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What did you do in KSP today?

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I finally released Airline Kuisine 2.0. It now uses B9 for resource switching instead of Firespitter, doesn't carry as many textures anymore, and is 200% more awesome if you use it with Snacks! LS and Pathfinder (Angel-125's mods).

With working solar panels!


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I lined up some of the rockets I've been using for my career game. Mostly made from stock parts with SpaceY engines.



Left to right:

Driver II: My heavy lift rocket, mainly used for delivering colony modules (MKS) to the Mun and, hopefully soon, Duna. Majority of 1st stage thrust comes from the 4 SRBs, which is complimented by a single Ratite LFO sustainer engine, which can take it nearly to orbit. 2nd stage uses a pair of Penguin LFO vacuum engines. Combined with the Atlas 32 cargo lander, it can deliver up to 70 tons to the munar surface. 

Driver I: Previous heavy lift design, still used for smaller colony payloads. 1st stage uses 4 Kickbacks and 4 Moa LFO engines, while the 2nd stage uses a single Penguin vacuum engine. Often paired with the (also smaller) Atlas 31 cargo lander.

Eagle IV: Used for small to medium payloads, usually probes or small manned spacecraft. 1st stage uses 2 Thumpers and 2 Moa LFO engines, while the 2nd stage (inside fairing) uses the Skiff LFO engine from Making History.

Eagle family evolution:



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Today, for the first time, I landed an orbiter on the KSC runway from space.

  grGH7JH.png j4KHPX0.png

O.K. so maybe not a perfect landing. I ran out of runway. But seeing as it was getting late I really didn't want to revert to a quicksave. Besides, they say their on the runway... :sticktongue:

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Modified my Falkon 1 rocket so I could partake in a recovery challenge. 


Say hello to Falkon 2! 

My submission for anyone curious: 

TL;DR  I modified my reusable rocket to deploy two satellites in orbit, while landing both stages.


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Today was a long time coming in my 2.5x GPP/GEP career.  My Karborundum-powered interstellar probe first performed a Grannus orbital insertion burn...



Followed by a Nodens insertion burn.



With validation of the general mission architecture and navigation, it will soon be time to send something bigger.  A lot bigger.  With Gaelans on board. :cool:

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My modded career save has been going along quite nicely. I recently sent a probe and lander to Eve, which still managed to arrive after a staging mishap (and possibly some errors from mission control). I staged my transfer stage by mistake whilst trying to eject empty fuel tanks, resulting in an incomplete transfer burn and one solar panel instead of two. I went to load my quick-save, but of course, hit F5 instead without thinking too much. I decided that I may as well continue on anyway, and as it turned out, I completely over-engineered the living daylights out of this probe. The spark engine carried it the rest of the way to Eve, and then some (albeit with some very long burns. I had time to make myself lunch and eat it before the capture burn was done...):



I dropped the probe off after getting the probe into an elliptical orbit around Eve, which then brought it round into an encounter with Gilly.


I had a camera mounted on the side of the planetary probe and the whilst slowing down in the atmosphere was intense, the little lander survived and captured some intriguing images of the cloud layer and the dunes below.





The main probe captured around Gilly, and after mapping it, I decided to land. No challenge here, and I got most of my orbital velocity by rolling the magnetometer into the ground.


I then finished up with the last of the fuel by putting the main probe into a polar orbit of Eve for mapping, where it will remain for the rest of its lifetime. I left just enough for a deorbit, so that I can get rid of it when it runs out use.


I also finished construction of Kerbin's first space station, currently dubbed "SpaceLab-2". We don't talk about what happened to SpaceLab-1, but SpaceLab-2 was a roaring success, and Soyuz MS-02 brought the first adventurous residents to their new home:


Launch of Habitation-2:


About to dock the two modules together after the orbital stage of an identical rocket delivers Science-2 within working distance.


Launch of Soyuz MS-02:


Retrograde approach to SpaceLab-2:


All docked. Crew were transferred to there respective modules and the research begins!


As a side-note, I use a lot of Tweakscale in my saves, not for things like making bigger rockets before I unlock them, but for miniaturization's that the stock game and some mods don't offer (usually for aesthetics). For example, in SpaceLab-2, the lab and hitchhiker containers are scaled down to 1.875m, which only allows one Kerbal in the lab and 2 in each container ;)


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I made a new mothership, a very hefty and majestic, somewhat sea creature-themed science vessel. I choose to class it a science vessel as it contains a lab due to the challenge that OPT Reconfig puts on the Dark Drive and that it may be very costly in dV to equip this ship to land (at all, or) on anything greater than Minmus.

(The control surfaces are all disabled. This ship is never meant to operate in atmosphere.... I landed the ship too and broke an elevon between its own weight on the wing, and rough terrain.)

For my own purposes it doesn't need to go as far as the gas giants in GPP.

Part count is estimated to be 73 without the landing engines currently on it; 3 supporting nuclear reactors for them; Lead-filled Buckboards to counter-weigh them; weak relay dishes; 


All payload space (with Kerbodyne 3.75m tanks for comparison)


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2 hours ago, simast said:

a little training jet

Awesome bird!!  Very pretty.

Did you crank the tail authority up to get sufficient elevator control?  What speed is lift-off?

Ah, OK.  Magnificent!  You've got a cant on the tail slats that moves the CoL significantly closer to the CoM and that sufficiently amplifies the effect of the tail...


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10 hours ago, Geonovast said:

I'll never get tired of posting this.


I forgot my landing gear and had to balance it on the side of a mountain with my engine and a mining utility thing, im still shocked it didnt fall over and kill Jeb and Bill

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10 hours ago, JadeOfMaar said:

A fabulous 1st or 2nd post. Welcome to the forum. And that is how you play KSP! :D 

Thanks for welcoming I look forward to reading whats happening in the community and maybe posting some more things

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3 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

Awesome bird!!  Very pretty.

Did you crank the tail authority up to get sufficient elevator control?  What speed is lift-off?

Ah, OK.  Magnificent!  You've got a cant on the tail slats that moves the CoL significantly closer to the CoM and that sufficiently amplifies the effect of the tail...



The tail authority is cranked yes - to max 150. Take off rotate speed is 90 m/s and the tail wing surface is slightly angled to improve flight characteristics. You can probably tweak it even more, but it handles good enough for me even without SAS. The plane is available on KerbalX if you want to try it out.

Edit: Just found something odd - if I move my reaction wheel authority to 0 - the plane rotates at take off at 60 m/s. Not sure why this is the case but I can't complain. Will upload an updated craft.

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- Baikerbonur, mission state: "Zarya" is in orbit.

*aham* Zarya was the prototype of Soyuz spaceship. The real look:

As you can see, the capsule is similar to Soyuz's.

- Soviet spacesuits are so cozy!))) - Bill Kerman.

A small descent error.


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