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What did you do in KSP today?

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21 hours ago, eddiew said:

It begins.


Early missions are... less than glorious.



Oh, my god! I never even knew you already started! Nice! A new story for a new year. :)

As for me, though, I've sent a probe to fly by the Mun in a new career! Yep, another one. :) BUUTTTT, I've got plans for this one. I've already made the ships I want to make end game........

Because I noticed the B9 HX parts work with 1.2.2. >:D

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3 hours ago, Tex_NL said:

That doesn't even remotely look like a Star Destroyer.
But it DOES look a lot like a CR90 Corellian Corvette. AKA Leia's blockade runner from ANH.

That's because it is a Corellian Corvette. I called it "sprinkles for my Star Destroyer" because it goes along with the Destroyer, making it better because you can't recreate the opening scene without the Tantive IV. 

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6 minutes ago, cubinator said:

That's because it is a Corellian Corvette. I called it "sprinkles for my Star Destroyer" because it goes along with the Destroyer, making it better because you can't recreate the opening scene without the Tantive IV. 

Ah OK. That explains a lot.

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Hey guys!  I haven't been around in a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been hurtling little green aliens into space on top of flying death tra...  err I mean the latest technological marvels to come out of Jeb's Junkyard.

No, actually for some reason I got totally obsessive with the idea of landing Kerbals on the two moons of Kerbin in the demo version of this great game.  And I have to say it has been a really tough assignment for me, someone who openly admits to being a dead loss at KSP.  However...

The big problem is the very few parts available in the demo, one liquid engine and two small SRB's for example, so no flashy nuclear drives or even gimballed thrusters to propel rockets here!

I was already able to launch rockets into LKO when I started out on this mission, and had even sent probes to both moons with an unmanned lander setting down on Mun (or is that THE Mun?) in the demo sandbox, but every time I tried to run a mission which would see a return to Kerbin it always ended up with a rocket that either couldn't get off the launch pad, or something that was so unstable that it was impossible to get anywhere near the upper levels of the atmosphere.  Why was this?  How could I construct a launch vehicle in the demo version of KSP, capable of a return trip which was also up to the task of getting into orbit in the first place?  I knew it was possible, someone has already said they'd done it in a previous comment on a thread in this forum, so what was their secret.

My problem was I was thinking too much about Saturn V type rockets, with stage stacked upon stage, one on top of the other.  I don't know why it took me so long to realise that rather than going up, I could also go out... add more liquid boosters to the sides of their already attached comrades, and getting a load more thrust (see how I know exactly how much additional thrust became available there!) as I would have more engines running at lift off when most power is needed.

This was the breakthrough; an experimental rocket based on the new theory was quickly cobbled together with a central body surrounded by four boosters, and an additional four attached to those, all feeding fuel through an asparagus arrangement towards the centre.  The results were spectacular!  Tearing off the pad at the KSC, the rocket simply soared skyward, entering orbit with enough fuel left in the tank that I do believe it would have been easily capable of reaching Mun, although a landing would not have been possible, and a return home dicey at best.  So having come through its first test, now came the rocket design that would finally see kerbalkind plant their feet on other worlds...

The new rocket was gigantic, way WAY bigger than anything I had assembled before.  On Christmas Eve (Earth Calendar), Jeb took his place in the diminutive capsule strapped on top of this massive vehicle, and the countdown commenced...  At zero all nine engines erupted violently into life and the rocket started to ascend majestically into the clear blue skies over the KSC: the epic journey had began.  As empty stages rained down on the good people of Kerbin, the data and telemetry coming back to flight control slowly started to give hope to all present that this time they could actually pull a landing on Mun off and return the fool... the hero flying this thing back to his home.

As it entered a one hundred Km orbit, the rocket shut down its remaining engines with obviously more than enough fuel to go for a Mun landing, so calculations were made, maneuverer nodes placed and targets aligned in preparation for the Trans Munar Injection.  Nine minutes later and the engines again roared into life to push the orbit's apoapsis out to intersect with that of Mun and put Jeb on course with history.

About one Kerbin day later and the spaceship was fast approaching its target.  The Munar periapsis was set at approx. forty Km, and as the vessel approached this point, it fired its one remaining engine to insert Jeb into orbit around this strange and lonely rock.  Upon completion of this burn, this last stage of the rocket was discarded and all attention was now focused on the lander/return ship combo as Jeb scouted for a suitable site for the historic landing.

The lander was a four legged vehicle with five and a half fuel tanks, solar panels, batteries and RCS all topped off with the command pod.  Spotting a promising site just west of one of the giant craters on Mun's surface, Jeb fired his motor to begin the descent.  Carefully watching the ratio between speed and height, he skilfully maneuvered his tiny vessel towards the surface, extending the gear at two and a half thousand meters.  As Kerbin held its collective breath, the lander got lower and lower until finally, and with an impact of just 1.9m/s, it was touchdown and engine shutdown... "The Keagle Had Landed!"

After a period for sleep, the moment arrived for the first Kerbal footprint to be made on an off Kerbin surface.  Jeb scrambled down the ladder and wrote history as he placed his size nine on the Munar surface and said the immortal line, "One small stumble by a Kerbal, one giant falter for Kerbalkind!"  After conducting several extremely important scientific experiments, Jeb ascended the ladder and once again took his place at the controls of the spaceship.

Blasting off from the surface, the ship entered a 15Km orbit before reigniting its engine to commence the return back to Kerbin.  With a periapsis of thirty five Km over the home world, the return trip went as smoothly as the outward leg. Entering the atmosphere, and still with fuel in the tank, the engine was fired for one last time to slow the spacecraft sufficiently to insure a landing on the first pass.  Splashdown went without a hitch and Jeb was recovered to face a hero's welcome from an adoring people.  Since then Valentine has done a similar mission to Minmus in an identical vehicle, and again everything went smoothly.

I have battered at this project for weeks, and having finally pulled it off I must admit I do feel pretty pleased with myself.  One last mission for the demo version will be "Project Goosefeather", but that's for another day.

Funny (ie strange) things that happened during all this: for some reason the staging of the launch vehicle won't work properly if it's set up correctly.  The two side boosters which empty first have to be set to stage AFTER those which empty next?  Why is that?  I've checked this four times, and each time the staging's set to dump them first, it throws off the two which shouldn't be jettisoned until the next staging is due.

And after the mission, Jeb "retired".  He has completely vanished from the game, he hasn't just gone on the missing list, but seems to have been totally erased from the saved file?  He must have been tempted away by some smart publisher waving a chequebook; even now he's probably locked away writing his memoirs!

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(1.1.3) Started my day yesterday with more preparations for my upcoming Duna mission. I performed a manual calculation on the delivery skycrane of the Hellhound 7 rover and came to the inescapable conclusion that KER was grossly overestimating the amount of delta-V available. The redesign was simple enough, though - the skycrane incorporated a piece of Structural Fuselage and an FL-T400 fuel tank, both of which were easily replaced with FL-T800 tanks. The booster had sufficient delta-V as it was and just needed a quick tweak to the engine thrust to offset the additional mass. The Bates Motel 7 outpost design also got a once over - apparently its external tanks were set empty and it had an X200-8 tank configured for LF only (Interstellar Fuel Switch lets you do that); I was able to adjust the craft to ensure Duna-fall pretty easily, again only requiring minor tweaks to the booster to offset the added mass.

The real re-design challenge was the Piper Alpha 7 refinery design. My calculations had shown that the extant refinery design had neither the fuel necessary in its transfer stage to reach Duna nor enough fuel to land. I wound up having to replace the refinery's masts, all of which were based on pieces of Structural Fuselage to save mass and housed the fuel cells and solar panels. I swapped out the fuselage pieces for fuel tanks and then added the necessary external accouterments to them. Once the delta-V needed had been reached, a new transfer stage was constructed with sufficient delta-V for the journey. The new payload came in at 300 tonnes; classic asparagus was the only way I knew to get that thing into orbit - a 2,000 tonne rocket with a half-dozen Vector engine cluster in the core and Mammoths on each booster stage. Total price tag - √1.3M. The first of two of these revised Piper Alpha 7a designs was launched successfully to orbit, yet another piece of hardware ready to go for the Duna mission.

I did realize during the design of Piper Alpha 7a that I hadn't planned on sending Spamcan landers to Duna, a definite oversight (seeing as the only Kerbal-rated lander heading that way, the Fireball 7a science lander design, was a one-person craft). Did a quick redesign of the Spamcan 7a to make a Duna-rated craft and came out with the Spamcan 7b. I will be sending two of these craft to Duna, increasing the total number of Duna-bound craft to seventeen. I'm beginning to wonder if an attempt to consolidate some of these launches would be in order...

I also realized that I had sent up all four of my spare engineers to the Kerbinport space station for the purpose of getting them ready to go to Duna/Ike with the intent was to leave two of them behind to run the refineries when everybody else returned to Kerbin, and I hadn't done any of the necessary training (i.e. flag-planting) to get them up to their two-star rating (1.1.3, remember - before you could use Labs to upgrade Kerbals remotely). I quickly loaded up engineers Kelzor, Wilberry, Liztha and Phovie Kerman aboard Strange Cargo along with tourists Neiloly and Herdrin Kerman and sent the craft off to Mün for flag-planting duties. My hope is to be able to get these guys to Mün and back, then get them to Minmus and back before the launch window for Duna arrives. At this point I'm going to be cutting it close...

With Strange Cargo en route, I wanted to ensure that there would be sufficient fuel to get everybody down and back and have Strange Cargo return to Kerbin as quickly as possible, so I went to the Munport space station and had the Old Bessie refueling lander stationed there make two runs down to Piper Alpha. Second landing got too close - the lander took off one of the refinery's Gigantor solar panels on landing. I'm not worried too much about the refinery having sufficient power for operations just yet, though I may look into making a run to replace the panel in the near future. And on the plus side, it wasn't necessary to use the MIRV rover to bridge the gap between lander and refinery for once. I may make one more run down to the surface just to be absolutely sure everything will go as quickly as possible when Strange Cargo arrives.

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So pictures got delayed by IRL stuff and internet issues.


Built this a few days back:



Sent it winging off into an orbit that just intersected minimum and had a periapsis that kept it clear of the mun, then time warped to try and get a minmus flyby that would gravity slingshot em out system.


Misjudged the mun separation and got an encounter there, some burning got me the minimus encounter however:






It's currently in the middle of a Homan transfer to Eve.


After that i took advantage of all the science my MPL had given me to get ion tech and try to build and launch an ion probe for Jool, Eeloo, and Moho missions. Then the Kraken struck. gets off the pad, gos up a bit then starts shaking for no aparant reason until the fairing breaks off from the top of the decoupler it's on.



So yeah, think it's because it';s so ludicrously tall. Need to wait for 3.25m parts really.



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Hello Kerbofandom.

Flew a few Kerpollo missions to the Mun.

The addition of the Munar Roving Vehicle changed the whole game play.

Opens so much more avenues and give visual satisfaction.


This time I will just relate the first deployment of the rover. This time on the equator.

After the TLI (Trans-munar-for Landing Injection) the LEM (mun-Landing-Excursion-Module) was freed and captured.


The trajectory was corrected to give and acceptable Periapse while the 3rd stage remained on it's collision course.


The CSM was inserted in a circular orbit. The third stage was deliberately crashed on the Mun for science, curiosity and Booms.


Jeb the Command module pilot stayed in orbit while Valentina and Scientist Magrigh Munned him landed. For science, good old fun and play.


On their first traverse Magrigh was able to sample the Mun Boulders and confirm they are neither Kraken eggs nor their cropolites.



Text book return of the LEM upper stage.



Followed by a textbook return of the Command Module.



Next time I will tell you about the Kerpollo Munar Poles.



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Today I docked a full orange tank of fuel and Monoprop to my Kerbin Space Station - based very loosely on the ISS. The station is mostly stock except for the greenhouse and some lights. I have a docking port for all three size ports. As a refueling station it serves a real purpose now, otherwise it is just for appearances.


3 hours ago, Martian Emigrant said:

The addition of the Munar Roving Vehicle changed the whole game play.

How did you attach the Rover and get it upright once staged?

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2 hours ago, Red Shirt said:

How did you attach the Rover and get it upright once staged?

There is a cubic Octogonal Strut and a TR-2C Stack Separator on the lower stage.

They are joined to the rover's Small Inline Reaction Wheel.

The wheel is strong enough to move the light rover every which way required.

I found that it is preferable to load a Kerbal first and engage the SAS before separating. I have landed on hills and the rover ended-up upside down with no link to the KSC....So mission fail.

This is a later version. Still similar to the one from my last post. I have to tune that separator down a bit.





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Way back in 2016, I designed a control tower for my base on Minmus, I thought that having a nice tower there, might improve the 'awesomeness' of the base a bit. So I tried to get that tower to Minmus. Wasn't as easy as it seemed and it took several iterations of 'rocket design', 'presicion landing' and 'docking on the surface' to get the tower in place. Once there, I now have the problem of unmounting the two fuel tanks which I used to park the tower in its final position...

Guess I have to use KAS or something - let's see....



So far it is a bit wobbly but it remains upright....

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Management approved the design and budget for a new space station..


..every one was hard a work training in the full scale mock up to be selected.


The new gal got the job in the first module...its going to be a long wait for the rest of the crew..


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Merely opened KSP.... Between experiment shenanigans of my own making and of @Galileo for the ever-coming GPP update, my probe found itself orbiting in atmosphere and taking 39 gees of force. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and watch the thing burn.

I was ready to see Jeb magically die again too. He's not far at all from that probe.




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Last night saw the successful homecoming of Valentina after her historic landing on Minmus.  One hair raising moment occurred at about 700Km from splash down when I decided it would make a nice screenshot, the spacecraft speeding along with Kerbin in the background.  So I hit F2 to turn off the display and have just the image I wanted to capture visible.  Then I hit Shift and Print Screen...  The rocket immediately roared into life, dropping the Periapsis way down below the surface of the planet in what would have resulted in a suicidal re-entry (I had turned the craft around in preparation for using what fuel I had left to slow down).  Fortunately a quick flip to face prograde and another engine burn brought things back to normal, but it just shows how one moment's lack of concentration can so easily ruin a perfectly good mission in this game.

Valentina as the first Kerbal to stand on Minmus was met by adoring hordes, but it was noticeable that the much longer duration of the mission compared to Jeb's Mun landing had taken its toll, she definitely didn't look well at all, indeed she was so sick people said she seemed to be a bit green in the face!

Meanwhile back at the KSC work began on the proposed mission to send landers to both moons in the Kerbin system.  A prototype of the Minmus lander was put together and launched into LKO to see just how much manoeuvrability and breaking potential could be achieved using just RCS.  The results were most encouraging, the scientists are confident it is possible to actually land the tiny vessel on Minmus using just RCS and being able to dispense with a hefty rocket engine and assorted fuel tanks.

In addition to the Minmus lander being put through its paces in LKO, a prototype of the Mun lander was also glued and tied together in the VAB, although as of this time no test flights have been carried out with this vessel.  While all this construction was taking place, in another part of the KSC complex mathematicians could be seen furiously doing their calculations on the back of matchboxes and old postcards as they try to work out when the two moons will be in the right position to be able to use Minmus to swing the Mun lander around and on course to its final destination.

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