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What did you do in KSP today?


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What I did in KSP today? Hmmm... Nothing fancy, just building a warship...




Literally filling the sky with lead...


Or with rockets...


Or with...


Nah, I'm going too far... :P

Does anyone know part mod for battleship/ warship turrets that isn't oversized? Or at least tweakscale compatible?

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Had a relatively busy weekend. Started out on Friday with the successful retrieval of Gurney 7c, Gusmobile and Kerplunk 7 all from Mun. Of the three, the only one I had any issues with during re-entry was Gusmobile:

Gusmobile CM during re-entry. In the background right, you can see the SM's Poodle engine post-disintegration as it flew past...
Noticing that the craft was starting to turn off of retrograde and that the engine was getting dangerously hot, I went ahead and decoupled the craft's Command Module from the Service Module, the latter of which promptly exploded. Only moment of real excitement in what was otherwise a trio of successful missions covering 5 contracts and 420 science. I unlocked mining scanner parts, picked up a surveying mission and then redesigned Fireball 7 with upgraded technology on a mission to go to Minmus. Fireball 7a was subsequently shot to harvest as much possible science from the minty moon as it could with Bob aboard. I went ahead and followed it up with a launch of a Boop-Boop 7 probe also bound for Minmus - this would have given me a second craft which which Fireball could rendezvous over Minmus, had such a requirement appeared in the early "Explore Minmus" contracts.

On Saturday I looked through my inventory of craft inherited from v1.1.3 and noting that it was only lacking the availability of a Vector engine and an RGU in order to launch, I gave the Gurney 7a rescue craft a technology downgrade and then used it to rescue scientist Kirmund Kerman and engineer Magster Kerman from LKO. The rescue mission was a success and it set down safely in the mountains about 70 klicks west of KSC. After launching the Kerbin Zeta probe to a polar orbit successfully and using the Mun Beta probe for an orbital science contract, I launched Jeb aboard a Bad Idea 2 surveyor plane to conduct the surveying mission I'd picked up on Friday. I successfully completed the mission but while attempting to turn the plane to get it back to KSC I inexplicably lost all control of the craft. Jeb ejected when the craft's altitude hit about 2 kilometers and he parachuted safely down into the ocean; the plane itself was a total loss. And I really appreciate the EVA Parachutes mod...
After that, Bob reached Minmus with the Minmus Alpha probe following close behind:

Minmus Alpha, with the entire Kerbin system in view - Minmus on the left, Mun and Kerbin on the right.
Fireball 7a entering polar orbit over Minmus, with a Mun-Kerbin conjunction ongoing in the background.
I went ahead and did a full exploration of Minmus with Bob, hitting every biome and eventually taking every possible scientific experiment you can do at/above Minmus except for gravioli readings (and that only because I had yet to unlock that particular sensor). Bob returned safely to Kerbin before the night was out, earning a grand total of 6087 science for the mission. I promptly spent said data points, and they got spent faster than I thought they would. And like an idiot, I didn't spend it on all the right things - I've still got a lot of craft in the 1.1.3 inventory I can't launch for want of parts, including the entire Auk series...Vectors, RAPIERS and Fat Tail Fins in particular are holding me back. Definitely going to be the goals of the next Munar science mission.
Yesterday I downgraded the Bill Clinton 7b long-range grabber probe (a holdover from 1.1.3) by swapping out its booster's main Vector engine for a Mainsail, which fortunately was the only change necessary. Shot one of these probes on one of three missions to haul junk back from Munar orbit. Haven't decided which mission it'll undergo just yet. That was pretty much it for yesterday.
This morning, though, saw the launch of the first Superfortress 7 passenger ferry craft in 1.3:

Superfortress 7 craft at launch.
Was really happy that I had all the tech to launch one of these. Even added a DTS-M1 for good measure. Safely reached orbit with Jeb at the helm and eight Mun-bound tourists aboard.
What did I name the ship? I was real original - named it Strange Cargo...
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So erm I love the Airships mods by Angel125 , actually he does a whole heap of mods that I use . So erm well I wonder if I can Build a docking rig on kerbin like a tower an dock . Yup you can . I'vre hit F5 an am gonna bite the bullet an try an launch another ship whilst it sits there docked . Hopefully the game won't kill it............hopefully , coz it took me nearly a hour to get it docked . anyhow here's a Vid .


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Built a Rover Delivery System to get to anomalies all around Kerbin and prepare for landing a robotic rover on Duna - will need to add landing thrusters for that though.

Makes use of moving the rover away from where it is attached, but only because KSP has limited ways of attaching stuff to other stuff - and it touches the fairing's strut thingies, so I'll allow it.


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While I have been playing KSP a lot. I keep forgetting to come back  here and talk about my experice for the days I have played KSP. Sadly did not do much that was note worthy. Till today. first time visiting Dres and sadly it had to be an impactor. As I did not want to leave it in a solar orbit. Another note. I did stop a class C roid from hitting Kerbin here is the approch to it: D7172466B254415910521A2AE8CD5CC3B27D5993


Forgot to take picture of it captured and orbiting Kerbin. Also havea Class B roid in orbit around the Mun. I have also been busy streaming KSP and "The Long Dark" for fun..

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1 hour ago, Ultimate Steve said:

In RO/RP-0, I got bored and launched a suborbital rocket into space for 13 funds. Ten of those funds were for the launch clamp.

So... a firework basically? Well, jeb might be a bit bored.

Today, I finished a polar mun base, built by a shuttle. Yes, the entire base fits inside the cargo bays. This is what it was designed for.


I really hated making this. I only brought some hovering things with claws. Not so helpful in making a base.

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1 hour ago, MaverickSawyer said:



Yes, that is a "refueling" drogue hanging off the port underwing pod. It rides surprisingly stable for only being 3 parts hanging off of a KAS winch. I'm still experimenting with possible other designs, though, so we'll see if that sticks around.

Further experimentation revealed that I had a viable design, so I took the obvious next step:


Rendezvous after four attempts at parallel takeoffs: Check.


Jeb's view, same position


Aeris IIR stabilized at precontact position


Another angle, same position.


Again, Jeb's view.



Unfortunately, in my excitement, I forgot to actually screenshot the connected docking ports. But it did happen.

And before you ask, no, I didn't transfer any fuel. I briefly did directly connect the two craft via the winch GUI, but the usual instability resulted, and the drogue was jettisoned from the tanker hose, leaving it still hard docked to the Aeris IIR.

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My RO/RP-0 Moon Lander is a death trap.

Mission 1 (Unmanned): RCS does not work.

Mission 2 (Unmanned): RCS still does not work.

Mission 3 (Manned): Only three hours of Oxygen. Not good.

Mission 4 (Manned): Oxygen can added. Engine readjusted for WET center of mass. Upon ascent, spun out of control as the fuel drained even if the oxygen can was completely empty. I had to EVA jet to orbit.

Both of the manned failures would have resulted in fatalities if this had happened in real life. Now, to go about making a new moon lander... *Checks watch* How did it get to be 11 already? Good night, y'all.

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Grab it on Github!

After a whole load of problems had arisen in the initial release version of the Gemini Paraglider, I had to close the download link. But, with the help of @Pak, @steedcrugeon, @TheRagingIrishman, @Angel-125, and a host of other modders, we have gotten the paraglider to work!



(The parts highlighted green are the parts you're attaching the part to.)

For the BDB Gemini pod:


Stock Mk1 pod:






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After launching Strange Cargo yesterday, my log reads as follows: "Designed Fireball 7b for Mun, shot Bob that way to go gather science."

It was a pretty rough day for me from 10 AM onwards; had to deal with a bit more RL than I wanted to. Nothing major, just a lot of it. Got three Mun-bound flights at this point; hoping to resolve those in the very near future.

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On 8/13/2017 at 1:44 AM, invision said:

messing around i found something that could be useful.

lets say you build  a rocket using any 4 engines on its mainstage, those engines work great in atmosphere but not really any high gains once in space. our goal is to make this rocket  get to full orbit, its just shy of doing this at 2000 m/s so it makes about 3/4 of the orbit or so. we could add another small tank of fuel but with 4 engines its going to eat it up and maybe give us small gain and hit orbit.

but then i thought "what if i decoupled 2 of the engines mid flight?" when gravity and wind resistance its no longer an issue so i did that at 500 m/s and now with the lost weight of the engines and vacuum taking over we exceeded that 2000 m/s from last time and hit 2875m/s just from ditching 2 engines.



this works great. I did just that with one center Reliant and 4 Thuds. I dropped the Reliant when about 2/3 of the fuel was gone.




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