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What did you do in KSP today?

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My Duna crew arrived yesterday & did a quick Ike landing, so today I got them back into Duna orbit, transferred to the lander & found a nice spot in the eastern canyon to explore & set up a Lancer ground station that arrived in orbit a few days after the crew did. 

First came the Buffalo 6x6 rover, parachuted down ~500m from the lander:


Picking up the crew:


Driving over to the Lancer ground station, which I manged to land on mostly flat ground only about 600m from the lander


Lancer-Duna ground station ready for the crew.  The white spot is the headlights of the Buffalo rover



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1 hour ago, Triop said:

I just want one male pilot...



Anybody know where I can find the config file that can change this ? <_<



I remember i had a problem in a previous career save where I only got female scientists. Turns out it was because I installed a real world name mod on top of Galileo Planet Pack's already altered names (______ Gaelan instead of _____ Kerman), and so it just messed everything up. 

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1 hour ago, DeltaDizzy said:

I know where. KSP directory->saves->name of your save->persistance.sfs


You are promoted to lead the Krimson Air Force, congratulations Dizzy Kerman. &)




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9 minutes ago, DeltaDizzy said:

I would prefer to be called Delta Kerman though.

I can still do that if you like, let me know. ^_^

Anybody else want to be in my game ?

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Today I decided to stop farting around and begin a serious, real mission.  Not grinding any more for tech, going to Duna without it, no nukes, no ions, and bringing every instrument, lab, and crew specialty with me while providing lavish return accommodations for three.


...something exploded on the way up but whatever it was wasn't important enough to be noticed in its absence yet.  I *DID* forget a survey scanner, just plumb forgot, but I've got time to add one as everything's rendezvousing at Minmus anyway.


To pick up fuel, of course.

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2 hours ago, TeslaPenguin1 said:

I already put a Tesla Kerman into all of my saves

I am very definitely following your lead on that!!

Commanding General Icarus Kerman.  I like it!  It has a ring to it... :)

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Career stuff:

Did some aerobraking passes of a Kerbin-Mun transfer module, also timewarped so that my surface base had refueled my fuel tanker, so I launched that to orbit, and had it refuel a tug, sent the tug on a trajectory to aerobrake into LKO (I've had a new surface base module just sitting in LKO waiting to get picked up_



Then I decided to go get some more science for the lab, and realized that the version of the rover I sent was a fully stock sharable version... it lacked the TAC-LS supply cans I had on a different version of it... so I had to stick my kerbal scientist in the external command seat, and there would be only 6 hours of life support in the EVA suit, so this rover won't be going too far from the surface base. Its still enough to cross to another biome to get stuff to feed the lab (although I'm pretty sure there won't be anything that I can still transmit back, or even recover).

I initially went too fast with it:


So I instead tried to keep the speed at 25 m/s or less and use time warp:


Then I checked to see what was next as far as transfer windows or missions, and it seems that the next transfer window is to my modded minmus which is out about where dres is (Mun is where Minmus used to be)... so I went back to sandbox to test out some mission concepts.

In my 3x rescale game, the dV requirements aren't all scaled up, Minmus remains at 60km (to be proportionately a bit smaller than 2 Pallas), and has a surface gravity less than that of 2 Pallas... so while I need about 6,000 m/s from LKO to get to minmus, a trip down to the surface of minmus and back takes just over 200 m/s of dV. I designed the smallest craft I think I've made so far, coming in at under half a ton:


I later modified it with a larger direct antenna, and a small reaction wheel + oKto2 probe core (0.01 tons less than the Okto and HECS probe cores, more torque), and eliminated the orbiter with a large relay antenna - it signficantly reduced the size of the mission payload, I just basically have to do everything in the daytime.

Then I didn't want to use a spaceplane to launch the mission, so I took another look at reusable rockets for 3x kerbin. 

With a flyback booster and a recoverable 2nd stage, I initially was able to get 33 tons to orbit with significant margins of fuel left in both stages (although the dV margins in the 2nd stage before decoupling the payload weren't so great). I determined I could get a 3% payload fraction by this method:







I also tried a SSTO rocket, stock non-MH parts, and with some optimization of the ascent profile, I was able to get about a 2% payload fraction (counting excess fuel not needed to deorbit and land as payload, which I didn't do for the flyback booster)


It was also easier to get a high recovery % with the flyback booster, and the flyback booster put the payload in a higher orbit, so SpaceX style will be what I use if I do recoverable rockets in career 3x kerbin.

Then lastly, I played around with MK parts to see just how well or not well they can be used to make a Saturn V replica. They actually work much better than I previously thought, even for 3x Kerbin+Mun, with Mun moved to where minmus was.

So Wolfhound = Apollo SPS (command/service module propulsion)

Skiff = J2 (1x for the 3rd stage, 5x for the 2nd)

Mastadon = F1 (5x for the first stage).

I had life support turned off for this mission, just for simplicity

It can be a good idea to start from the last stage first, and build subsequent stages as needed, but at the same time I was going to stick to 1st stage 5x mastadons, 2nd stage 5x skiff, 3rd stage 1x skiff, and I'd only give them as much fuel as they needed or could lift, so I wasn't sure it was going to work

The MEM ascent module:


It turns out I didn't need the 2 spherical LF tanks, v2 got rid of them to keep mass down. Its the normal MH lander can + 1 toroidal tank and a spark

I uh... forgot parachutes on the command module, but I was able to detrmine that I could get rid of some fuel in the service module, add life support, and parachutes, and come out with less mass still


The service module, MEM, and spent 3rd stage:


The 3rd stage was able to put the rest of the vessel on a free return trajectory, which I then modified to havethe 3rd stage impact, the wolfhound was just for capturing and departing from Mun. I still think the Isp should be nerfed, so the SM would need to be heavier, and earlier stages need to be heavier- thus more fuel - thus more thrust needed for skiffs (but not higher TWR IMO)

So far, it wasn't looking bad IMO, its the 2nd stage that was the problem... I gave it as much fuel as I could without the TWR of 5 skiffs dropping too low:


IMO, that 2nd stage seems way too small, i thought the 3rd stage looked too short too... and this is in 3x. Stock KSP stages would be ridionculously small to have the same staging and engine configuration as a Saturn V... but I do notice that stock parts actually seem to balance real well for 3x KSP (so nice margins in 1x to be more newbie friendly)

No pic of the 3rd stage, but it was 5 mastadons, the engine node adaptor tank, and the largest 5m diameter tank.

In the end, I actually had a pretty good saturn V replica.

Stages 1 and 2 got it nearly to orbit (and nearly matched the inclination), stage 3 finished orbital insertion and did the mun transfer. The SPS did a capture burn, the MEM went down and up with 1 stage for each, the SPS did an ejection burn, and the command pod with its heat shield came back to kerbin.

I'd still recommend nerfing the wolfhound (it shouldn't have a higher thrust, mass, and Isp than the skiff), then the SM would need more fuel, and the lower stages would need to be bigger/have more fuel, so the skiffs and mastadons would need to be more powerful as well

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I managed to fix my KSP last night! Basically, I had to remove everything with a .DS_score file. So, every folder with green text. Then I reinstalled them, and it worked fine! Turns out I installed Habtech wrong :P

EDIT: So I just learned the B-52's were rarely called the Stratofortress, and were usually called the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat ****er)...

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19 hours ago, DeltaDizzy said:

Can you rename him to Delta then?

Fixed, not after THE KRAKEN came by...



Meet my new toy, based on Mirage III.






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Today I took a contract for 6 tourists around the Mun.

Today I also learned that they can have different itineraries. :mad:

I didn't realize that Meiden had to freaking land on it.  That might have altered the design somewhat.

So this turned into two separate missions.






First launch of the second flight didn't go too well.. as I forgot the KER module.

Still getting used to that.  In Science/Sandbox, it's never needed.

So I aborted a couple hundred meters up, and tried to save as much of the rocket as I could be doing a parachute/powered landing (obviously the re-entry chutes wouldn't be enough)

I miscalculated, blew up the 4 outer engines, but it balanced quite nicely on that one swivel.


And it's all Meiden's fault.

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Today I mostly did some unsuccessful troubleshooting of an IVA problem.  I also did several course corrections - I have an absolute hoard of stuff enroute to Jool & Sarnus, with several probes heading further out.  The only noteworthy item was sending my Moho crew on course back home:


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My first township landing in my Orbit (production) world.  It's located about 230 km NNE of KSC.

I've named it Gemski after the leader of the settlement party.  Next step is to site a local airport and fly in a Jeep for local use.


It's designated hub airport will be KSC itself.  Mayor Gemski will get an alarm set in KAC to travel once every 60 days...

Meanwhile, still obsessed with building a minimal, working sub base...


(Not there yet...)

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