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What did you do in KSP today?

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This is my single launch surface base for Eve that I have been working on for a few days now. It can transport from Kerbin to Eve surface a base with two science labs, ISRU infrastructure, habitat for 12 (if I remember correctly) kerbals and a greenhouse for extra science and coolness. I don't actually use any life support mods. It uses parts from the Kerbal Planetary Base System mod and the launch vehicle requires the Kerbal Joint Reinforcements mod not to explode on the launchpad when physics kick in. It is currently the heaviest craft I have ever used and weights a bit over 2000 tons on the launchpad.


There you can see the base just prior to hitting the Eve atmosphere. The craft is very capable of re-entry to Eve and even from very eccentric orbits with ease. But in the picture the craft is being tested in re-entry at interplanetary velocity and it seemed to be too much. The heatshields survived, the structural base and a few other pieces survived, but all the habitation parts and kerbals with them exploded. I tried again with a bit shallower re-entry and it went a bit better. The central hub of the base survived and landed to Eve. I'm optimistic that with an optimum descend profile the base might be able to survive straight re-entry from interplanetary speeds.

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6 hours ago, Kronus_Aerospace said:

So I've already built the turboprop that my Boeing Pelican is going to use. Ultimately 4 of these are going to power the ekranoplan.


Just for kicks I decided to compare that turboprop with the little propeller biplane I built the other day. And... well


It really puts things into perspective.

People are building everything from paramotors to turboprops and here I am launching land ships off the runway...

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I did some more experiments at Skybase:


The station has plenty of ResearchKits along with the ongoing Solar Activity Monitoring Experiment (SAME). The Kapollo's engine suffered a breakdown but Samalla will go outside and fix it. :)

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13 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

Working on a prototype for flexible docking of ground vehicles (fuel trucks and crew buses) with various shapes and sizes of aircraft, especially the midget Mk-1 type.

I figured there's always plenty of clean space on the tops of airplanes.

Brilliant !

All stock. right ?

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9 hours ago, Triop said:

Brilliant !

All stock. right ?

Thank you; yes: all stock.  Just add one retractable wheel under your truck and shift the Klaw out onto a boom and align its orientation vertically.

Thanks for the interest!!


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@Hotel26 Pardon me, bud. My KerbalX signature button is very specific to me, implying that the craft in it exists in my account. If you wish, you can send me a screenshot of one of your crafts and I'll make a button just for you.

Please remove mine from your sig, thanks. :D 

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8 minutes ago, JadeOfMaar said:

Please remove mine from your sig, thanks.

Done.  Instantly.  I am mortified; please pardon me: I hadn't realized it wasn't just a KerbalX sticker being used in common.  Very sorry about that.  Thanks for the kind offer -- a link will do me now for the moment.

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4 hours ago, Ace in Space said:

You know things have gone terribly, horribly wrong when Jeb and Val have that look on their faces.

Jeb and Val and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Day: Crashing into theatres near you soon! (Or whenever I finish the project that horrified the BadSes- is that the plural of BadS?)

1 hour ago, Colonel Cbplayer said:

Just to show off how stupidly agile I made this plane Im gonna make it dodge 40 missiles.
At Once.



Is this kind of agility specific to the plane turning into the robot or are there specific design characteristics that you took advantage of? 

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I re-downloaded all my "essential" mods, plus others. Now I have time to make a cup of tea before I sit down and play. I've also been stuffing around with my mate in DMP, and I have to say, it's latency issues have improved a lot since I last played (at least a year!).

I messed around with decouplers, and made a spring sort of thing:



From what I've tested, it can't break from physical strain, but can from impact, heat, etc.. Various applications came to mind, none more fitting than wheel suspension, which I tried in different configurations:



I have other plans for the decoupler spring, but they are currently under development :wink:. I fooled around with an SAS-based UFO, which was fun. It's stall speed is around the 20m/s mark, and it just keeps slowing down, so I haven't had any fatalities from (unintentional) crashes!



I've really been playing with a relaxed frame of mind, and haven't achieved anything amazing, so I'm planning to start another Science save, modded up the wazoo.

I'll part you with a couple of images that you enjoy imaging what happened before for it to end up like that :D




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Hanging around


lost feed underground


makin pretty 4the girls ,u know?


tow away a capsule


sometime length matters


ended in philadelphia project2


Had FUN ,



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Finaly I have some time to continue climbing Mount Doom.

Currently I'm at 4358 meters.




I'm closing in on the first survey waypoint.

Hope I can make it. :cool:

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On 4/20/2018 at 7:07 AM, Kernel Kraken said:

today I found out Yesterday I found out how to use struts correctly, after 250+ hours of play (give or take).

Ok, this is my most liked post. This post exposes my woeful incompetence.


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On 4/24/2018 at 9:40 AM, Angel-125 said:

I finished out my Minmus Base:


Self-sufficient and ready for science! Once I unlock ISRU I can set up an extraplanetary launchpad and start shipping the Gemstones and PreciousMetals I found back to Kerbin...

Nice, very nice

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11 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

@Triop so, including the payout, how much did it cost you?:D

It cost me 3 or 4 kerbals so far, I lost count...

You are a jinx...

It became a catastrophic failure...Dunely dieded.


I made a steering mistake and the car flipped....So close, but there is hope:


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