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What did you do in KSP today?

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I'm between games so I thought I'd spin up a New Horizons 50% science mode game with a hodgepodge of parts mods. Tantares, SXT, SSTU, the NF suite, KSPIE, and the Space-Y stuff. It's ... weird, not at all the unified vanilla/stock or RO that I'm used to (probably because of the tanks, disparate engines are much easier to handle with Real Fuels), I have a feeling I'll be tweaking MM scripts to get everything the way I want it. Still, actually pretty fun and MFT is tying it together enough to make things happen.


I actually landed this thing on the bell after I got to Minmus orbit with oodles of delta-V left over. I mean, why not?

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The WouldYouLikeCHEESEWithThat2 mission was designed to fulfill 4 different contracts, each of which gave me 200,000-300,000 Kerbucks (cash). I had to bring 3 tourists to LKO, a suborbital flight, and a Mun orbit. Another contract had me sending Jeb on an EVA during a Mun orbit, another wanted me to recover science data from the Mun, and another had me plant (another) flag on the Mun. All in all, it was a very rewarding mission.

The launch went very smoothly:



And in no time, my Kerbals were in LKO:



Burning for Mun encounter:



The fuel in the booster was enough to get me into a stable Mun orbit. And who'd have thought that was possible! During the design stage, I'd assumed that I'd need a whole extra stage, just for the transfer! Didn't take any pictures during the burn, sorry:


Landing was a bit complicated, as I decided to land WITH the transfer stage, so I'd have enough fuel to return:


Rough landing there Jeb, you think maybe next time you'll be able to land right side up?


The return went (relatively) smooth:



Approaching Kerbin:


Parachutes deployed:


And touchdown!


All the tourists were returned safely, all the contracts complete, and now another bombardment of contracts has flooded mission control. Including one to put a station in orbit of Minmus?! But I haven't been there yet...


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Got some amazing beauty shots from flying an Eagle above Laythe:


Luna and Manie look pretty impressed with the view too:


Vall and Tylo were in perfect alignment above Laythe:


Might try to sketch one of these, too. Particularly the top two if I get around to it :cool:

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I was supposed to get a meeting of 40 min in my usual 11H working day, but it got cancelled... enough free time to get a small KSP shot !

So the time to start up everything and I tried the XC-73A Pallas in another flight.


Today's flight was supposed to prove her capabilities to reach a target a 200 km, dock and... well, we will see if she can dock before or even meet the station.




Engines 1 and 4 got a better angle to be aligned with the center of mass. Same about the front and rear RCS.




The flight also was an occasion to try a new climb profile by keeping on accelerating until 600 m/s was reached, then choose an angle of 25 degree which was progressively reduced to 18.



This last experiment was unsatisfactory, the SSTO reaching just 1300 m/s at 23 km before the switch where my old XC-144 Nike-Beta and her "block" of four RAPIER was making more than 1610 m/s at 21 km. Anyway, now it was to late to step back.




Circularization at 140 km. Hopefully the outer engines now are well angled.



Approaching the Outer Heaven station on her 201x200 km orbit. With just one small monoprop RCS pod at each of her extremities, Pallas is like a Panzer III/IV wading in the rasputitsa.






Docked! Finally!





Let's allow the crew for a small tour after so much efforts.


I will try to make the crew return tomorrow if the time is with... and the craft too.

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*Yesterday, but at midnight*

I finally got my Crusader to work stably, including 3 cycles through the down/up wing cycle in mid-flight. Impressed enough with that, I decided to call it good. Thread:


Really pleased with this one, probably my favorite of the bunch that I've done recently.

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Couple of surveys and part tests.




Turns out it was two new biomes; unfortunately Canary's improved landing capabilities weren't quite as improved as the engineers had claimed.

Total science from both missions: 11. We really need to go to space :blush:

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29 minutes ago, Triop said:

You don't want to know where he put his screwdriver...:blink:

Poor Jeb, get well Soon™.

Well Nedbert (My driver for the Dakar) Was literally thrown out of the car rolling down a Stage 2 hill and he's okay. Whatever Jeb has, he can tough it out just like Nedbert.



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Today I unlocked enough science to start building my Kerbal Science Station.

Part one (the battery) went up first, it was supposed to have the rockomax 6-way connector but someone forgot to add it to the payload. Polar Orbit around 450k.

Part two (the docking section & coms arrays) came up. Would have like to have docked it, but someone forgot to add the additional docking ports to the rockomax 6-way. Had to temporarily dock it with one of the shielded ports, to prevent drift. Thankfully I do have KIS & KAS installed.

Part three saw the Crew Quarters section brought up, along with some docking ports. Naturally someone forgot the tools, but thankfully there were already some in the storage locker (the bit with the coms arrays is an inline storage thing) phew!

While Bill (or is it Bob?) was out putting docking ports on all the bits he forgot to put them on before launch, the rocket decided to drift away. The Eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted it in the North East corner about 752metres away. Fortunately there was still mono-propellent on the station from docking manoeuvrers to fill up his pack and get back to the rocket. Sure Valentina could have nipped back got him, but meh. Saves him right for forgetting all the docking ports.

No need to deploy the solar arrays as yet, each section has it's own group of 1x1 Photovoltaic panels to keep charge during docking. These will likely be removed when the last section goes up along with the superfluous comm antennas.

Still to come: The Command section, the science labs, and the life support pods. Oh yeah, and Kerbals.


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Reaching orbit in 3.2x turns out to be pretty challenging. Putting their heads together, the boffins at mission planning decided that if going round is too hard, maybe we should just go up! So we did, and Jay Kerman reached a new record altitude of 1080km, reaching the "high over Gael" area and farming a mighty 6.5 science points :huh:


Ok, we have to do better. There is one known thing that generates good science; and that's surface samples. Of course, we can't get them because we haven't upgraded the facilities yet. On the other hand, there are some lucrative flight surveys around the world, and with KSC Switcher, most of them are in reach...


...and lo, surface samples are available! Now we can... go round again... and gather them... 

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