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What did you do in KSP today?

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1 hour ago, Kertech said:

@dboi88, looking good, wondering what this mod will do?

Its a cargo freighter [WIP]Coyote Space Industries - Cargo Freighter. These parts and animations are for the science lab. You'll have 8-10 modules to pick from and you'll have 5 spaces on the freighter. So you can make big cargo freighters, cruise liners, science vessels, and my favourite, contruction vessels. One of the modules will be a workshop for MKS/EPL/OSE ect. and you'll also get a launchpad module for launching newly built craft. I've not yet decided if i'm going to have the animation play randomly, or to tie it to a game event like loading science reports or transmitting back to kerbin.


1 hour ago, Martian Emigrant said:

Is that thing packing lunches?

Only space lunches.

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After two aborted attempts I finally got a working parking space for my Mun rover.


I also launched the first vessel of my planned three-ship mission to Duna (well Ike, mainly) which, if all goes will, will be my first manned mission outside of Kerbin's SOI. This first ship isn't manned, though; it's just a bunch of odds and ends that I need for the mission (a lander, a fuel transport tank, a passenger module and a science package) that I didn't want to attach to either of my main ships (a station and a surface mining base) out of fear of screwing up their COM.


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(1.1.3) Yesterday was spent on multiple attempts to upright the Spamcan 7 lander using the crane rover MIRV on the surface of Mün in the vicinity of the Piper Alpha refinery. Station engineers Paphe and Corbas Kerman both were heavily involved in the operation, which ultimately saw the extension of the rover's boom using an FL-T800 fuel tank cannibalized from the nearby prototype Jiffy Lube 7 parts lander, a Cubic Octagonal Strut and a KAS winch with attached electromagnet as a jib arm. Had the damnedest time trying to upright the lander until I hit on the idea of back the hell up and lift it from the top, stupid. Spamcan was uprighted, the rover backed off, Spamcan aimed for Piper Alpha...and promptly tipped over on landing once again. Lather, rinse, repeat - except this time before the rover went back to pick up the Can again, it went over to Jiffy Lube and got four Mk-2 landing legs and the big SAS wheel stored aboard, and a field refit took place right then and there. With everything finally said and done, the Can finally affected a good landing in range of the refinery and its tanks were topped off. Paphe and Corbas handed their screwdrivers and spare EVA fuel tanks to engineer Liztha Kerman (who was riding aboard the Can the entire time this was going on) and boarded the Can, planting temporarily flags before final boarding. Pilot Valcy Kerman also piled out of the station, planted a temporary flag and then boarded the Can, and finally scientist Kelbas Kerman, a rescuee also riding in the Can the entire time, got out and planted yet another temporary flag before re-boarding. Liztha took operational command of the refinery, relieving the crew of three that had originated with the Wildcat 7 outpost on the far side of the East Crater and had been on Mün for no less than 150 days. Spamcan took off, rendezvoused and docked successfully with the orbiting Munport space station, where the four Kerbals boarded the waiting ferry craft Next Objective. Four other Kerbals aboard Next Objective have been loaded into the Spamcan and will make a surface excursion scheduled for the next opportunity I get to play (which will hopefully be later today).

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10 hours ago, eloquentJane said:

I'm sure some people will recognize this...


That's great! It looks like the RCS blocks are attached with struts? Did you attach the parts to the main body then offset them?

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Went to the mun...


Came back...


In a nice Apollo style craft...

Seriously it was actually pretty easy. Am I now seemingly becoming THAT KSP player that can get to the mun or minmus and back easily? I mean, I use Kerbal engineer redux to help me calculate the delta V of a craft, and approx make craft with 6Km/s to get to the mun and minmus. Which I think is overkill but hey, I'm not the best of flyers...

Also, that is not everything I have done!




A small Fuel Depot!

Yea yea, I REALLY need to get spacestation modules over to the Spacedust Station, and this thing had most of its fuel expended for the ascend (It was connected fuel wise somehow, dont know why. Probably because I had it connected to a docking port, not a decoupler...) But it will help supply fuel to craft in the future. So its all good! Also, you might be wondering, what craft did I make to get this thing in orbit?




Ok that's not the best of shots...


That's... Slightly better, we will go with that.

As you can see here, I used a 8 mammoth engine SSTO (Sheds no parts to get into orbit) to get that small fuel depot into orbit! The first SSTO in the save, and no. I did not copy off of Marcus House's super lifter, I made his "super-lifter" in the past before I knew him, nor perhaps when he made it entirely...

Anyways, this craft (named Titan because, no necessary explanations.) Has over 5K delta V if it doesn't have a payload, and can deliver large payloads into orbit. Also, didn't I mention its a SSTO?

Anyways, Now for a overview of the current save!










This is my most active save! Since I unlocked the power of docking, my interest in KSP has risen by a thousandfold! And... I am not planning on stopping!

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On 16.02.2017 at 9:01 AM, kraden said:

The Kodiak's maiden voyage was a success.  Details and more pics in the spoiler.


Your Kodiak reminds me of my interplanetary ship 'Ark of the Red Seas', which I sent to Duna.


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I should like to send you a nice greeting from Jeb and his crew:

Hello dear forum,

We just landed here on Gratian and would like to inform you that we are all very proud of you. Without you we would never have come so far. You are our power that drives us to continue researching, discovering new planets and joining where there has never been a Kerbal before.

Bill, Bob, Valentina and Jebediah


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Just added to the VECTOR FUEL DEPOT! (Yea I gave it a name, couldn't name it originally because it had no controlling parts XD (So it was technically just debris.))

The Vector fuel depot will hang in LKO for intermunnary ships, and interplanetary ships to dock to and refuel. Currently, its low on both liquid fuel and oxidizer, but Once I begin construction on spacedust and further extensions on Vector, I will refuel it.

Also, my first LKO succesful Docking! :D

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Using the KSO, I launched the first module of my space station (please suggest some names). After about 2 missions, I got the hang of flying the unwieldy beast, and am now designing the second module, full of fuel.


Mission 1:


Mission 2:


Getting into orbit was easy, and the process was repetitive. And here, on the first mission, I realized my fatal mistake! I put a decoupler on the payload instead of a docking port, and the module exploded every time I tried to deploy it, the station bumping into the shuttle! So, I de-orbited the first shuttle, and launched a new mission, this time with a decoupler.

First mission landing:



And here's the second mission, deploying the space station:



And landing the space shuttle elegantly:



No Jeb! Don't be daft! The KSS Pegasus isn't supposed to have wings! 

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Launched a very small space station to get more science from experiments around Kerbin, and saved som astronauts stuck in orbit today. I also went to Minmus, but because of a lack of hab space, Jeb had to go back home before he could do anything.

1 hour ago, Galacticvoyager said:

 (Yea I gave it a name, couldn't name it originally because it had no controlling parts XD (So it was technically just debris.))


You can, in fact, change name and classification even without any control. If you go to the tracking station and select your craft, you will just have to click the "I" button in the bottom left corner, and then double-click the name.

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