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What did you do in KSP today?

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3 hours ago, qzgy said:

I believe this may be stronger than anything in the Shuttle Challenge, yeah?

Haha, "You should have seen the first stage" :D

That's probably the largest edifice ever to grace the screens of the Shuttle challenge!


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got 2 contracts and one was worth almost a million funds on its own......woot lets make some bank

this is the pile of garbage im going to use, my plan of attack is do both local moons, re-fuel and go do the others.


the slingshot into space


off to the local moons



completing mun contract


okay now we need some gas


kicked off nose cone and linked up


upon reaching laythe i see something is wrong, the vessel is now unchecked as new and im pretty sure docking for fuel is the reason :/ 

we can simply check mission complete in debug buts its slightly annoying.


this orbit took so long you could have cooked dinner


and about 40min later we finally arrive


our last stop 


mission complete and only took like 60yrs FML


with the last bit of fuel we will land it and let it rest in peace 


OMFG we are out of fuel only mono left


with 2 fuel to spare we bumped into the ground at 10m/s and bounced back up a few feet and the reaction wheels kept us from falling over.




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I've had a reasonably foul past 24 hours of gameplay in KSP. Only one screenie to show for it too...

Top end of a Bill Clinton 7 grabber probe. Can't see the drive section or the target...

I began my day yesterday by transferring Fireball 7b to the Mun with Bob aboard on a mission to gather surface science data. With the transfer complete, I launched a Bill Clinton 7b probe to Mun, and then followed it up with the original Bill Clinton 7 grabber probe mission pictured above. Unit Q-BRX0 turned out to be a Panther engine, which was successfully retrieved from orbit though I remembered during re-entry why I had later upgraded the probe design (namely because it had lousy SAS control and had a tendency to flip the target payload in front of the heat shield). Another Superfortress 7 craft was launched with Val at the helm, five passengers and engineers Magster, Theony and Eriemy aboard, with a mission to head towards Mun for contract. Launch was a success and the craft was dubbed Necessary Evil (again, reaaaal original on my part). Another Bill Clinton 7b was launched to Mun, giving me a total of six inbound missions accounting for the Bill Clinton 7b probe and Strange Cargo launched the day before.
At that point, I went ahead and warped ahead to the first arrival of craft at the Mun (which turned out to be Necessary Evil). From there I did a regular juggling act of putting craft into orbit and setting up the individual rendezvous of the Bill Clinton probes with their respective junk targets. I rapidly discovered a major design flaw of the Bill Clinton 7b design, namely that they had no antennas, so fine probe control was lost on the far side of Mun. Naturally, a fair number of delicate burns had to take place under those conditions, which I was annoyed about. Fireball 7b also had a major design flaw - I had included a fairing to cover the lander during the launch sequence, positioned just below the lander section's engine...and above the decoupler that would've gotten rid of it. It was a good thing that I had quicksaved prior to attempting to land the craft, otherwise I would've lost Bob (who, at the moment, is the most experience Kerbal I have). Bob's mission was aborted, the craft's problem corrected (or so I thought) and Seanlan was launched to conduct the mission instead. That one went awry when the final booster stage cut loose at the same time as the fairing...what I get for not double-checking the staging before launch. Revert and...I won't say 'rage-quit'. More like 'generally annoyed-quit.'
Launched the Take 3 Fireball 7b this morning with Seanlan aboard and had hum burn for Mun. Meanwhile, the Kraken hit Bob once again upon leaving Mun's SOI - instead of being at the proper speed for his orbit around Kerbin at that altitude, Bob's orbital velocity was something like 2200 m/s, enough to fling him out of Kerbin's SOI entirely. Luckily he had enough fuel still available from the unused lander section that I was able to affect a burn to keep him in Kerbin's orbit. Downside there is that he now won't return to Kerbin for another 23 days. With as much bad luck as I've had with that mission, I'll still take it. Meanwhile, all three Bill Clinton probes have snagged their targets and are heading home, and Strange Cargo and Necessary Evil are in Munar orbit. I'm hoping Seanlan's mission will be more successful than Bob's and I'll be able to (at the end of the day) unlock the tech needed to get one of my space station cores in orbit of Mun, so that landing operations for passengers can begin.
TL, DR: Hoping for much better luck today.
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19 hours ago, Ultimate Steve said:

This is my first experience with any type of visual enhancement mods (Scatterer+EVE+RSVE and maybe a few others). (Also in RO/RP-0)

I don't care that my game runs half the speed it used to in an already laggy Realism Overhaul installation.

This is so... Awesome isn't a good enough word!







I will never look at stock the same way again.

Stock+ven+AVP repackaged in 1.3:


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22 hours ago, invision said:

 2 easy ways to make money

1. a first stage that can land back at the space center so you can collect 99% of the money back

2. space stations.......build them so they can land back at the space center, complete the contract, then land it and collect all your money back.

and if you are cheap like me you build every mission with the least amount of parts


Or I ignore that and just get mine ore contracts at places I have drills at. Even cheaper and can get use the ore too.. I lose money faster then I can make it and usually under 10 k Funds and full contracts. I currently havea contract that so far cost me over 10 mil to do. And the end fund is way less then that. But, it is a Kerbal Rescue one. So leave no Kerbals behind! Anyways. Today I docked craft that klawed a roid to a station: 7E5EFBD0066BC08F7C4BAB8E1B25E9A1A39CA64E

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Yesterday was my birthday, I used the money I got then to buy an Xbone controller on the way home today. I installed the drivers and got Steam Controller working with it very well.

Of course, configuring Steam Controller for KSP is a nightmare because the game's functions are numerous and ever-changing. I'm also an ESDF guy, and since Steam and Squad decided making the controller emulate a keyboard was the solution to go for, it took 30 minutes of configuration to get a setup I actually can use.


Here's me taking the Aeris 3A out for a spin. I can fly rather precisely with a controller, something a keeb would never be able to achieve.

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Well, yesterday turned out to be better than the day before. I began with my two Bill Clinton 7b probes both leaving Mun's SOI on garbage collecting duty. I wound up having to raise the periapsis of one of them would've arrived at Kerbin a mere four minutes ahead of the other one, not enough time to complete a de-orbit and landing. Luckily one of them had sufficient delta-V remaining for me to give it a wave off and eventually I got both of them back successfully:

Bill Clinton 7b probe at splashdown. There's a reason why I use the big heat shield and the big SAS wheel, kiddies. Still trying to figure out how that booster got all the way to the Mun in the first place...

The science mission to land the backup Fireball 7b craft with Seanlan aboard was a success, despite having no Commnet access in the target region. 

Seanlan Kerman at the Canyons. All that advanced flag-planting training finally paid off...

Seanlan gathered data from the East Farside Crater, Canyons, Midland Craters and Farside Crater before returining to Munar orbit. Unfortunately, he only had 166 m/s of delta-v remaining after that final hop, not enough to break from Mun's gravity, so another Bill Clinton 7b probe was sent up, this time with a mission to deliver additional fuel to Fireball 7b. While that mission was en route, the third and final initial Bill Clinton 7b mission returned safely to Kerbin, hauling pilot Lazer Kerman and his Cupola module home.

Just to prove I'm not making this up: there's a Kerbal with a name so cool it's illegal. It's like he was named by Strong Bad or something...

The rescue mission was a success and Fireball 7b safely returned to Kerbin, with Seanlan gathering 2272 science in total for his efforts. That was enough for me to unlock RAPIER and Vector engines, enough to get most of my 1.1.3 fleet back on line. Next order of business was to get a space station core up to Mun, where Strange Cargo and Necessarily Evil were waiting along with their passengers. I was able to successfully bring the Munport 7 space station to a circular equatorial orbit 20 kilometers above the Munar surface, and would've begun docking operations for the two Superfortresses had the local weather not taken a turn for the worse at that point and force me to begin paying attention to it. I'll be bringing those craft into dock later today, and then I'll be seeing about setting up refueling operations at Mun once again...

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Still working on my science mode campaign prep work...  With dMagic's science mod installed and science return set to 50%, I've established to my satisfaction that 50% is too low.  (I'm trying to avoid getting too much science.)  The key problem is that I have a set of rules that determine how often I can launch (sort of a poor man's roll-your-own KCT), and unless I fill all my slots with unmanned science missions I end up with long 'dry spells' with no manned missions while waiting on more science.  And of course, filling up all the slots with unmanned missions to get science for manned means no manned in the first place...

The solution comes in two parts:

- raise the science return (probably to 75%).
- revamp my launch cadence rules, allowing the number of launches per year to rise over time.  (Reflecting increased infrastructure as the program matures.)

As an aside, I came up with the idea of launch cadence rules to basically force time to go by.  Otherwise, if I launched as soon as I landed, I often found myself landing on the Mun by the end of the first calendar week...  And since launch slots are limited, I have to consider my priorities and goals when one comes available.  (Which is something I enjoy - the planning and scheduling.)

I'm also tempted to write a MM patch making *all* antennas into relays...

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Yesterday I went to the moon and back in a free trajectory with my Dragon 2, fine-tuning my trajectory to the KSC, ended up doing a powered landing near it, made one of my kerbals go on EVA, and then had to go through some glitches, such as my dragon and kerbal floating in the airi, with the dragon then falling down so I parachuted it, landed with only the probe core and crew capsule along with some other parts left. switched to the kerbal and then it respawned on the ground.

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So this has been one of my Goals to build a Omega Class , not a except Rep its Kerblised .

6 hours to build an test later , it can actually launch from Kerbin with no hacks or cheats . course I do use the LBSI Gennies . There is also a oldish part from DSEV which i've modified somewhat to take the strain of all the bits spinning . A shedload of Struts ( I hate Autostrut ) later and well here it is . No point in asking  for a Craftfile as I modify the mods themselves to suit my needs depending on ship type an weight .

Parts 473 ,
Mass 17,148,980t ,
L: 88.9m .
29 ISRU's ,
13 Engines .
18 SAS Modules ,
God knows how many RCS Units ,
Prety Lights ,
An Seating for 25 worried Kerbals


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I finally came back home and had some free time to play a bit.

Let me introduce you...


                                                                                The Doom Chaser!


Able to carry five crazy kerbonauts and to change from an orbital orbit to a perfectly 90 degrees one with its more than 3 km/s of impulsion available.



Kicked by a Mainsail and four Thud for a good enough maneuverability the main stage also benefits from the support of four Thumper combined in two.




Having one of the most suicidal best control ever, the Doom Chaser only require some knowledge and courage... and some craziness too.





The main stage separation occurred around 40 km and at a speed of 1400 m/s, all the controls being finally soft after having passed 10 km. Hopefully the second stage was here to help.





And it even had the perfect amount of fuel to place the Ap at 1000 km before the Doom Chaser finalizes the polar circularization by itself.

Powered by dual Terrier the craft got a trust-to-weight ration of about 0.77 at max weight but still is able to surprise.



The next step was to place the orbiter on a perfect equatorial orbit which required 2.1 km/s of impulsion... not so much!


Despite a not-so-bad TWR, the X-24A still needed around four minutes to realize the maneuver but...





It made it perfectly, benefiting of 862 m/s still available. Enough to reduce the Pe to 300 km, circularize then deorbit.



Starting to deorbit after nearly four hours of flight. It could have been realize sooner but I preferred to get the support of Kerbol for the best brightness during the landing.




A maneuver which was not so "easy" as the fuel finally was nearly over with just 2 seconds of burn remaining (...). Here you can enjoy a beautiful plasma which is not able to cover the whole wing...





Th reentry appeared to be a bit stressful for the Doom Chaser as it reached 6 g for about five seconds before going down.





Then the problems started... despite the craft being empty it, of course, was a true flying brick. Loosing speed dangerously fast it also was extremely hard to fly as the controls were sensitive and way too much! The vertical surface also is way too short for such a small and compact craft. Whatever we kept on!



Aaaaaarg, stressful seconds!!!.. but as usual Da Jeb' was enjoying it even if he was near to pass away...





But he made it!.. once again...


Well... the Doom Chaser really deserved its name as it is terrible to control in the atmosphere. The launch already being a bit hard, the landing for its part simply is rough. But the re-entry clearly was super easy, the craft keeping an excellent angle without any interventions.

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There's currently a number of ongoing missions in my career save that all are 30+ days away so I decided to tick off some lingering gawker missions.

So I started to do some research into the cheapest way to multiple gawker mun flyby/orbit, minmus flyby/orbit and the critters alive.

I've done some before but I wanted to see if I could do it better this time so I spent some time pondering, searching the net (most often ending up back here or at reddit referring to post back here), pondering some more, installing and trialling mods, pondering again, removing said mods since I couldn't get them to work for me, and finally creating a raw copy of my career, renaming it 'SSC - Simulations' and went for trial and terror.

Just when I've decided on a design that appeared to work a mate paged me and tempted my with a pint at our local refuelling station.

When I landed after that slight diversion I loaded up my actual career save, built the rocket, then remembered what the I've decided about flying rockets post such refuelling and decided to load up the 'simulation' again.

Now I'll design a mission to Dres, that I might fly tomorrow ...

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Tested the XV-2:


Seats two crew and four passengers, but is extremely range limited... those big VTOL rotors are fuel thirsty.


Case in point of this:


Even the refined UV-2 needs to top up after ~250 km of flight, despite 6 times the fuel and only 2 seats.

The V-2 family, however, is a respectably stable and easy to handle VTOL, with better range than I could have hoped for.

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