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What did you do in KSP today?


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Just now, JadeOfMaar said:

I swear I hit the Like button on this post already with its similarity to your previous post. Ah well, here's another Like. Is there a dev thread for this?

No, but now that you mention it, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea? Do you think others would be interested in seeing the development of this system and have the final product be downloadable?

(and thank you for the likes - likes are always welcome!) :D

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I just recently started a new game and for the first time decided to install scatterer and EVE. I was just about to launch a satellite when I noticed a black shadow moving across Kerbin. I figured this was an eclipse since that's what they do in the real world (I also have that mod that makes the moon slightly inclined so that eclipses are rarer). Unforutanetly, the shadow was passing just a little north of ksc so that I wouldn't have gotten totality, so I quickly built a plane and attempted to follow the shadow. It was faster than me, but I got very close to totality and managed to stay within the shadow for about 20 minutes. q97TC9p.png

Bonus end of the eclipse:






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Sometime within the last couple weeks...

Messed about with @NISSKEPCSIM's neat rogallo/Gemini wing mod and @Well's KNES. Tried experimenting with dual parawings, resulting in a craft that was incredibly stable in any attitude...


...so long as that attitude is upside-down.


a. How the flarp do you pronounce that??

b. Any idea if your wing would work in 1.2.2?


Then got a bit silly with OTRAG boosters...



...really silly...



...REALLY silly...


But they working surprisingly well (dig those numbers).

But, hey, I managed to reach the Space Center!



...this might actually work...







Tried it again with less wing and MOAR gauges.





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With the refuelling process for the Eve ship complete, I ejected the ISRU equipment.


And after transferring my brave astronaut (Megsa Kerman, an engineer by trade) from the about-to-be-destroyed lander can to the ship's command module, the engines were ignited and the ship blasted off for the sky!


After a few minutes of ascent, the ship finally escaped Eve's atmosphere, dropped the ship's Mammoth-based first stage (and its Vector-based boosters, which only lasted a few seconds into the launch) and began circularizing on the second-stage Skipper engine.


The Skipper's fuel expended, circularization was completed with the third-stage Terrier engine. Since we were safely outside of Eve's atmosphere by this point we could deploy the command module's solar panels.


With a safe orbit achieved, the Explorer 1 science ship (having just arrived from Moho) rendezvoused with the vessel to begin analyzing its scientific data.


Finally, the whole group of brave pioneers burned to Gilly, where Explorer 1 will refuel for the journey home.


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3 minutes ago, Nergal8617 said:

I love the Maliwan logo on the side of the plane.  Borderlands meets KSP, what could be better?

Hopefully someday we'll be able to land Kerbals on Pandora and Elpis.  First thought I had when I saw that Take Two acquired KSP.

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I used this launcher:


to add a 17 part truss segment <the truss seen with the large radiator> to the station:


gotta love raw overkill! Further, I used the claw on an RCS tug, which was 8 RCS blocks <stock ones>, the 2.5m probe core, the 2.5m RCS tank to move that 17 part truss. Never in my life have I been so proud or had such a clear appreciation for docking port alignment indicator. With out that 1 mod, that truss would NOT have arrived as well aligned as you see it in that picture.

op 01:17:30

edit time 01:31:30

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A few recent highlights from my 1.3 career game.

Bringing some ore back from MunAudC8el.png


Moving a Mun lab to a polar location.



Exploring the depths.



Return to the surface was not so smooth (shot up into the air at about 15m/s.



1st flight to Jool waits in Kerbin orbit.



Some fun with planes.



Picking up a bit of science with planes.



Planting flag on Minmus at Kerbinset.



1st landing on Duna.



Return vehicle delivered to bring home the crew of three after 180 days in orbit.



Lab in Kerbin orbit.






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Today I finished the Venus station. This is how it looks at the moment:


The station + the transfer stage weigh 199.7 tons, so I have to use a Saturn V MLV which can lift 200 tons to LEO.


I also built 3 tankers to refuel the transfer stage, but I think I need even more:



Then I added everything to my VAB Build-List

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This was yesterday, but I couldn't load up the image. Finally got around to launching a pair of Polar Orbit comm satellites for Kerbin (I've just relied on the Mun not blocking the signal in the past). However, I can't help but feel that the launch vehicle for the relays kind of looks like some sort of planetary Death Ray. If I were a better phtographer, I would have captured the 'red eye' on the SAS module that's visible between the two relay dishes from the front.




I also learned that the TR-2C Stack Separator that is just barely visible, sandwiched between two junior docking ports, is not actually strong enough to separate said docking ports (at least, not using default force levels). Instead, the relays had to free themselves via the very Kerbal method of using SAS to roll forward so they can use the relay dish as a lever to get the docking ports out of range (for clarity, the docking port magnets were so strong that after blowing the explosive bolts the separator just got stuck between the two docking ports as they tried to mate with each other).

I also launched a synchronous relay around the equator after discovering that the extra DSN stations on Kerbin don't cover the poles from a near orbit. At 6.5 tonnes, it's probably the heaviest relay I'll ever have, despite also likely being the shortest range. I realized while placing it that all the SAS systems were located on the booster stage, so decided to leave the booster system attached for attitude control. Oops.


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After months of frustration and almost shift+deleting my KSP install i finally DID IT! F9 IS BACK HOME!

"This is LZ-1 on countdown net , The falcon has landed!"


It's not great, landing radius is awful (>400m) can't do ASDS , can't go FH but hey, It WORKS! ( I mean , consistently)


More pics (duh)


Stage sep


Boostback has shut down . coasting to entry burn.


Gliding down (Notice how HUGE the landing pad is :D)


Landing burn


Beauty shot!




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