus is pretty hefty for two rapiers to move. Combined with minimal wing surface, takeoff speeds are best described as breathtaking. Jinx hopes that the ship performs better with empty tanks, or it's going to be a very exciting landing on the return!

The nuclear engines need to be briefly ignited at 8km to overcome the drag between 320 and 380m/s and get the jets into their power band, but from here they can be shut down again and the rapiers kick the ship to a final speed of 1450m/s before switching to closed cycle mode for a final sprint to altitude.

Arriving in orbit, it becomes more obvious why the design folio refers to Pegasus as a space"plane", with the top up from Piggu resulting in nearly 4.5km/s range at a starting TWR of 0.3. No longer trying to make use of an atmosphere, the ship starts to feel more in its element. Mission control plots the transfer at the ascending node to avoid having to match inclination, and the ejection burn to Ceti is completed in reasonable time.


With twin nervas, landing occurs at a local TWR of 3.5, or more than enough for comfort - and all of a sudden the draggy bits on Pegasus' wings start to make sense! Jinx pilots the ship down gently onto a flat pink patch, and the crew stretch their legs while the celebrity guests watch out of the window and wish for the day that they, too, know how to use a space suit.

Gathering up a few pink and tasty rocks, the crew heads back to the ship. Sonsen and Tatiana are given a strict deadline of one hour to take photographs and make in-situ reports before Pegasus heads skywards once again, taking advantage of Ceti being at it's AN with Gael, and thus being able to head straight back home on the equatorial plane.

All this careful optimisation does seem a little overkill however, since Pegasus arrives back in LGO with around 1km/s to spare. While the landing is deemed "acceptable", the design team is tasked with making a v2 that more closely matches the mission parameters while being a little easier to fly. And since there is a 1.4 million root contract to take 4 tourists to Iota, it looks like we'll be needing it pretty soon please!

Meanwhile, a new candidate has appeared on the recruiting board...


Admin claims to have a good feeling about this one, and quietly approves the recruitment without consulting mission control. We suspect he may be someone's nephew.

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I finished my first Extraplanetary Launchpads-K&K base. It is entirely self-sufficient! It´s on Minmus.

It is powered by seven Gigantors, and has over 10000 EC capacity, a drill, 750 ore capacity, a metal ore drill, space for 12000 rocketparts, etc.

Thank the Kraken for KAS´s winches.

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Hey folks.

Today I added a small quality of life improvement to my career save while waiting for the pre-release.

The problem was, that I have two stations in 200 and 300km orbits around Kerbin, but all my interplanetary ships park and begin their missions at 1000km. That´s where I´ve put quite a few E-class asteroids for refueling. Until now, every time I had to transfer crew or tourists between those orbits, I just refueled the SSTO that got them up to the stations and flew that to the "asteroid belt". Yeah, that´s just inefficient. So I thought "what If I had a spacebus or something like that? And maybe a terminal where I could collect Kerbals who are waiting for their next flight?"

So that is exactly what I built today. Transfer Hab 4 "Abeona" (nicely parked at 1000km)


"Regular shuttle service will get established very soon, so please have your boarding pass ready and check out our duty free concessions. Have a nice flight."    AirKerbin :cool:

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I started writing resource distributions for another emergent planet pack, and wanted to build a mothership to send to its star to survey the planets up-close and screenshot them. Getting carried away with the ship design I completely forgot where I wanted to go :blush: and aimed for a real sandbox mission: a flight to Tellumo. So I cheated into orbit and sent this on an interplanetary transfer. It even took a random gravity assist from Ceti, passing as low as 37km on the way out from Gael. I happen to have Snacks! installed at the moment (as part of a test to get my Airline Kuisine mod and MiniAVC to cooperate) so Bob and Val alone ate about 2/3 of a generous stash of over 6000 snacks.

I've decided to categorize this as a a colony frigate. It turns out to be very fit to deliver starter supplies and survey vessels to a target planet for off-world construction, and then persist as a relay boost with its two top-tier stock dishes or better/more.







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I successfully tested a "rocket orientation failure reversal rover" next to the KSC launchpad. Treating my ongoing careers save as the epic story it is, and responding to a mission to deploy a large base on Duna, I decided that not only would I rescue the scientist Daxie Kerman from the surface, but I would also look to recover her ship from its embarrassing position whereby the long axis of said craft remains approximately parallel to the planet's surface. Jebediah, the architect of this debacle will be required to return to Duna to pilot the rocket back home to Kerbin.

A replica of the rocket (currently known as Jebediah Station) was launched from KSC and made to land on its side just like the real thing on Duna. Jeb, in true form, remained supercool throughout the precarious manouvre. He remained on board to operate the gyros while the "rocket orientation failure reversal rover" was "launched" and drove over to latch on to the top of said rocket. The test was a great success and the bean counters over in the admin building were pleased with the recovery price on the rocket and rover!

The new mobile Duna station was deployed on the launchpad to test whether this excellent new rover could be deployed OK from one of the cargo ramps, but de-coupling caused a very stupid explosion. I need to work on that tonight or tomorrow! Something to do with the wheel position, springy suspension and a fast-moving fuel tank, I think. Once that hurdle is cleared and the various rover types are stowed in their cargo bays, I'll look to re-attach the two detatchable  Duna Ascent Vehicles which will double as landing rockets because lets face it, chutes alone ain't gonna cut it with this hulk of a base! Will post pictures once mission underway and craft design more final. Currently looking a bit like a giant hi-tech catamaran who wants to be an army tank. Bill has been spotted just staring at the blueprints, alternately drooling over it and then losing his cool when he finds something stupid. 

I'm pretty sure we won't iron out all the stupid before launch time, and I'd be not-so-secretly disappointed if we do... Perfect mission? Wheres the fun in that!? I like the fact that this is the 2nd rescue mission centred around the same damn rocket!

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Testing the carrier plane for the MAKS:


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Some pictures of the MAKS on the runway at 'Bigimot' (Russian: БИГИМОТ) Cosmodrome.




Mistake in the word 'Bigimot.'

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I turned my Minmus station into a giant mess.


I re-checked Alex Moon's Launch Window calculator and it turns out that I've got an Eve window coming up in a few days, so I scrambled to get a mission up to Minmus ASAP to refuel in time for the transfer. Luckily I'd already been testing a Gilly lander and my space stations are built using standardized components these days so it was pretty easy to whip one together (well, half of one, really, but enough to act as an orbital ISRU and fuel station.) Here they are both docked with my Minmus station, which was already a bit cluttered with the usual assortment of support craft (landers, tugs, etc.) and a few components from my previous Minmus station that I haven't de-orbited yet (a MPL that still has some data in it and a tank with some oxidizer that I couldn't get rid of since the station's tanks were already full.)

In other news, I successfully put my relay/scanner/science probe into a polar orbit of Moho.


I also received a contract proposal that I will absolutely not be agreeing to.


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I landed on Catullus. As always, I have far too many pictures, over 50. I show you but only the most beautiful / interesting.


Dissolve the transfer stage and prepare to enter.



Just before entering the atmosphere. At the rear you can see Gauss, Tarsiss and Loki



fog of horror.



A memorial photo for mum.




(The Ladders, Chutes, Airbrakes and Science were at decouplers)



it is not too bad


The Ascent has worked well.



Orbit reached with 1621 m/s dV left.




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Today I was able to finish the latest chapter in Kerny's Journal and began capturing images for the next. Here's a teaser shot:


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Just a quick trip to Minmus....

Getting ready to undock, spin 'er around...


...and that's done.
Both the command module and landing module has alot more science equipment than the first Mun landing. Added some thermal radiators to the service module and ascent module. Heat was a bit of a problem last time.


Descent towards a nice flat spot. Landing on Minmus is a snap compared to the Mun.




Doing some EVA's, flag planting, soil samples, etc....


Minmus has some crazy awesome views.

And it's sunset.....


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It's got a few niggles to resolve, like stage separations snapping off airbrakes, but my 20 ton to LEO lifter is working. And I have a payload lined up for it that's going to make for a very Kerbal launch.

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Built the Emperor:


It's a fully-chemical SSTO. No relying on puny LOX afterburners for thrust. Instead I get the raw power of 3 Vectors! I had my doubts about the Gladiator, but this should be more than enough for Tarsiss.

I also buit the Lemming, a small scanning probe:



As the name suggests, this probe takes advantage of the Mk 1 drone core*'s high anomaly detection by performing suborbital orbits (feel free to suggest a better term), then marking as many anomalies as possible before bad things happen. Not that bad things will necessarily happen, since it has small RCS engines for getting back into orbit. It's also very heat resistant, thanks to its innovative ablating nose cone technology (the nose blows up and there's a heat shield behind it)


*From Airplanes Plus. For reference, it has the same KerbNet properties as the Mk 2 drone core.

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