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On 12/12/2018 at 5:19 PM, Fearless Son said:

Thank you...  the slightly askew position was caused from lateral movement upon landing. Been going thru the tutorials and learning how to use the Nav Ball..  starting to make sense now! To chase the target indicator to kill all lateral movement as I descend. I'll make note of your suggestion and try again today.

Grats on hitting the milestone!  

Your craft being slightly askew... did you leave the SAS on?  If you have it on and set to stability, it will try to keep the nose pointing in the same direction unless you tell it otherwise.  Assuming it is just leaning a little, you can try turning the SAS briefly off, let gravity pull it into a normal vector relative to the Munar surface, then turn SAS back on once it is lined up since it has "recalibrated" the direction you expect it to keep pointing.


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Re-entry flight testing proved the fat airline wings on the SC-33 prototype (image below) were indeed...  An abysmal failure. 



Although... the resulting catastrophic re-entry (3 to 4 large disconnected parts tumbling in flames through the upper atmosphere) was indeed pretty spectacular, if not horrifying, to behold.

Good news is, the wings were redesigned and the problem solved!  In the process, the part count was reduced, the TWR increased, and the overall craft now has a more balanced and uniform look.    Several missions to and from orbit were indeed successful and it's probably the most stable Mk3 SSTO in the UT Exolifter line now.   

Particularly interesting on the re-entry...  This one loves to skip on the atmosphere like a stone on water when coming home.  I targeted the return orbital trajectory the width of an ocean and it comes in and bounces right over the ocean, gaining altitude and pushing the projected fligth path forward.  ...then finally dropping into the KSC area and still overshooting the runway at like Mach 2 and 25 km.  It managed to bleed off enough speed that by the time I was abeam of the island base runway I was maybe in the range of 600-700 m/s and I had enough altitude (still like 22 km) to roll inverted and do Split-S to come back at the KSC runway for a direct approach on runway 27. 

I don't have any other SSTO that comes home anything like this one and rolling inverted like that on the overshoot... that was just fun!  

Looking forward to commissioning this one to KerbalX this weekend.      

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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and have been playing KSP since January 2018 on my PS4. Ideally I would like to play on my imac but I do not think that is possible at the moment without some sort of jerry rigging.

At any rate so far my accomplishments in KSP include (in order they happened):

1. Basic rocket construction, launch and rentry

2. Achieving orbit

3. Achieving lunar Mun orbit

4. Landing on the mun and coming back safely (This was the 2nd mission. It was a rescue mission to get Valentina off who was stranded on the mun on the first mission).

5. Landing on minmus and coming back safely

6. Arriving at Duna and having a probe in orbit


Right now I am trying to learn orbiting rendezvous and docking. A well to be frank.....KSP's lesson tutorial sucks.

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I set up the OuterNet communications network in KSO. A nice screenshot:


I will be posting a full mission report on my thread, probably tomorrow (The link to my mission report thread is in my sig)

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