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What did you do in KSP today?

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Venus probe at 11.2km. ETA to surface is now two hours, probe is traveling at about 1.5m/s even at 4x warp.

Someone help me! I've listened to this for the past half hour!

EDIT: Venus probe got Krakened at about 8.9km. Final velocity was 10636295.4m/s.

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The space station design I've been fiddling with for the last few days...  based on stock, Angel-125's M.O.L.E. mod, and Nertea's NF Solar and Stockalike Station mods.  Docked to the station are a crew transfer vehicle and logistics support vehicle.





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Started my day yesterday with the launch of a second Hellhound 7 rover to Mun, with a mission to conduct temperature readings near a trio of waypoints at Valentina's Hill near the southern Pole. Launch and transfer burns were successful. With a total of twelve flights inbound to Mun and Minmus at that point, I figured I should go ahead and secure from launch operations for a while and do something a bit more fun. I went ahead and warped ahead to the arrival of the latest Fireball 7b science lander at Mun, where scientist Zelwin Kerman conducted a mission to hit the last four remaining biomes on the surface - the Northern Basin, Northwest Crater, Southwest Crater and Polar Lowlands. Ideally he would've hit those in that order, but instead he wound up at the Northwest Crater first and had to double back. The end result is that the lander ran out of gas trying to get into orbit after collecting data at the Polar Lowlands. Not wanting to waste all the effort and with the craft already going 450 m/s towards a safe apoapsis above 14 kilometers at the time, I made the unorthodox decision to have Zelwin bail out:


He did grab all of the data he had collected for the mission before cutting loose, and successfully finished putting himself into orbit using his jetpack thrusters:

A cold and lonely Kerbal...with one hell of a spacesuit air scrubber system, apparently. Hopefully it's got some kind of urine recycling unit that's just as good...

Naturally, this all prompted an improptu rescue mission, and since we was carrying duplicated science experiments, I couldn't just send a Kerbal Tour Bus to go pick him up - I needed something that could hold more than one set of experiments. So, new craft design (and named appropriately):

(Pretty sure this screenie doesn't really need a caption.)

Rescue craft was launched successfully and the transfer burn has been made. It'll arrive in Munar orbit in about two days.

Ended my day a bit more mundanely, with the first Hellhound arriving at Mun and landing in the Farside Crater. The ore content there was sufficient, so I went ahead and landed the first Piper Alpha 7 refinery nearby. The refinery wound up about five klicks from the rover, and dusk has fallen over the area, so the drive to get the rover closer to the refinery will have to wait until local daybreak. I am happy that the refinery wound up in a relatively flat area of Mun; just hopeful that the ore content there is equal to or better than where the rover landed. I suppose that (if needed) the refinery could refuel itself and move to a different site, but I've done that sort of thing before and it's a royal pain in the backside...

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16 hours ago, Jacke said:

Yeah... this is the baseline. If you switch to the german wiki page, you can see an entire box with even bigger versions with up to 590 tons of payload capacity, maybe I will pick one of these.

Thanks for your suggestions, they are actually pretty good.

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Well, Dropbox is killing the public links, all of my images will soon disappear. If you used Dropbox to insert images, same will happen to you. Thanks Dropbox for breaking the internet. If anyone figured how to insert images from OneDrive or Google Drive, please let me know.

I don't want to use Flicker or ImGur... because reasons.


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2 hours ago, Kerbital said:

I don't want to use Flicker or ImGur... because reasons.

I'm concerned...


And now, for something completely different.



True face of bravery

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It's not finished, but I think I'm onto something here...




Orbital station, or rather orb-ital station! Designed with being a centrifudge in mind.

Could have additional modules attached to the sides, or could be stacked on top of interplanetary propulsion system.

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I revisited my 2.5x install, checked up on the last few mods I have to get and little tweaks I have to make before I step into another attempt at a Science game (however long that might or might not last...)

This mid-game SSTO came out and stretched its legs. :P It's draggy as heck but it still makes it with a fair margin for dV in space... granted it has some specific engine patches to make it and other planes of mine viable above stock scale.

I did some test launches and a little more exploring with @Angel-125's Wild Blue ecosystem. My spaceplanes will likely have WBI Coolant pumping through them instead of heatshields mounted on them.



Ultrasonic spaceplanes aren't everything so here's a Buffalo, prospecting at the crack of dawn: testing convertible drills, ISRU, BARIS, and Coolant production. There's an Aurum lode right under it.... But that's not what I was looking for.


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Today and yesterday I launched a few tourist ships to Minmus on my Career save.


They landed without too much trouble on Minmus, but it was kinda difficult to come back as the Delta-v was barely sufficient.


And here's the second ship on the great flats.


And a little fly-by of the Mun while we're at it!


Then, I sent a ship to release three probes to land in three different biomes on the Mun, as a part of the Mun Probes Program Strategy from a mod.


Aren't they cute?


I saved some Kerbals stuck in their command pod in orbit. One of the missions gave me a free 3-stars crewmember. That's pretty good!


Then, I sent two Kerbals to the Mun, to plant a flag and do science.


One of them set up a little science base from the EVA science mod. He's quite proud of it.


Finally, I docked two ships around Minmus for a contract. My first time docking around a body that's not Kerbin.


The two pilots of the docked ship happily standing next to the flag they planted on Minmus.



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Just now, DeltaDizzy said:

that patch number is kinda low, but i dont know what machine your on

(sas the guy with 30000 patches non-RO)

The problem isn't the amount of mods, since I have 12 gigs of RAM. The problem is that one of the mods seems to be the wrong version, but I'm absolutely confused about which, because I literally checked every mod's version and it is up to date. I would've considered adding/removing mods one by one, but it would take literal days because KSP also seems to load like a snail on a turtle on this setup, seemingly because my dual core (for some reason task managed splits them into four) processor is not fast enough to load textures and icons quickly.

So I'm stuck in the annoying situation where I know what to do to figure stuff out, and I have enough skills to do it, but I still can't do it because of the load time taking literal hours (most likely about one and a half or something)

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Taking a bit over a year to complete (and a lot of learning along the way), i was able to set up a mining base on Minmus, then constructed a transport ship in orbit (using KAS/KIS).  Then collected all the landers on this ship for a single-craft flight to Ike, and deployed the mining base there.

This Imgur album shows the progress

I'm still using KSP v1.04 since I didn't want to break anything during this 'campaign' mission.  It all grew out of a contract to mine ore on Minmus, then another one to explore Ike.  I had to learn the quirks of the drills and ISRUs, and it just sort of took on a life of its own. Got lots of practice for targeted landings, orbit rendezvous, docking, and KAS ship construction techniques.  Definitely a worthwhile effort, and a sense of accomplishment.

A few more things I plan on doing in this current game before doing an upgrade to the upcoming v1.3.1, adding in some interesting new mods, and restarting my career game.  There have been so many changes and improvements since 1.04, I am looking forward to learning how to use.

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Did not do much. Did get a SSTO plane up yestarday that had to use some of the payloads RCS fuel along with its own to finalize its orbit. Moar or less slowly passing time as manuever nodes I have set up on a few dozen (well 5 or 6 about) come up to do. As well as waiting for crafts to arraive at their target planets.

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