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What did you do in KSP today?


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I've been playing the game for about a month and decided to do my first mission to Duna. I sent five spacecraft to assemble a station in orbit consisting of two station parts, a tanker, the lander and a return vessel. My plan is to leave the station for future missions. I was worried I might run out of fuel before assembling everything in Duna orbit, but I had fuel to spare. It took four days between designing/building, launching, transfer burn, orbital insertion and assembly. Should have brought a rover though. Never designed one before but I'm going to start now!

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Redesigned the Orthus 7 lander to make it Moho-capable (calling it the Orthus Moho 7; real imaginative, I know). Somehow managed to jack up the lower stage of the Saturn I booster, so I had to ditch most of that stage and rebuild it; fortunately, there aren't all that many parts involved once you account for eight-times symmetry. Redesigned ship is now in orbit awaiting the next transfer window, which will come in 30 days or so. Meanwhile I stuck a flight computer on the Mohole 7 - renamed the Flaming Turd 7 - and launched it into orbit. Alexmoon's calculator says a Moho transfer will take 4,915 m/s on an optimal trajectory there and 4,753 back for 9,668 total, and the Turd's got 9,961 m/s of delta-V total. My margin for error's a bit thin there, so I may be adding another gas canister or two to the xfer/sm stage just to be safe. It will be my first visit to Moho, after all...

Held the lead on the Doing it Gemini Challenge for all of four hours today...I'd still have it if only the damn command pod had landed instead of splashed down. Hell of a buzz-kill.

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Today I prepared a fleet of five robotic probes to send to Moho it consists of 2 Com satellites, 1 Kethane scanner, 1 lander probe, and a rover. It feels a little weird because I haven't even sent any thing to the Mun yet in this save.

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After Seeing this I decided I need a lander with an detachable rover + a detachable orbitting probe so I can fly to a planet / moon, deploy the probe in orbit, land with the lander and zoom around with a rover.

This is part of what came out:

As you see I use an modified stock lander and a simple rover (thanks for the help in the rover thread :) ) and attached them with subassembly manager together.

Improvements since the video:

Light on the rover (I ALWAYS FORGETT LIGHT!)

Probe with ion drive ontop of the lander with j-clamp

Tests done so far:

Orbitted with the whole thing, deployed the probe, landed back on kerbin with the lander, deployed the rover, zoomed around and attached it again! :)

and then intentedly destructed the probe with the iondrive (crashing into kerbin)

All tests very successfull! Next step is a real test on the mün. If everything works as planed, I'll improve my maned version of the lander with a manable rover + satelite :)


Did the Mün test and it worked:


Last to do: Train rover driving :( (or built a more stable rover by widening it, but I like the design, just have to be more carefull downhills and with breaking and turning)

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Mothership Helena arrived at Duna today. Bob Kerman (I feel that I've been neglecting him lately) then climbed into the Paris lander and prepared for the descent, and only a few minutes later he could create some fresh, new footprints on Dunan soil. Mission almost accomplished - now the return trip is all that's left to do!


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Built a better mercury-Redstone and mercury-atlas than I had before. Also docked the LM of Dunebeam-6 (second manned Duna mission) to the CSM. It was a close call, too, the upper stage engines were broken and I had to launch with the lander stage instead.

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^ Whoah, awesome!

Today I launched the core of my space station, Toshi Station, into orbit.

Next, I tried to launch a crew module to dock with it (this will be my first attempt at docking). However, I accidentally burned in the wrong direction when trying to rendezvous, and when I quick loaded, I was back on the Launchpad. Hopefully I can complete the mission tomorrow!

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Today I designed and launched the Big Bertha Fuel Tug. Why use cylinders when you can use spheres?


Here she is in orbit, big and round:


I wanted to try IVA docking, which is why I built the odd looking structure on the capsule with the docking port on the end, which worked reasonably well:


However the Kraken showed up and wouldn't let me turn the Big Bertha in any direction after I undocked. She wouldn't move until I got more than 2.2km away and came back after switching to another vessel. Then, when I came back, the Kraken had eaten the solar sails ... they were just gone. When I landed, KSP just closed (no crash report, no freezing, just *poof* closed!) after I tried to EVA Joevey. I thought the Kraken had eaten the saved game, but I was able to load it back up. I think I need to redesign the Big Bertha anyway. I was wanting to get her back to completely stock (except for the round fuel tanks) and forgot a couple things. She also needs a few more m/s to get into orbit a little more efficiently and a couple more parachutes on the capsule for re-entry.

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