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What did you do in KSP today?

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Construction of the KSS Charles Yeager has started. To everyone doing stuff like this completely manually, I applaud your skill and patience, but I truly believe you are masochists! I'm having a complete blast so that's all that counts, right? Right :)


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I spotted the third arch from orbit, then built a new microrover to go back and pin down its location.




This is the first easter egg I've found since something like 16.0.

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Still have not found time to mount my Duna rover properly (or at least as I see it fit that it would actually work when deployed) on my Duna-stack. Probably because of the fact that now it seems I spend more time in the forum rather than in KSP itself :D

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Did a first close sun approach in my spaceprogram, used Eve to get a gravity braking assist (was not planned, just came by accident).

I am now lowering my apoapsis to within 1B km, some 8k delta v to go and with one ion engine this will take loo...oong.

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Crash landed on Dres having severely underestimated fuel requirements.


Flipped my temporary base back onto its legs.


Had Hensen, the only capable Kerbal engineer on my team do some quick repairs to the damaged landing leg.


Using KAS to slow my descent into the canyon for the survey.


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Finally got the time to launch my Duna Rover so that my Kerbals have something to play with at Duna. They were in Duna orbit, waiting for their rover.

During ascent of my Rizal-2R stack, the unmanned rover carrier....


About to circularize orbit...


Beginning the burn for Duna...


After a few weeks, arrival at Duna.


I selected a new landing site for the Duna Rover Carrier and the Rizal-2 (where my Kerbals are). It's that smooth, flat valley that's like the VALLES MARINERIS...




Rover is connected via docking port...so after chutes are released, I decouple the docking ports...the rover is up on high, and the carrier is first to land...


Uh oh...this isn't happening...rover lands on top of the carrier hahahahahahaha


It makes a few tumbles, but thanks to the Remote Unit attached on it, I miraculously manage to set it upright after moving it around.



And here come the Kerbals...


Silly MechJEB landed them about 9 kilometers away from where the rover and carrier landed, so I manually flew the Rizal-2 towards the landing site, with a little help from MJ's Translatron...


And finally, touchdown beside rover and carrier...


Ouch! Someone gets squished down by a rover wheel! :D


View from inside the can, I think it was Bill who was driving inside...


Bob and Lumis on the command seats...


...and tomorrow, we shall head for the hills...and conquer 30 kilometers to get the Traverse Arrow on our ribbon! :D

BTW, this is all stock except for MechJEB.

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Added an extender to my station's docking module (loaded with a little fuel, including radial tanks, for topping up visiting craft) and moved the capsule that brought it up (unmanned, under MechJeb control) to one of the hab modules; I now have enough Crew Return Vehicle capacity to bring all the current residents home safely.

Assembled the first draft design of the station's final component, a science module. Trying to think of some appropriately sciency stuff to stick on it. Already put on some separatrons, so that if something goes badly wrong that threatens the rest of the station, the module can be jettisoned to a safe distance.

Tinkered a bit with my interplanetary probe(s), mostly adding a little more fuel (and thus, delta V) to the booster and transfer stage.

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Continuing my Duna adventures, so the Kerbals finally get to tour around their landing site, the flat valley floor.

Attempting to climb out of the valley proved to be a terribly dangerous endeavor--the rover's inherent front/rear instability would cause to wheelie or endo, each time I attempted to climb steep slopes...


So, fearing for the safety of my Kerbals, I gingerly turned around and agonizingly zigzagged carefully back down the slope, until I reached the flat valley floor. Note the absence of the 2/3 photovoltiac array pack on the left side--that got dislodged when the rover rolled once...but I managed to get it upright, but Bill and Bob were slightly bruised and shaken, thrown out of their seats during the roll.


Approaching the landing site...in tatters but in good spirits...


Kerbals about to disembark...Kerbol has set by the time we arrived.


Leaving the rover behind, they hop back in to Rizal-2, and wait for morning for the launches...


Launch of Rizal-2...


Few seconds after circularization burn...you can see my landing site, to the far right, down the middle of that canyon. The unmanned Rover Carrier will launch from there shortly after this shot...


Launch of the Rover Carrier, which now also serves as my refuelling truck--I don't have KAS installed so I need to dock in Duna orbit to have Rizal-2 refuelled.


About to dock...


I then realized I had enough fuel to visit Ike...so after planning the transfer, I do the trans-Ike-injection burn...


The short coast towards Ike...


After discarding the spent tanker, I undock and land on Ike, choosing the spot where the Kerbals can see only a part of Duna on the horizon...


Bill and Bob staring in awe and wonder at Duna at the horizon while Ludin climbs down the ladder. If they stay here for a long time, they will note that Duna will not move in the sky, because Duna and Ike are tidally locked to each other.


Flag planting and all smiles for the camera...


Bob climbs on top of the Rizal-2, and takes a final glance at Duna before re-entering the capsule.


Bill climbs back up...after they are all back in, they go back to Duna orbit, and wait for several weeks for the launch window back to Kerbin...


After waiting for several weeks...window comes, and they do the long burn for home...


...and after a few more weeks...FINALLY HOME! :D Jeb will be so happy to see Bill and Bob again :D


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I launched an ATV atop an Ariane V from the ESA pack then stupidly clicked end flight.Then I launched a Soyuz TMA into orbit using the Soyuz from the Bobcat Soviet pack and successfully landed my buran shuttle also from the soviet pack in the desert to the East of the KSC.

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