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What did you do in KSP today?

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Sent up yet another station with lessons learned from the first two... it turned out the gravity ring was the main source of the second one's problems--it eats up lots of nitrogen and electricity and it drags the average rad shielding level down for the whole station--so I ditched it in favor of lots of batteries, extra food storage, bigger oxygen cylinders, and lots and lots of radiation shielding. It can hold enough food and air to keep its three-kerman crew alive for a full year without resupply. 



Sure enough, the crew came back from their year-long mission only about 10% radioactive. (And 43% insane after a year in cramped quarters with no gravity ring, but the experiment was about radiation, not sanity.)



On 6/25/2018 at 11:47 AM, RocketScientist said:

What mods did you use to make the station? Looks good!

Thanks! The most obviously visible ones are Tantares (+ now in Colors!) for the crew modules and reentry vehicle, Stockalike Station Parts for the gravity ring, Near Future Solar for the solar panels, RLA for the crew shuttle and cargo ship engines, KW for a couple of fuel tanks, Kerbalism itself for the supply containers, and a certain amount of TweakScale abuse to get everything to fit together.

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Went to launch my monstrosity rocket spaceplane on xbox enhanced. Loaded onto the launchpad, hmm one of my boosters loaded just laying on the ground, oh well it was redundant. Launched and after 20 minutes of slow frame rates went to release the first stage which seperated fine but since that booster never left the ground my rocket began an unrecoverable tilt due to the second stage booster now being drained. Reverted.

Removed the extra booster stage, launched and then proceeded to just see a black screen with a light flare in the middle. Kerbin time showed year 499 day 999. Rebooted game went to try launching the rocket again, same issue. Decided to use an earlier less complicated rocket and began redesigning that for my current mission parameters.

I will probably try and see if I can recreate the issue on Thursday and then submit a bug report, it was only a 1400 part rocket after I removed that booster stage which added 400+ parts.

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Haven't had much free time over the past 2 days other than a bit of time tonight. I got around to designing a cheaper and more compact 2 man capsule + manned cargo ship.


The Kerb-can 1 man capsule integrated with the default 1 man capsule is what makes this 2 man. It's put into the fuselage just below the first main capsule. It really was a no brainer to make it, as it's 1.3 tons compared to the 1.5 tons of the previous 2 man capsule, and that's not factoring in the larger heat shield the first 2 man capsule needed. 



The attached ship has a "cargo bay" (a blank space connected with a girder), that can handle multiple forms of cargo. The ship is quite cheap, and would be pretty good at constructing a space station.


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The Minmus rescue went well. The pod was in a retrograde orbit, which I knew beforehand so, I had made sure I'd come in from the right direction.

Then and as I had just grabbed the thing, my eye caught the orbital refinery, 85km away, in a prograde orbit. Didn't hesitate, didn't even bother to check the map. I just fixed my flight path to match the station's and docked. You get to do these things around bodies like Minmus, almost with impunity.

A spaceplane was waiting in LKO to receive the pod. The maneuvering unit loaded it up and a bit later, it was touching down on KSC.






Another Kerbonaut for my roster :p

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Today I was on a quest to finish collecting Science from every single Biome on Kerbin, and in every single Situation possible! This meant hunting for rarities such as Splashed at Mountains and Landed at Water.

My final trip was to hunt for Splashed at Highlands, and thanks to a prior forum thread here (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/158035-splashed-down-biome-science-in-122/) I confirmed that there is still indeed the potential to gather Splashed at Highlands science in v1.4.3!



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9 hours ago, eddiew said:

I really need to try this pack in my next run... 

If you want I can send the modified config files i made to have it not blow up instantly if you use principia.

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45 minutes ago, Eriksonn said:

If you want I can send the modified config files i made to have it not blow up instantly if you use principia.

Lol, I actually don't use Principia, I just liked the visuals :)  But maybe pass that config on to the mod thread, let them integrate it for compatibility? ^^

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Last night (in my RSS/RO/RP-1/Principia career), Kerbals first launched an object into orbit.

The launcher is Excelsior C (sorry, no VAB or pad shots, I was trying to finish before bedtime and forgot to hit F1).  LR-85 with the usual two verniers for roll, max rated burn time tank, and two Castor 1 solid boosters.  Second stage, three AJ10-42, with max rated burn time tank.  Which left me close to 2000 m/s short of orbital requirements, so I took a page from NACA 1957, and mounted an array of Baby Sergeant motors (x11, x3, and x1) on top of the second stage.  Atop the final Baby Sergeant I placed a tiny probe, just over 8 kg, with three science instruments, a low power transmitter, and the rest batteries (aka Explorer I).  I wasn't getting a dV readout for the Baby Sergeant stages, probably because they would fire only after separating from the avionics core, but MechJeb insisted I had 7700 m/s before that stage.  I let MechJeb fly the first one, and I must have had something set wrong; it passed my selected apogee, still burning upward with 3/4 tanks left on the second stage.  Range Safety decided that was off course enough to be a problem, and destroyed the stage.

For the second launch, I assumed manual control; I boosted upward more or less along the path MechJeb had taken in the early launch, then started tipping over in earnest around 6 km.  By the time I had 20 km beneath the launcher, I was watching apogee height carefully; as it passed 200 km, and with the air now thin enough not to cause trouble, I tipped the booster horizontal, letting momentum carry it upward as it built orbital velocity.  I dumped the fairing at 65 km, staged at 110 km, and the second stage fired horizontally for two and a half minutes, starting the stage rolling with the last seconds of the burn.

At second stage burnout, I was walking into the dark -- I staged and fired the first Baby Sergeant array, then the second, and then the third.  They were so quick I didn't have time to look at the velocity display until the third had burned out, but that one left my tiny probe with a velocity above 10,500 m/s at an altitude of close to 300 km.  A glance at the map screen confirmed: I had orbit!




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Well, it appears that being a cheap bean-counting stand-up guy is really my vocation. :-)

Not happy by recovering all rocket parts, I'm managing to land the damned candle near KSC and maximizing the value. One day I will manage to land the thing on the launch pad! :D 

(I had splashed down @ -2.5m/s vertical speed - I could land her without loosing engines!)






Note: The escape tower can be used to decelerate the descent to allow safe parachute deploying if I have to abort the ascent and land/splash her with full tanks! (do not use after deploying the parachutes, they don't react very well to fire…)

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Because I seem to have ADHD (not really) and can't stay with one save game, I started a new KSP:EE sandbox game on Xbox One last night, with the intention of trying to knock off all of the Xbox achievements.....even though I've never landed on anything outside Kerbin SOI.  Did a Mun landing and return last night.  Will be doing a Minmus mission tonight.....then onto the harder areas......anything outside Kerbin SOI.

I will say that, when people talk about things that aren't in the stock game but are available in mods, they are often forgetting about the smaller console community that doesn't have access to any of that.  No docking port alignment aids, no KER or MechJeb, etc.  Playing on console, you really need to be able to fly by the Navball well.  Only mods I really use on PC are KER and Docking Port Alignment (although, I have learned to use the Navball and mainly use DPA as a guide), and I really missed KER on the console.  Typically landing on the Mun, everything is 2000-3500m in height, so it would be nice to have a true altitude readout on Console version.  I crashed my first landing attempt simply because I couldn't slow down quick enough with the engines I had.  I have learned that when possible, I try to decouple a staging booster/fuel stage into the Mun as I'm landing to learn what the altitude is by seeing the distance away the ejected stage is when it crashes, and subtracting it from my current altitude as shown in top altitude meter (not true distance to surface) to get a rough idea of what the surface height is.

On my accelerated $ and science PC career, I am working on about 5 Kerbal rescues ATM, and getting ready to build some manned Mun and Minmus missions.

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Today I delivered the Mk1 Drydock, along with a Tranquility module configured as an OSE Workshop, to Skybase:



The Mk1 Drydock on the left is powered by @taniwha's Extraplanetary Launchpads. Story-wise, the Skybase crew will test out the drydock and evaluate its ability to recycle space junk into rocket parts and scrap metal as well as build new craft. In reality, EL works great! My mods have had EL support for a long time. :)

Here's all the space junk that I have to contend with:


I could just terminate the missions, but I thought it would be more interesting to go around and pick up the trash, then use said trash to build new vessels. Now I just need to send a crew up to Skybase, repair the Bigby Orbital Workshop, and get to work...

Meanwhile, I finally processed enough Blutonium into Nuclear Fuel, and was able to bring the Lesser Flats Refinery's nuclear reactor online today:


Might not seem like much, but the refinery has had power issues for awhile now, and I finally found some Blutonium to mine. Once I get the tank farm built and assemble the mass driver, the refinery will be done and I can then concentrate on the shipyard. :)

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3 hours ago, djr5899 said:

I will say that, when people talk about things that aren't in the stock game but are available in mods, they are often forgetting about the smaller console community that doesn't have access to any of that.

Depends on who you've talked to/with. I may be using DPAI to speed up the process, but it doesn't mean I can't do it myself. I often do rescue & recovery contracts, where DPAI can't help you line up the claw with the 'x' pod/component. I also use claw equipped craft/maneuvering units to move stuff around. Didn't even know the mod existed when I got into docking ops.

As for the absence of true altitude indicator in stock KSP, it actually is there -in IVA: it's the radar altimeter gauge, kicking in at 3000m off the ground. There's also a vertical speed indicator, which you can use to control your descent rate. Even after finding out about suicide burns/hoverslams, I'd often go into IVA for the touchdown phase.

Me and I'm sure many others, are perfectly aware console players don't have access to -at least- information feedback mods so no, we won't judge you if/when your craft slams hard on the ground -we've been there ourselves :)

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