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What did you do in KSP today?

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I decided to leave a bit the small shuttles and to go back to the launcher.

There is one I want to build since the beginning but I never found any force (and powerful enough computer) to make it... so I finally decided to realize a compact version of it.

Let me introduce you... (drum roll)









                                                                                         Mini Zenit-3SL





Long and difficult to build! At a time I simply stop to have attention to some details...



But it finally work. The whole vessel can be drove at 60 m/s without any problems while the maximum on the sea is more than 25 m/s. Its endurance gives it the possibility to reach a pole.




As it was an inaugural flight I decided to maintain a heading of 45 for about a hour.




A small fuel tank gives the possibility to start the engines and let them burn half a second before lift off.





Climbing smoothly under the thrust of four Thud engines.

Then the rest was extremely "trite" :



First stage separation at 01 min 43 sec.




The second stage then realized a perfect performance with its 3.3 km/s of impulsion available.





And a lot of possibilities were still available after the circularization maneuver at 1000 km, the ComSat having more than 3.6 km/s for its part.


Crazy but much more fun than what I expected.

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Took first steps in Paradox Corporation's new exploration program, using lots of mods and Galileo's Planet Pack. I'm going for a science sandbox, as in I play in science mode in which I cheated all the science nodes and only use experiments for fun. I'd play sandbox, and I consider myself playing sandbox, but having working experiments just gives me this little more fun.

Currently I set up a network of three, equally-ish spaced out Hermes I communication satellites:


They're tiny things that should always grant me connection on orbits near Gael and, currently, around Iota. I'll soon launch three more of these for A: redundancy, B: connection to Ceti, and C: redundancy. I have Dangit! installed, and even though it doesn't create failures on unloaded vessels, I'm still going to behave as if it did. Which is why I have more batteries, solar panels and omni antennas than I need.

I also started designing variants of Athena I probe, with version A having SCANsat scanner and version B having ore scanner, which I'll soon send to orbit Iota - after sending some communication equipment there.

That's one small step for a man, and even smaller one considering my future plans!

I'll be very sad if no one gets my "redundancy" joke.

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1 minute ago, MarethyuGamer said:

A: redundancy, B: connection to Ceti, and C: redundancy.




Redundancy: noun:

the inclusion of extra components that are not strictly necessary to functioning, in case of failure in other components


I fell victim to global warming


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Landed on Eve!




Ladder was a little off, and apparently 1 out of 3 Kerbals are too stupid to figure it out.  She's stuck.  The other two were able to climb back up.


Edit: After 7-8 tries, finally managed to get the rover down too.  Turns out I had a terrible descent plan for it. (Fairing as heat shield).  Had to come in super shallow, took three orbits.
Except it couldn't be further away from the lander.


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Nothing particularly interesting. Tried to test land those massive shuttles on duna. Duna turned one into dust and the other into confetti. More parachutes needed.

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RSS / RO / RP - 0. One last mission to my station with an Ariane 5 ES and ATV on top!

812t on the launchpad, 20t of payload - supplies for another 6 months. I'll finish that save with this mission as great times are ahead for realism overhaul and rp-0.


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It has come!



"Big Khleb" is an advanced crew transportation spacecraft capable of holding up to 6 kerbonauts, and is unlockable in the mid-to-late tech tree. It is designed to be able to support its crew for long-duration missions to space stations or to assist in lunar expeditions. It shall be designed with its own set of 0.9375m ungendered docking ports, so that those who do not use Tantares can still use the "Big Khleb." Whatever your needs, the "Big Khleb" can fulfil them!


1.2.*, 1.3 Compatible.


Placeholder IVAs!

BK-D0P-1 Docking Port [PARACHUTE].

BK-D0P-2 Docking Port.

BK-50Y-Z "Big Khleb" Command Pod.

BK-H34-T Heatshield.

BK-105-0B Stack Decoupler.

BK-S3R-M "Kneel Before Beale" Service Module.


Grab it on Github!


Modulemanager by @sarbian (Included).

Mission Highlights:








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My Eve ship arrived at Gilly.


After taking on additional fuel at Gilly Station it's now ready to embark on its historic mission to Eve's surface and back. However that will have to wait until...


Explorer 1 returns from Moho. After completing her mission on Moho and refuelling using the unmanned mining facility located there it's at last time to take her home. Instead of burning directly for Kerbin (which may have been too much for her fuel reserves) she's instead heading for Eve, where her onboard science lab will be used to analyze the data obtained from the aforementioned Eve landing mission. With a Kerbal flag securely planted on Moho's surface and no remaining manned vessels in its vicinity it's at least time to fully bid farewell to the closest planet to the Sun. So long, Moho. You're hard to get to and not too interesting upon arrival, but you're there.


And in completely unrelated news I've launched a new mission to Moho. I realized during Explorer 1's mission that there were a few capabilities my existing unmanned facilities there lack. The mining outpost doesn't contain any scientific instruments, meaning that I won't be able to complete any of the lucrative but easy "Transmit scientific data from the surface" contracts that might come about, and while the existing refuelling system in place certainly works it's far from ideal for large ships like Explorer 1, as the fuel transport vehicle's limited capacity meant that it had to take several trips to refuel that ship completely, requiring Explorer to simply sit in orbit while the outpost's painfully slow mining equipment (since it only uses the small drills and converter) did its work. This new mission will consist of an unmanned science rover that will stay on Moho's surface and a fuel depot station that will remain in orbit, allowing any future missions to Moho to depart much more quickly. This mission also prompted a redesign of Explorer 1's lander, which will be seen once the science ship returns to Kerbin and begins its mission to the outer planets (specifically Dres and Eeloo.)

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9 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

He's back! :D

Not yet, you'll have to get me out off hell first...


Nothing to see here....:ph34r:


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I did a simple fast mission. Placed a new space station up in orbit in my new save.

On launch, and yes, thats a 7.5m wide launcher: 



On orbit, only to discover that with out crew I cant even turn its lights on lol, but at least I deployed the antenna while still hooked to the launcher:




op 01:54:30

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