What did you do in KSP today?

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Hauling asparagus up the slopes of Mun's polar crater.


Directional control is a bit like bambi on ice blindfolded but aslong as I keep the turns small, it's alright. Quite the climber too. Got me up 43 degrees slopes like a beast.

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Did not do to much. Forgot to add antenna for a contract mission. But, landed the part safely onto Minmus. Spent a bit refueling my retro grade orbiter. Still for that rescue mission months ago I need to get to finish dispite having 8+ failled attempts.


@CaptainKorhonen: Wait till you hit the 4k + marke like some of us...

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sending kerbal noobs on a uhhhh forever mission FOR SCIENCE! but not all is bad i made sure i pimped them out a nice rock and gave them a huge satellite.





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4 hours ago, Fearless Son said:

So of course this is right where my mind goes

Kinda off-topic (but after watching the earlier video) this is one of the most memorable performances of Queen: '85 Live Aid. Amazing all those people in the stadium!


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I decided I wanted a bigger tanker.


It goes well with my Minmus fuel depot.


Actually too well - it holds more fuel than the fuel depot.

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I didn't think I'd get the Ranch House done by the time 1.3.1 dropped, but I got pretty far:


Each of those ports doubles as an airlock.

More pics:



This part is for Pathfinder. It has a big meeting room for kerbals, and it will do things like generate science data for use in the stock MPL, for use in improving your chances of finding a Gold Strike lode, and as trajectory data for the upcoming mass driver.

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Run a test run of the BFR up to the mun.

Main craft head up into highly eccentric orbit


Second time refueling, we are ready to go. 


Tanker booster returns. This baby is powered by 37 engines producing 48000 lbs. of ksp thrust and it still leaves the launch pad at around 1.38 TWR. Just to give you an idea of how big and heavy this thing is. It toggles between all 37 engines or just the central 9 for landing purposes. 


Main ship leaving lunar surface still a half a tanks fuel left to get into orbit and return home. Oddly enough I saved during all this and downloaded a mod. After coming back all my kerbals mysteriously disappeared into thin air. I had to cheat and turn on the let kerbals respawn. I lost almost everyone.:( 




Came out of the moons orbit retro grade relative to earth planning on using the atmosphere to help slow my roll.


This didn't go well. I fast forwarded a little to much. Things didn't end catastrophically, but I was trying two hard not to have my ship destroyed to get any pictures in. Super inaccurate landing as well, got luck and hit land, I doubt this thing has much buoyancy it weighs around 44 tons dry . Gotta start using some landing legs on this thing 2. If you don't hit flat land you aren't landing straight up. 


Overall The mission was highly successful as I balanced the BFR for a moon landing and return with two re-fuels in a highly eccentric orbit. And I got it almost right the very first time. Yeah I'm not going with four re-fuels by the way. You should only need two if your pretty good, and three if your just ok. I must say, a rendezvous at a highly eccentric orbit is a little more difficult, especially since you only have a certain window once you set that starting eccentric orbit. If you miss that window you have to wait for the mun to take an entire orbit around kerbin. Plus you need to kind of judge ahead, because its going to take awhile for your craft to take an entire orbit being that eccentric.


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7 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

Any idea how/if this plays nice with Kerbalism?

Not compatible, unfortunately.

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I landed my first unmanned craft on the Mun, quickly followed by a land mission


I tried for minmus, but had to abort. For the heck of it, I boosted prograde back to kerbin, and reentered at 3556 m/s. And survived.

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Yesterday i sent a Moho probe to Eve. Moho is just too hard to get to for me. I also added an ISRU to my Space Station and built a Duna rover with ISRU and built a Dres explorer.

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I returned to KSP after six months absence, and started a new RSS campaign using the Historical Tech Tree.  After probing low and high Earth-orbit for science, and sending a flyby probe past the Moon and into interplanetary space, I had enough tech to build my first manned orbital launcher...












Unfortunately, I significantly underestimated my reentry glidepath to Vandenberg and came up well short of reaching the California coast.




Fortunately, the craft is rated for ditching.  (Val brought Bill along on the mission purely as an emergency flotation device.)

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How does it feel when you are landing a plane and the wing fell off-


Could be worse...


For the record, that plane had a tail when it took off...

Yesterday was slightly more productive than the last couple of days. It began with a burn of a Boop-Boop 7 probe on a mission to put moar crap around Minmus that i ultimately won't care about but will still get paid to do; the probe will arrive in seven days. After that I turned my attention to the Auk VI ore hauling spaceplane docked at the Kerbinport space station. After delivery a load of 1500 ore to the station's on-board ore tank, the plane departed and headed for home, landing safely at KSC 09. Next up was an aerial survey of Kerbin in a region about 500 klicks to the south-southwest of KSC, which pilot Newburry Kerman performed using a Bad Idea 3 surveyor plane. Newburry conducted crew reports at four waypoints in the 15-20k altitude range before returning successfully to KSC 09. The completion of that contract was followed up with one to mine 1100 units of ore on Minmus, which was rapidly done using the Deepwater Horizon refinery already there. I picked up a contract to test a 10m Heat shield in flight over Kerbin in the wake of that contract's completion. I had previously launched a Bill Clinton 7b long-range grabber probe to Minmus on a junk hauling mission for what turned out to be a Cargo Ramp, and since the BC7b is equipped with a 10m heat shield, I figured it could clear that contract as a freebie, which it did:

The successful return of the Bill Clinton 7b probe with its target paywad. Also known as "I make a lotta lotta moola..."

Between the ore mining and the retreival of the cargo ramp, I made √600k yesterday, which is not bad for a day's work.

With the replacement contracts both offering to pay me in order to destroy my working communications satellite constellation, I decided to wait two hours for a Mission Control alarm so that one of them would be past the expiration date. Replacement was another double-moon tourist mission, which I happily snapped up owing to another contract to expand Kerbinport with more pilots and more capacity. Newburry along with scientist Sidbrett Kerman joined tourists Organ, Frandous, Nanby and Lemski Kerman aboard an Auk II 8-passenger spaceplane, which then launched to Kerbinport and docked successfully with the station to close out my day. 

Glamour shot of the Auk II's undercarriage, with docking port open. Because it's been a while since I've done a glamour shot just for the hell of it.

The plan is for the tourists to have an extended stay aboard the station while Next Objective remains deployed; the return of Next Objective will fulfill the conditions of the station expansion contract. I'm already counting on Next Objective to fulfill a similar contract for the expansion of the Minmusport space station. Leaves me in a position where, once again, all my contracts are waiting on things to get where they're going before I can start knocking them out, unfortunately...

Still trying to grok the Alcubierre Drive mod in my litterbox save. I think my early success with getting Phoenix 1 in orbit of Dres had more to do with the fact that Dres and Kerbin were closely aligned at the time; i.e. the direction of the velocity vector matters. I'm still hoping to get Phoenix 1 into orbit of Eeloo, and at this point I think I know how to do it. Keeping my fingers crossed there - I'm going to have to fly awfully damn close to the fail-safe altitude over Kerbol to do what needs to be done unless I'm very much mistaken. Kinda worried about things overheating...not to mention the risk of putting myself on a sundiving course and suddenly not being able to engage the warp bubble...gotta keep an eye on that altimeter...

11 minutes ago, cratercracker said:


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Had a long absence from KSP and even longer one from this site. Always nice to be back at it.

Felt like toying around and trying to answer a question I posed myself a long time ago: can you reach orbit using only sepratrons? Answer: YES!

It took a while (and had my laptop's fan protesting the whole time), but I found a configuration that got into orbit and even had a single pair of sepratron rockets left over for de-orbiting. It's all stock aside from the Mechjeb unit I used for delta-V monitoring purposes only (ignore the Maneuver Planner window - I basically always have it open and didn't think to close it despite its uselessness with solid boosters).

Getting the staging right in the VAB was a poodle, but eventually it came together.




The "payload" is just the bare minimum: an OCTO2 command pod, a small reaction wheel, and a small battery. Structure consisted of just "structural fuselages" for the lower stages and octagonal struts for the top stage. Everything else was Sepratrons - 464 of 'em if my math serves me right.




Maybe if I get onto a more powerful computer someday, I'll try lofting an actual Kerbal with this nonsense.

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1 hour ago, Billygoat_J said:


I'll have to remember to link to this next time someone exclaims that separatrons are not boosters. :wink:

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Having put in some ~70 hours of Dishonored 2 and not wanting to build another replica to try for Mars, I finally opened that old science save I had to check things out.

The Jool package had arrived so I got down to some serious orbital ballet and brought it into Laythe orbit.



I had to make a further correction burn because these things aren't so precise but that let me brake, plane change, and circularize at Laythe for a very small price in fuel, all things considered.

Then my oldest living probe entered Urlum orbit and sent back a fantastic amount of science to my my labs. One of the highlights was a burn at Wal that put it into retrograde Urlum orbit, and allowed a retrograde pass of both the inner moons. At Priax, having no real foreknowledge, I had to make an emergency burn to avoid smacking into it but the probe came out fine at the other end. The solar panels barely work out there but it was enough to send all the science back, pretty good for an unplanned encounter set up literally four years in-game prior.



I also sent another tug to Dres filled with supplies but I think we've all seen enough braking burns at Dres by this point, nothing spectacular. It's going to sit in orbit until needed.

I'm considering rebuilding my Kerbin station next, it's basically an amalgam of old ships and extra modules stuck together. Charming, but it needs a better science lab.

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I landed my science ship on Eve.


It's already run its experiments, so now I just have to wait for it to finish the years-long process of mining enough fuel to launch its ESU into orbit.

I also tested a new Dres lander.


It'll probably work just as well on the Mun or Ike, but I already have landers there. This one's a bit over-engineered and still has half its fuel left after getting back into orbit, but better to have too much dV than too little. I don't have any immediate plans to actually send it to Dres (the manned mission that I have planned will use a different lander design which isn't meant to be re-used) but it's nice to know that I have this available. I've made a slightly modified version for Moho, too, but I haven't tested it yet.

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Figured out how to get it running after the update. CKAN is a useful tool, I just didn't know there was easier ways of uninstalling and reinstalling mods until it was far too late...

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Landed my space umbrella.

Or maybe a space mushroom. Not sure.


(I forgot to put parachutes on the pod/science combo on the left.)

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