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What did you do in KSP today?

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29 minutes ago, Servo said:

Yesterday, I made this:


Today, I perfected the hinge and built the rest of the F-35 around it. Then, I took it for a couple of laps around KSC, and it worked wonderfully. I've been perfecting the visuals since then, so I'm really proud of this one.


Landing back on the runway after the first VTO-VL cycle. I then did a HTO-HL cycle and a STO-VL cycle (short/horizontal/vertical takeoff/landing).


Who doesn't love a good stock F-35? (Canada, I guess, but who else?)


Though the VTOL was the priority, I'm also really satisfied with how the visuals turned out.

Wow, that looks fantastic! A download by chance? I'm sure the United Kerbal Air Force would like to get there hands on these! :D

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Feeding Arkadia.




So far after the prototype splashed with minor damage, the next two were fully unharmed (one landed, one splashed), while the fourth curiously sank after having lost its engine during a particularly shallow reentry. The only visible 'star' in the picture above is another tanker passing overhead.

I also (not pictured) shortened the lower stage by making the upper stage engine fairing itself the adapter, rather than having an explict structural element. And the upper stage tank colours were changed to look more like something that could withstand takeoff and reentry unshielded.

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Spent entirely too much time futzing about with finalizing my exploration airship, including spending way more time than I should have getting the arrangement of lights *just* right. (Nice even light for working around the gondola, spots fore and aft to judge the ground when landing at night.  Not that I intend to land at night...  in fact I plan on avoiding it.)

Spent even more time diving down a research rabbit hole studying and thinking about a possible story I could tell with the airship.

Minimal KSP tomorrow, because I need to get caught up on the writing I should have been doing today for my anime blog.

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6 hours ago, Nickel AP said:

I know you probably use quite a few and ill try to be as specific as possible, but which mods do you use for realism? The sky and planets look amazing! I tried the realism mod (i think) but was not skilled enough to deal with the real life scale, when i tried to scale back to original, the gravity was all jacked up. anyway, just curious. Thanks in advance

At this time, all the visual mods are the ones included with Galileo's Planet Pack. The skybox is by @JadeOfMaar and is linked somewhere in his signature.

For a prettier stock system, try SVT and SVE. There's a full modlist for my previous (stock+OPM) career in my mission logs (link in MY sig) :)

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The first orbiter probe launched at last, but there wasn't much science to gather once it was up there. The Spark engine showed itself awesome as the upper stage engine affording a little over 2500m/s on this setup and over 1.4 TWR near the edge of high atmosphere on ascent. It pioneered well and returned enough science to unlock a tech node (more science parts). With a swab of remorse it was deorbited soon enough in preparation to, when possible, launch the Mk1 of it, capable of reaching Gael's moons.

FJrzrnI.jpg 5saVxLi.jpg


After kerbalizing myself and two Skype friends we take center stage and carry on where Jeb and Bob started but couldn't reach before, hopping onto rooftops and sciencing them in what was first a rescue VTOL. (I... sent my lady friend into the volcano :blush: ... But it was for science! And she got to plant the first ever flag.) The crew consists of Eiyuu Kerman (pilot), Jade J Kerman (scientist) and Samael Kerman (lady scientist)...and no engineer. :huh: 

Ah well, landing on the SPH and VAB rooftops helped to unlock a second tech node, specifically RCS. Today is a warm day but a good day for science!



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Last night, Jeb and Val made the first test flight of the new Selene 1 Mod. 3.  Launch was smooth, as expected (the only change in the launcher was swapping out four of the 7200 tanks for two of the 14400 size).  The vessel made orbit with just a little boost from the second/transfer stage engine, leaving plenty of fuel for transMunar insertion, Munar capture, and Kerbin return.  On arriving in Munar orbit, Jeb decoupled...  ...er...  ...where's the decoupling trigger?  Val, did they put it in your command pod?  Nope, no decoupling trigger here.  After more searching, the duo determined that the VAB crew had managed to forget to install either the stack seperator or the docking clamp on the command pod that remains with the transfer stage.  The only way Jeb was going down to the Mun would be by explosive decoupling, and he likes Val too much to do that to her.

Nothing for it, then, but a return to Kerbin to have a little talk with the VAB foreman.  Of course, there's the little matter of reentering and landing under parachute with the lander still attached and full of LF/O for the descent stage...

Not to worry.  Val set up the Munar return with an aerobraking periapsis of about 45 km, then did a burn just before atmospheric interface to lower periapsis to get a reasonable orbit period, before dumping the transfer stage (now down to a whisper of fuel after spending dV that wouldn't normally be needed for Mun and Minmus missions).  With crossed fingers (not easy, have you seen Kerbal hands?), Val and Jeb rode into the flames -- and found the stack of transfer command pod and complete lander was stable enough for SAS to keep it pointed retrograde.  After three-plus minutes enveloped in shock heating, burning the lander's ascent motors (Puff monopropellant engines on their radial mounts) to add braking, the roar of the airflow began to lessen, the heating dropped off, and they were in a low(ish) Kerbin orbit.

Next pass, more ascent engine burns ensured they would land on this entry (the ablator on the transfer stage command pod was getting a little thin), and down they came.  As they dropped close to Mach 1, the stack began to destabilize (probably due to loss of the massive shock wave from the blunt heat shield), but Val was able to keep it steady enough with RCS until it had slowed enough to deploy parachutes (lower than normal, because the sectional density gave a higher terminal velocity at any given altitude).  Manual deployment was chosen, because staging off the lander's ascent stage would most likely have left Val, still stuck with the descent stage's engine and full LF/O tank, in an unstable junk can (not to mention making it impossible, in game, to control both vessels).  With four radial parachutes deployed, however, the falling speed was only half again normal (about 8 m/s instead of 5.5), and as the sea surface approached, Jeb burned the Puff ascent engines again to slow descent rate, striking the sea at only 5 m/s.

The last issue was whether the stack would float, but it did, upright (which meant Val's command pod was submerged, but the recovery crew quickly sorted that out).

We will mercifully bypass the scene back at KSC when the recovery transport pulled in.  Suffice to say, there will be a new Mod. of Selene 1 before next launch...

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11 minutes ago, JadeOfMaar said:

@MikeZDB ^ Your picture needs a huge explosion in the background and maybe a few extra kerbals in different color suits. :wink: 

@JadeOfMaar True, but i dont like the "photoshoped" ones, only real photos and real meaning, for me my missions have a real soul..... but...check that one:


Thanks for the advice anyway! :)

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On 2/1/2017 at 4:29 PM, Francois424 said:

Today I decided to make another addition to the permanent ships I leave in orbit.  The rocket and the payload are thus assembled and dropped on the Launchpad.


« . . . Then unfold her wings at a polar orbit of 60 Million Meters, or 60'000 Km.  Engines are shutdown and this completes the mission ! »



Which part pack did that antenna come out of?

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Just now, Tyko said:

Which part pack did that antenna come out of?

It's the origami antenna pack
I've had the files for a long time, and I had to fix the in-game antenna range and stuff we see in the stock part, so you might still have to do that.

But here it is from a quick google-fu, and from the screenshots it looks the same.
Enjoy !


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Second habitat! Surprisingly, It took 2 launches. Why? Because the habitat module didn't have the right docking ports XD, so I put it in a placeholder position and sent a 2 docking port to large docking port part (with energy generation!) and put it in the position that the Habitat module was SUPPOSED to be in, and then put the habitat module into proper and permanent position...

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Contract: expand orbital station Munbus with things

So I built a thing! It required an ... uh, inventive launcher.



The thing definitely did not like going to orbit.



And here's all of the things together.



My Munbus wasn't actually a station, but a prototype Duna exploration ship/lander/miner that got used for a Mun - Kerbin orbit ore contract. The actual Dunabus is currently home to Jeb, Bob and Bill on the surface of Ike awaiting its return window.

Now the Munbus is a space station, and a lander, and a miner, and an asteroid grabber, ... and a modern art installation, ... and a bus. It's not great at any of these things but I had fun building it.

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Continuing various random experiments, had a few contracts for Eve and Gilly, had a simple probe into orbit, managed one to the surface (forgot an antenna.. doh). Anyway so back we needed to go.

Nuclear powered research vessel "F1" launched.. test flight to the mun dropping a satellite off and back, there and back on primary fuel leaving its reserve alone, figured Eve is in range.. Its currently in Eve orbit, with three Kerbals and a lander for Gilly, two Eve lander probes still docked, one on the surface.

Primary fuel exhausted and have tapped the reserve so have plenty of fuel to muck out in system, just need to get a tanker there to bring them all home (and carry more fuel for the Gilly lander).

So far have learnt a fair bit on making a larger science vessel, like give it larger than the smallest reaction wheel, it turns, like a pig.


All good fun, roll on 1.2 on consoles.

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8 minutes ago, Leopard said:



9 minutes ago, Leopard said:

Nuclear powered research vessel "F1"

Oh........................................... well aren't I an idiot?

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2 hours ago, Whisky Tango Foxtrot said:

I built my first submarine. Not yellow, though.


Got it down to 1km. The hardest part was getting it from the runway to the water without breaking anything.

Sure would like to know what your ore settings are on those tanks. I built a replica and the thing either noses down and starts going backwards or won't sink at all...


Been doing other things, y'all, but I'll talk about 'em on Monday. This week has been insane in RL...

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8 minutes ago, capi3101 said:

Sure would like to know what your ore settings are on those tanks. I built a replica and the thing either noses down and starts going backwards or won't sink at all...


Been doing other things, y'all, but I'll talk about 'em on Monday. This week has been insane in RL...

The ore tank (there's only one) is half full. The fuel tank is completely full. The sub is slightly buoyant so it needs engine thrust to dive.

The service bay has two 0.625m batteries, a 16-S antenna, a Gravioli Detector, a thermometer, a barometer and a seismic acceleratometer.

My mission wasn't completely successful, though; I surfaced too quickly and dolphin-jumped out of the water, resulting in some unplanned disassembly on landing.

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