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What did you do in KSP today?

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Had a ton of launches today!

I will show the most cool ones-

 My fastest rocket "Falanxs"


with payload of small resuply shuttle called "phoenix"


Light SP (solid powered) rocket "Keter"



with 3 relay satellites of class "Resonance"


And the last one launch of junior rocket "SoundWave"


Last is landing of "E-Duna" lander


Visited Eve and returned!

HTV-Nautilus in foreground of beutiful but feutureless Eve.


Returning from Eve to my favourite place to land-Deserts


For now my kerbal day is over..

listening to-

Existence strategy-Reverence

Snow patrol-The lightning strikes



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In an exercise in precision landing and both over-engineering and micro-engineering, I went to the mun and back THREE times in a single launch without using any docking, mining, refueling or gameplay mods!

A lot of testing and work went into this video so I hope you enjoy watching it! :)


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I launched the 'Messiah' reusable spacecraft. It's capable of reaching the Mun and back (I hope; I haven't tested it yet), and It's got 8 crew capacity. I'm basically just going to use it for trips to and from the Munar Skylab.

Launch from a Duna-5 vehicle:


More aerodynamic overlays. :-)



1st stage SEP:


After reaching orbit and separating the 2nd stage, I extended the solar panels and took some more screenshots:


The top of the 'Messiah' is basically a Soviet LOK spacecraft, and the rest looks like it's capable of taking it interplanetary. If it can, I'll be surprised. I'll need to have a big tanker if I want to refuel this for every run. The first thing I need to do, however, is unlock IRSUs, and then I can build a Munar lander capable of collecting ore and processing it in a tanker for refueling. But that will come in due time. First, I need to rendezvous with an asteroid...

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I spent  the day resupplying my Mun Orbital lab and hopefully fixing a few issues as well. This was a process not with out an issue or two, including a rocket design that without struts bent 30deg of true during launch, it didnt snap but it was so uncontrollable in flight I used up all my fuel reserves getting it into orbit. So after a quick redesign I tried again, way more successfully this time.

Only a few struts:


In hindsight not sticking the little tug in the middle might have been a better design choice.

Nx53eJ6.png G1WGDAO.png

The Front section is a the fuel resupply, the middle is a small tug for extending the range of the lander, so that reaching the polar biomes wont be an issue. I hope - already had one close call where I ran out of main engine fuel during the landers reorbit maneuver. luckily had enough monoprop to complete the insertion. 

A busy little station:


Just need to fully man the lab then it will be time to focus on Minmas. Give it a full relay network and then place a lab/lander setup in orbit. Plus rescue some poor soul stuck in orbit there.

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first successful SSTO spaceplane mission.

Its a pure test drone, no passengers or payload but from the runway to orbit, and back for a safe landing (though not at KSC, it was safely back on the ground, undamaged).

slight modification saw a second flight with a small science package and again a safe return.

Needs to be given a bit more fuel so it can adjust the orbit a bit more and come back more where I want and less where I have the DV to deorbit

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Today I have many pictures:


I visited Hephaestus. A tip to all who go into this system: All moons of Otho are rotation-bound, therefore it is sometimes very long dark. Besides, Otho throws his shadow on Augustus very long. Solar cells are not very effective here.



After all biomes were visited, I went back to my mothership in the orbit of Jannah.




With my tug I take the parachute from the lander and stow it in the cargo bay.




Then the crew was finally allowed to fly home.



The crew, who visited Gratian, has returned to the Gael system. 12 Kerbals must be picked up. Also a stranded Kerbal from a rescue order and my new mothership still needs two probes. That was reason enough to build a new SSTO. Right at the first attempt it reached the orbit and could meet with the Gratiancrew. But I was not satisfied with the start. I needed the entire runway and then it touched the ground 3 times before it was  finally in the air.

Here is a picture of the meeting of the returnees of Gratian.



Then I visited the new mothership.



Here I am when unloading the freight. The first probe is already stowed at the front of the mothership.



Then the first landing of the SSTO should follow. I had not tried it before. Of course, it was not stable and entered uncontrolled into the atmosphere. I could get it under control, but I flew too far and had to turn back. I then pressed F5 before landing.

Everything looked good.



Damn it. The tail dangles and hits the track. OK F9 ... 5 times always the same.



At some point, it still worked. The aircraft is not fully developed. Since I must definitely improve again. Here you can see well why the tail strikes. The distance to the rear gear is simply too big.




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(Science Game)

Today, Maltrey finished his return to Kerbin after his attempt at a Munar landing (aborted by destruction of his descent engine after landing on too steep a slope -- surprisingly, without damaging the tiny landing struts).  His reentry was routine, and selecting a higher entry corridor (around 38 km periapsis) than the previous two missions preserved all his science instruments down to the ground.  Almost no science was had from the mission, however, because he'd had no time on the surface to collect data, and everything that could be done from Munar orbit had already been done by Sherny.

Munar landing was out, due to inadequate landing legs, and R&D insisted they couldn't do better without more data.  It was time for Jebediah to step up.

Strapping into a Swiveler III, he flew two suborbital science missions northward from KSC -- one intended to reach tundra, but winding up in the grasslands, a little too far from the Northern Ice Shelf, and the other, piloted for near-optimum distance, crossed completely over the polar region hoping to find the elusive badlands, but instead landed in another region of grassland.  Finally, he launched a "barely up" in a Swiveler II, and landed back on the KSC grounds to get samples and data logs from the grassy area north of the long runway, and managed to amass enough information that R&D reluctantly coughed up a better set of landing legs (along with a few other items).

With Munar Orbiter upgraded to Mod. 1 using the new, much longer and heavier landing legs, Maltrey stood aside while Sherny took the second stab at the Mun.  Applying the lessons learned from Maltrey's aborted landing, Sherny selected a flatter area, between the major craters on the northern half of the near side, for his landing, and was able to set the lander down on a gentle slope without incident.  He was able to plant his flag, take surface samples, and fully deploy the command pod's science instruments.  In his excitement, however, he tipped the wrong direction on ascent and entered Munar orbit retrograde, which then required his Kerbin return burn to to made on the far side of Mun, and in the dark.  Sherny was up to the task, however, and a little over a day later returned to Kerbin with an excellent data haul -- to which R&D responded by turning out larger engines and tanks that will be used in future to visit destinations beyond Mun and Minmus.

Before leaving Kerbin's sphere, however, there was unfinished business.  Maltrey was owed a "first", and Gene offered him Minmus.  The offer didn't require a repetition.  It was time to find out if that tiny body was actually made of pudding, or if it was just ice and rock, like the astronomers insist.  Using a second Munar Orbiter Mod. 1, Maltrey launched carefully, preserving as much delta-V as possible, so as to have the large transfer stage still available for capture and deorbit at Minmus (more out of caution than need, since LKO to Minmus surface was calculated to be less dV than LKO to Mun surface because Minmus is so tiny).

Still, Maltrey is developing a reputation for getting what he wants, as long as the engineers do their part: he was, in fact, able to perform his deorbit burn at Minmus with the transfer stage, leaving a tiny amount of remaining fuel in the detached stage when it crashed into the Minmus flats.  That allowed Maltrey to start his landing burn from a full descent tank, and newly upgraded onboard software (Better Burn Time) allowed him to conserve fuel during the landing as well; he landed with more than half his descent fuel to spare.  Given that, after planting his landing flag and collecting the required science data, he had enough fuel to make a hop to another region on the Minmus surface (and hoped he might make it to a third).  Unfortunately, he badly misjudged the hop, giving himself an apoapsis of 57 km and taking nearly a half hour, then having to spend a lot of RCS fuel correcting for the rotation of the pudding moon under him as he floated high.  Then, after landing on the incredibly flat "lake bed" he'd chosen, he bumped the lander a little while flying his suit jets down to the surface and, incredibly, the machine tipped over on its side.

Fortunately for Maltrey, the lander fell with the crew hatch up, so he was able to re-board without difficulty.  The bad news was that the tiny amount of remaining RCS fuel wasn't enough to upright the lander (the RCS quads might not have had enough authority, even if they'd had more fuel and even in the low gravity at Minmus; the system wasn't designed for that).  The reaction wheels, which had been shut off to save battery power because the Terrier descent and ascent engines lack alternators, couldn't do the job by themselves, either -- but Maltrey had no plans to spend weeks on Minmus waiting for a rescue mission.  He applied his go-to solution: hit the staging button.  After doing so, the reaction wheel was able to lift the nose of the tiny ascent stage far enough to fire the ascent engine, after which he was easily able to establish an orbit, and subsequently set up his return to Kerbin.

When R&D got hold of his command pod, one of the engineers had to be taken to the Center infirmary -- he'd fainted, and struck his head on the hard tile of the floor.  The faint was caused when the smart guy got a look at everything Maltrey had brought back form Minmus -- goo observations from three completely new regions, surface samples, crew, and EVA reports from a previously untouched body, and a capsule that had been where no Kerbal had ever gone before.  Report is, R&D will be working overtime for a while, and what they'll be able to do with the data will be astonishing.

It may need to be -- while plotting his Kerbin return, Maltrey had noticed three unknown bodies well outside the orbit of Minimus, and the tracking station confirmed them to be NKO -- Near-Kerbin Objects, asteroids with the potential to strike Kerbin.

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Having completed my first Kerballed Moon landing, my Mars probe exploration, and my LEO space station's research program, I decided I needed a new grand vision for my RSS save. And I found one: the Spaceliner Vision. It's simple - make travel from anywhere to anywhere in the solar system as routine as air travel today. And the first step on that long road is the launch of the RSN Antonio Vivaldi, a freighter capable of 4500 m/s with a 4.5 tonne cargo. That's enough to move stuff between LEO and lunar orbit.

RSN Antonio Vivaldi in LEO

Next step: Build a miner to fit in the 4.5 tonne limit and send it out to the Moon!

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A Shadow looms over Kerbin...


Bigger, Better and stronger than its brother, the Red Spice...

And with a more hostile world in its sites...

Welcome... Purple Rock...

Ahhhhh yea! Due to the approaching Eve window (I'm pretty sure you guys would of figured out which world its going to by now, thanks to its name "Purple Rock" and the fact its going to a "more hostile world".) The KSC has designed and launched the successor of the Titan SSTO Lifter, the lifter could carry 200 tons easily into LKO and of which has transferred the Purple Rock into a 100Km x 103Km orbit. The Purple rock has the following changes and improvements over its brother, the red spice:

  • Instead of extremely high fuel burning, yet high trust giving vector engines. The purple rock uses 6 efficient aerospike engines to transfer it to any world it needs, well any worlds in the inner system except Moho of course.
  • 2 large cargo bays instead of one, as well as the cargo bays hosting 2 SR docking ports instead of one. Meaning 4 craft can potentially dock to the mothership.
  • Eve instead of Duna, duh.
  • 4700 m/s of delta V, which is nearly 1000 m/s more than the red spice could carry when carrying nothing but its own mass.
  • The solar array are not at the sides, rather they stick out in a sort of dragon fly like formation. Due to this there will ALWAYS be a solar array touching the sunlight. Giving it power all the time.
  • More fuel and oxidizer.
  • Larger size.
  • Better design, the engines are not in some weird sticking out parts.
  • Better cre- *orbital laser cannons start to point in my direction* IM SORRY I MEANT A DIFFERENT CREW!

Anyways, lets have a look at the red spice and purple rock side by side shall we



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As the flames burn out...


Unfortunately for Lyssa, they did notice. 

Fortunately for both of them, nobody saw who caused the 'fire'. The only night watchman was found asleep under a pile of hats in the admin office, and all the CCTV cameras were destroyed. Lyssa and Jay quickly invent a story about a lightning strike on the fuel dump.

Despite this lucky escape, the outlook for KSC is less cheerful. 99.8% of the agency's bank balance has to be ploughed into rebuilding the facilities and replacing the damaged parts that were in the warehouse, leaving just 100,000 roots in the bank. Meanwhile public confidence takes a serious knock. With an elevated sense of risk, investors now insist on full breakdown all costs and more stringent safety procedures, such that profit margins on contracts become razor thin. Most of the recently recovered science data lies buried amongst the rubble of R&D, and a crowd of scientists forms around the ruined building, picking sadly at the tattered fragments of singed paper that might once have held the keys to new advances and are now only good for wrapping fish 'n' chips. A handful of star charts remain in the observatory dome, and a few chemical composition reports are discovered in an outhouse, but all the analysis that would have turned the raw data into technology has vanished. Grim faced engineers sift through the wreckage of the VAB and SPH, hoping to find a battery here or an engine bell there - anything with which they might be able to cobble together a viable launch vehicle.

All is not lost however, for a few orbital assets remain, with Mo'dur station still crewed and full of data, and a number of spent transfer stages that only need refuelling to be useful again. And the precious, delicious surface samples were stored at a top secret underground bunker - just behind the admin building, third door from the left, down some stairs, take the first right - and remain intact and unsullied by the billowing clouds of smoke. With careful planning and a willingness to recycle existing resources, mission control thinks that the program can yet be brought back to life. What they need now, are some talented staff with a willingness to work for the pure joy of expanding the frontiers of kerbal knowledge and exploration. How hard can it be to find good people who work for free?

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15 hours ago, astroheiko said:

At some point, it still worked. The aircraft is not fully developed. Since I must definitely improve again. Here you can see well why the tail strikes. The distance to the rear gear is simply too big.

Dat plane has some serious booty...

(When in doubt, add small gear at the tail that don't touch the ground unless you're pitching up. Will still let you lift the nose to take off, but also catches the engines on landing and stops them blowing up ^^)

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 Val makes a sunset decent into the Western Canyon.


It is kind of melancholy feeling as the last of the surface expedition pictures on Duna are taken.


 The last of the science is picked up and while that is being worked on in the lab, preparations are made for return at the next launch window to Kerbin.


Mean while back on Kerbin, I practiced the rapid unplanned disassembly of my booster rocket on the launch pad. I got it down to one second after liftoff.



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