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What did you do in KSP today?

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15 hours ago, Kerbal pancake said:

I perfected a spaceship capable of building a fleet in orbit with extraplaneatary launch pads to destroy the capatilists 

Well said Komrade pancake, but don't forget our kommissionership the K.K.G.B looks at all your words. Too much said about our secret plan to destroy the kerpitalist and the Party will have to elimina... errmm, I mean too much said and there is a risk you fall sick.

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After my hard dive failure I lost a captured asteroid, so I thought I would catch a new one. Bucking best practices, I decided to intercept it in Kebol orbit well before it encountered Kerbin. It really does not use that much more Delta-V. The intercept went flawlessly, but for some reason I could not pivot the Advance Grabber to center of mass. While admittedly the consumption of certain zymologic beverages may have compromised my judgement, in a moment of frustration, I used the F12 cheat option to just put the asteroid in orbit around Kerbin. And then my ship, with it's nuclear powered engine, just disappeared... 

Maybe it was 'assimilated' in some Borgian like way, but it is gone? I can not find it anywhere even thought the 'ship' is still named 'Asteroid Hunter I". It is not a big deal. It had severed it purpose and I was just going to de-orbit it anyway.




Anyway, the next mission is to dock a miner with my small Class E asteroid now in orbit around Kerbin




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3 hours ago, XB-70A said:

About a year ago I tried to made a full stock Ariane 44LP-like launcher with less than 100 parts as the computer was to the end of its life...


Called Ariadne as it simply is the original Greek name of the mythical character.

But it had multiple flaws... the dual Jumbo-64 were hideous on it, the fairing wasn't correctly placed and even more important the launcher was unable to send more than 2 tons of payload without adding the PALs and PAPs (these only ensuring an upgrade for a delivery of around 6 tons). Also the four Reliant engines of the main stage were not ensuring any controls, these ones being possible to the four fins... which logically being useless in the atmosphere's upper layers! Only problems... so enter a new model today.



With a payload of 7.7t the main objective was to check how performant the new model will be against the older one...



... and without boosters this time!



For it, now eight Reliant and four Swivel are ensuring the first stage propulsion, all for a more expensive price of only 5000. But also ensuring a TWR of 1.64 on this flight.



First stage separation after about two minutes of flight at an altitude of 49 km and a speed of 1300 m/s, the second stage being started three seconds later. Strangely it appeared that one of the Sepratron got like a graphical problem as the three others perfectly showed their flames.




The second stage perfectly made its job, the two Swivel trying to imitate Viking 4B had 1734 m/s of impulse, more than enough for the mission.



Second separation, the dual Terrier trying to imitate the famous HM7B engine now own 2.04 km/s available to complete the flight.




Two days later the payload arrived at its altitude of 20 000 km for the circularization maneuver. The third stage still had 868 m/s available...





But we said good-bye to it. With 7.7 tons placed on a circular orbit, the new Ariadne 4 version made its job perfectly as it was expected. Next step, placing the dual PAPs and PALs around her to make it looking like the real 44LP. Then I will use her more often.


You are also into this replica stuff? Message me, i've got a few interesting and inspiring pictures i can share!

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4 hours ago, XB-70A said:

Well said Komrade pancake, but don't forget our kommissionership the K.K.G.B looks at all your words. Too much said about our secret plan to destroy the kerpitalist and the Party will have to elimina... errmm, I mean too much said and there is a risk you fall sick.

What plan? Which plan do you talk about? There is no plan, no plan!

where do you get these ideas?

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I'm back! 


With a a new computer to break in!


Time to melt the graphics card with clouds, to reduce my frame rate to a crawl with a thousand parts of awesome and to explode for no good reason.


but first I need a to set up a comnet and test parts in various locations and bring 40tonnes of ore from minmus to the mun, because science!

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Meddled way to long with mods instead of playing, but at least I am done - for now ... :P

Built my first capsule in space - not enough storage space for bigger projects, will see how I get these massive Kontainers in the right position though.


Build something that kinda flew like a cow - at least it didn't crash!
(I miss the ground scatter ... :/ )

CQ0m0JE.jpgt5nKP3l.jpgAnd at some point we went to Mun and Minmus once more - gathering science, doing contracts and leveling the crew.qHCWPg3.jpg


5 hours ago, cratercracker said:


Which sunflare did you pick from the pack? I want THAT one! :D

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I completed my first manned Circumlunar voyage in my RO/RP-0 career!

I present to you, the Stargazer VI mission (I, II, and IV were manned orbital flights with III being a failure, V was an unmanned test of VI).


This is the Gravity 1A booster, which lofted the mission. Those are 4.6 meter cores. I find it easier to keep the launch pad permanently destroyed (because somehow KCT lets you do that) because Gravity 1A wrecks it at every launch.

The three cores have a total of 16 engines, 6 per booster and 4 in the core. 2 of the 4 center engines are not ignited until booster separation to ensure that the core has some fuel left after booster separation.



Contrary to popular belief, the rocket features a working LES. It is below the fairing, which can somehow separate fast enough to allow escape.


The second stage is powered by one engine. It ignites right as the fairings separate. After its burn, it is jettisoned along with the LES.


On this mission is Bob Kerman, Scientist.

A closer look at the third stage. It is restartable and is only used for circumlunar or interplanetary missions. If you needed 30-40t of straight LEO payload, this stage would not be on the rocket. However, there has not been a non-circumlunar Gravity flight yet. Gravity has only had 5 (I think) flights so far. This stage also features an optional avionics and power section.

That stage, pushing the capsule, has 4,000 m/s of Delta-V, more than enough for TLI.


After TLI, no more major burns happened, as the ship was on a free return trajectory.


Yay, the moon!


There is also a fourth stage. However, since some idiot forgot to change the tank type from "normal" to "service module" the engines onboard cannot be used.

Re-entry went well.




And, now Bob is back on Earth! Now, to dock in LEO, send more lunar lander probes, send a manned lunar orbit mission, wow this is a long list.

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I did yet another static fire!

the Kerbal Launch System is on the pad this time, testing for a launch in at least 1 year

Picture Credit: Joe Kerman

8LwuZA2.pngPicture Credit: Some Dead Kerbal


Picture Credit: a deaf kerbal


also, more info over on the thread! hooray! its up! its going to take a while to get it going (about three days) but hooray!

yeah I need a better title

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Made the simplest launch vehicle in KSP history. It's literally a GIANT model rocket.


It has enough solid fuel to have useable thrust to 40-43 km ASL, depending on the mass of the satellite.


After motor burn out, coast to 70Km+, then eject the shroud and decouple from the booster.



After that, plan your orbits and set your satellite in geosynchronous orbit.

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45 minutes ago, Stratzenblitz75 said:

Today, I sent a station to Eeloo:

Stratzenblitz has done it again. Every one of your videos is more insane than the next - and not just the craft. Could you give an aspiring non-verbal videomaker a few pointers?


But back to the nitty gritty, I've been playing around with @EvenFlow's TU-95 Bear.


Working on international relations... I wonder if they know the finger.


And when that goes sour, Big plane = big target


I modified the craft slightly, replacing the struts with autostruts. That made things slightly more... explosive.

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I learned to change particle FX on engines...

Also, I landed a plane on Iota. I'd like to do a legit flight real soon...because I'm always camping in the SPH and tweaking parts. :/ 


Finally I made a rover that can fit this plane's size-- not in its cargo bay but in its size of deployment bay which affords the space of roughly 2x 2.5m stock service bays in vertical stack. There's a Spark engine underneath and it joins or leaves the plane in drop bay style.

Finally I have a use for Clamp'O'Tron Jr. This little thing drives just fine on Ceti/Mun but needs a torque wheel and antenna. Once I have some action screenshots (and maybe a better name) I'll put on KerbalX. It's pure stock.


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9 hours ago, KerbMav said:

Which sunflare did you pick from the pack? I want THAT one!

Series 1

As a little bit of visual enhancements fan, i can recommend those sunflares.

( @xendelaar can prove that i know good VEs) 

There is a few reasons for them to be good.

-Looks very nice in outer space. (vacuum)

-Changes its colors in the sunset/sunrise, pretty significantly.

-Screenshots are now looking like if they were photoshopped/edited.

But there are a few minuses, nothing is perfect.

-Looks not really nice at Duna.

-Looks not really nice at Eve. (there isn't a sunflare that looks nice at Eve)

-Sometimes a bit too large.

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