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What did you do in KSP today?


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I added fins to my Escort rocket sled.


Well, fins (with outboard T-800s) looked too retro, not to mention the unnecessary weight.  So I went with the tail cones instead.

This means I can land it on the Mun.  Refuel it.  Re-orbit to tag a twin.  Refuel that too.  Then push both out to the Munar 2Mm outer orbit where I intend now to assemble interplanetary expeditions.

(Will probably have a station/fuel dump at 25km to buffer fuel and one out at 2,000km.)

Then use a fully-fueled Escort to do the interplanetary transfer insertion...  THUMP!!


Using what I learned with the Escort project (particularly the first usage of Rhino engines), I did a make-over on my old Minotaur fuel tanker tech.  Result is Titan...

(click the first below for a slide show)


It looks so far like it can loft at least 75K kallons of LF + a few of OX into LKO.

(I'm wondering also if, with elementary wings and chutes, I could lob the second stage back over the KSC and control it well enough simply to land it on the green for recovery...  separate project)

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4 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

(click the first below for a slide show)


Zoomed out, your glowing engines resemble a Thargoid from Elite: Dangerous. Well done, man. :) And the Thargoid pic I just looked up becomes my new wallpaper after maybe 2 years!

I spent the better parts of the last two days making, tuning and merely enjoying some all-new engines and supplementary parts. This Skylon plane is quite fun.

Honeyview_screenshot740.jpg mv0UrO9.jpg YvhXIvJ.jpg yHiaC81.jpg 



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Took some tourists for a spin and rescued a new recruit in my GEP Primary career.


Ended up landing in the mountains, but thankfully the chutes still worked well enough to avoid any major problems.


And I started a mission report for this career, which can be found here:


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Today I finished the tech tree for the first time.  The last node to be filled in was Miniaturization, because of a joke someone had made after I posted about how my rockets seemed to be growing ever larger.  Plus, I didn't really feel the lack of anything in there—Clampy Jr. was the only thing that really mattered and I was perfectly happy working with the standard model. 

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After my last build having a very low fuel load which forced me to do a last minute addition of drop tanks, my next build was to be able to take a belly drop tank that uses the Mk1 tanks instead of the Mk0 tanks. Doubles as practice for building with wing pieces
Turns out this build didn't need the belly tank anyway, without the tank it has over 3000 units of fuel, with the tank it has about 4000. Way overkill.



After the tests, a quick check shows that its the largest I've built out of all the fighters I've built and also the heaviest at easily twice the weight of the others.


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Decided to work on my Principia career again! Not really that much happened today, I did a correction burn here, added a maneuver there and launched a small probe to land on the Mun.

Since the mod now supports atmospheric flight, here's my standard gravity turn. It would be nice to see other people's turns; see what trajectory is best.


The probe had 1800m/s of dV and I decided to use a low energy transfer to the Mun. Which ended up being a good decision, as I was very close to running out of fuel upon landing.

This is what the probe looks like and I'll admit; This is probably the most realistic (or at least aesthetically pleasing in a semi-realistic way) looking probe I've ever done in this game.


Making last corrections on the path...


... and a little later I got stranded on the Munar surface.



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I finally got around to sending a mission up to clear up two spent stages from my early career.  Specifically the upper stage of my Interim Mun Lander design - I couldn't spare an extra part for a probe core or the fuel to deorbit at the time.  I didn't feel like launching two missions, so I made a double recovery vehicle, launched it, then realized I could've saved myself some funds & dV by only having one detachable unit & just a claw in the second position:


After first capture.  I can't believe I didn't just stick a claw on the second position instead of the whole autonomous claw thing.  Just gave me 3 things to deorbit instead of 2.


Still, it worked as intended:  Connect the claw, seperate the claw vehicle, then once clear of the main ship, fire the SRB & watch your Pe drop:


My two Duna landers also arrived successfully.  Neither one had any maneuvering capability once the transfer stage seperated, but somehow I managed to place them within 10% of the planets radius of each other entirely by accident.  It's not even a good thing because they ended up in the same biome.  Not a total loss as they had a few different experiments on each, but still lost out on a little science for now. 



Finally, some last minute orbital repair work - totally forgot to put any kind of radiator on my Jool Voyager NERV transfer stage, so I sent Kelrik up with a few small thermal control systems to attach.



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Today I did my first inclined launch (Minmus).  I didn't realize at first that one needs to wait for KSC to get close to an inclination crossover point, although it was obviously necessary once I considered the question.  It was annoying to have to keep correcting to stop the inclination from drifting away again, but it was really nice to put myself in a pre-inclined LKO orbit for transfer. 

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Launching several modules for new space station


Core module:


Rendezvous with relay module:


Sending the crew module:


Dock with core module:


Launching the power module (I need to launch this twice):


Rendezvous with station:




Aaaand... it's done :)


The built-in engine allows it to be relocated to Mun or Minmus


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