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What did you do in KSP today?

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2 hours ago, Jett_Quasar said:


I just finished my Sith Infiltrator

I'm having trouble posting the craft file to Kerbal-X right now but I will make it available as soon as I can.


Cool. Was KerbalX also giving problems with uploading images or albums, a 500 error? That was happening to me today.

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Shortly after the Jool transfer window came a window for Duna. I'd used the last window to send a mining base and orbital station to Ike, but this time I wanted to send a vehicle that could allow Kerbals to land on Duna itself. However, it wouldn't be enough to just land on the planet; I'd also need a station in orbit to process the science retrieved. Problem is, all of my heavy tugs are out on other missions so all I had left in Kerbin was one single-engine tug, meant mainly for intra-system operations. Those tugs don't have nearly enough thrust to move something as heavy as a complete space station and lander (at least, not with reasonable burn times) but I didn't want to build a ship that I'd just have to discard once the station was in place, so I had to improvise.


That's one of my standard station science/command modules, with its Clamp-O-Tron Sr. port coupled in the VAB to a power/comms strut. A monopropellant-based tug (with its fuel drained) will provide a probe core to keep it functional if it doesn't have a pilot onboard when its lander is detached. Not exactly a stylish way to fly, but with some luck it'll get where it needs to go.

This presented a new problem, though. That tug pushing the Duna "ship" along was my last Shover Robot in the Kerbin system, and while I have some others en route from Duna and Eve it'll still be a while before they get here, leaving me without a means to move things between Kerbin and the Mun, Minmus, etc. I didn't want to just launch yet another one since I already have quite a few of these vehicles flying around the solar system and launching more might make things a bit cluttered. However, there had been some things about the Shover Robot design that had been bugging me; its battery was a weak point during aerobraking, heating up before the rest of the craft and limiting how deep into an atmosphere it could go. The command seat was also right behind one of its solar panels, limiting a Kerbal's visibility. On top of that, those four-nozzle RCS blocks are pretty inefficient, and the two Thermal Control System arrays seemed to be overkill for a single NERV engine. So I figured, if I came up with an improved model then I could just decommission one of my existing tugs when it arrives home as obsolete hardware, and since the next tug due to arrive was a seriously obsolete old-model Pusher Robot that had been sitting in Gilly's orbit for years it would be the perfect candidate. So I launched the prototype model of the Shover Robot Mk.2.


I'm going to leave it in the Kerbin system for a while to see how it performs, and if I like it I might replace my entire Shover Robot fleet with this craft. Its first mission was to replace the science/command module that I had to remove from my Mun station earlier (it actually launched with the replacement module attached, since otherwise it would need a Klaw adapter to manoeuvre it to the station's docking port.)


It then proceeded to Minmus to retrieve some crew from Minmus Station and return them to Kerbin. This will be its first aerobraking test; if things go well I'll upload the craft file to KerbalX.

In other news the Explorer-1 has arrived at Gilly.


It successfully rendezvoused with Gilly station where the station's tugs unloaded its equipment (an additional fuel tank and power/comm strut for the station, a pair of passenger modules to allow its current crew to return home and to give its replacement crew a means to evacuate, an unmanned probe to be landed on Eve to fulfill a contract and a lifter craft that's frankly severely overpowered for Gilly but I accidentally launched it a while ago and didn't have any other use for it.) Gilly Station's existing crew were given some much needed promotions and Explorer's lander was put through its paces, retrieving the first science data from Gilly's surface.


It'll refuel at Gilly Station and then it's on to Moho.

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12 hours ago, Alex Kerman said:

Thank You Julien, but.... I don't see that part. For what I see every part has a pressure limit of 4000Kpa, and Venus at sea level has more tan 10000Kpa... I'm afraid I'll need parts with at least that pressure limit. Any Ideas?

You can also try the "early controllable core". I saw a video where both of them worked.

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Easy Roleplaying.... Probably didn't make sense but here goes....

Recovering Jeb from Minmus Landing at the North Pole


Also trying to get her own space travel license


The first is always something...


Finally, Jeb and the team going for Munar Eclipse together


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I waffled a bit this week trying to build a procedural Atlas, needed to call in the big guns and get some help from NathanKell, who had done this before. Turns out I was using too many structural parts and the engines just need to float under the fairings, which is okay I guess because you don't really see under them. Once I solved the "hanging" collider problems it was smooth as butter. There's still a lot of work left to do on this one and it's obviously a test rig, but I think it's turning out nicely.




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The telemetry results of Shatner Kerman's maiden flight prove invaluable, and the engineering team soon make some suggestions that should allow a longer flight time. 


And just in case anyone's wondering...



1 hour ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

Oooh, now where is this?

That would be "an" Earth from:


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On 6/22/2017 at 4:31 PM, joacobanfield said:

Maybe you could land atop some high terrain? (If it exists, that is.)

If not...have you considered an airship?

Also, today, I found out how much a decoupler could handle.


Turns out, not that much.

How did you do that? I must replicate it on some forced victims brave volunteers and see how fast they shoot off into oblivion. My record speed/gee-force combo is 135x light speed and over 16,000 gees.

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Attempted to take a stupidly large and part count heavy thing into orbit. With a stupidly large, part count heavy shuttle.Thing turned into spaghetti.


Have to try again..........

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3 minutes ago, qzgy said:

Attempted to take a stupidly large and part count heavy thing into orbit. With a stupidly large, part count heavy shuttle.Thing turned into spaghetti.

Have to try again..........

I'm all out of likes for the day (SpaceX), so here's a guinea pig riding a capybara with a silly hat. 


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Haven't had much time to play lately, but a couple days ago I managed to build an extension for Fuel Station Valentina 1 -- an additional tank that also carries a big batch of solar panels.  Theoretically, this should increase the net yield of the drilling and conversion process, by not using any of the fuel produced to generate the energy to drill and convert more ore.  It should also allow operating both the drill and the converter at full capacity, simultaneously, with the solar arrays providing most of the power and the fuel cells taking up the slack -- which will greatly increase the total Lf/O conversion rate, currently limited by EC generation rate from the multiple rows of fuel cells.  All I have to do is keep the actual station in the sun by rotating the asteroid...

With launching the tank mostly empty (just enough left to run the Vernors for docking with the existing station), it can go up on an older Mun launcher instead of requiring the newest heavy lift boosters.  Val has been insisting she should pilot this vessel, even though Sigemy is scheduled in the rotation -- we'll see how that turns out when it's actually time to launch.

With a single seat command pod, this won't be rotating the crew from the fuel station -- that'll be done with a three-seat pod, so two new crew can ride up, and the two who've been there can ride back down.




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25 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

I'm all out of likes for the day (SpaceX), so here's a guinea pig riding a capybara with a silly hat. 


Guinea-Pig riding a capybara is accepted.

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Landed an unloaded shuttle at the KSC. I want to make some slight modifications to the RCS, and I need to flip around a probe core that I added for unmanned control and thrust vector alignment, but other than that it's pretty much ready to start performing in the STS challenges.



Note to self: Do not trust programs written in 3-5 minutes to fly a rocket.


Made it to booster separation and then promptly managed to smash the external tank into the boosters as they peeled off the stack. 

30 minutes ago, qzgy said:


How to Start Kessler Syndrome 101 :P

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