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What did you do in KSP today?

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On 8/13/2018 at 3:45 PM, Zosma Procyon said:

I got overly exited during a test drive of a mobile base that took a week to get not to shimmy itself to death, and this happened.


Do you have a pic of what it looks like before RUD? It looks like you have a bunch of wheels attached out on the ends of long bars. If that's the case I wouldn't be surprised that it was shimmying a lot.

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13 hours ago, AngrybobH said:

Have you written MM patches before? I ask because it seems like it wouldn't be too hard to edit the greenhouses to have what you need after they are loaded in. That is how I would fix it. Just change the part to mirror a Snacks part with your own values or even a direct copy. I have never used snacks but I have used all the other life support mods and patching in behavior for unsupported parts was not real difficult. Well, except for kerbalism but that's a different story. As a side note,  have you used USI life support? It is not any more complicated than snacks. I'm currently using it because of MKS and I like it for it's simplicity and lack of glitches.

I haven't written my own patches before.  The problem is there already is a MM patch to add snacks greenhouses & recyclers to DSEV, but its only partially working.  I tried editing some things that I thought were typos in the existing file, and that improved things, but it's still not 100%.  I have no clue why it won't let me turn off the DSEV greenhouses after starting them when those lines are identical to other parts patches that do work (ie "StopActionName = "), or why the recycler added to the stock Hitchhiker works but the recycler added to the DSEV passenger modules (with as far as I can tell identical wording except the part name) doesn't work.  Is there a good tutorial on writing a MM patch?   I feel like something silly got missed or has a typo in the original patch, and I'm missing it now too. 

I haven't tried USI before - Snacks was my first attempt at a life support mod, and the actual life support part has made for a more challenging & interesting experience.  I was never really happy with sending a kerbal or 3 on multi-year trips in just a command pod.  If I can't figure this out, I may have to give it a shot. 

On the plus side, in an alternate KSP universe without Snacks (the horror!!!), Jeb was the first kerbal in space this morning, followed by Val as the first kerbal in orbit in a brand new hard+ career (funds/science/rep rewards turned down to 40%) so that at least saved further damage to my keyboard (and forehead) for now.

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3 minutes ago, Cavscout74 said:

Is there a good tutorial on writing a MM patch?

not that I have found. I just went to the MM page and dug through posts and the official docs then, started messing with it until I felt I understood it enough. I dont use DSEV parts mostly because I prefer CKAN and they say not to use it. But, regardless of which mod you are trying to patch the logic should be the same. It would start with a @PART[DSEV] (might use a :NEEDS or :AFTER as well to ensure it runs after the changed part is loaded in) type of line with the DSEV being something common to those parts(maybe DSEV_Greenhouse?). you would have to look at the DSEV parts you were changing to figure out what name is common or write a specific patch for each part(may be preferable). You would then use the -MODULE to remove the stuff in the part you are changing or @MODULE to edit. Then copy the appropriate stuff from the Snacks part that works like (snipet from USI greenhouse. snacks should be similar)

        name = ElectricCharge
        amount = 600
        maxAmount = 600

        name = ModuleResourceConverter_USI
        ConverterName = Agroponics
        tag = Agroponics
        StartActionName = Start Agroponics
        StopActionName = Stop Agroponics
            ResourceName = Mulch
            Ratio =  0.00120000
            ResourceName = Fertilizer
            Ratio =  0.00012000
            ResourceName = Supplies
            Ratio = 0.00132000
            DumpExcess = False
            ResourceName = ElectricCharge
            Ratio = 2.64

You could patch that to "@PART[*]" and all parts would have electric charge and USI greenhouse behavior(not recommended). If all your squiggly brackets are good and the syntax is right, it will make a part that looks like a DSEV part but works like a Snacks part. Of course you can change any of the values too.

27 minutes ago, Cavscout74 said:

The problem is there already is a MM patch to add snacks greenhouses & recyclers to DSEV, but its only partially working

How old is this patch? MM changed the way some things are done not too long ago. This and the fact that DSEV or Snacks may have changed some names of parts or modules within the mod might render it broken. It actually could be as simple as figuring out the proper names of things and altering the patch. Maybe this helps you out? Fighting mods/patches can be a game in itself but far less fun than launching rockets.
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4 hours ago, Stunkfish said:

more advanced contraption (I thought).

Wow if I had a dollar for every time I thought something like that, I wouldn't have to worry about going to that pesky job every day.  :D

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Making glacial progress on the next chapter for Imagining a Kerbal Future, where I will depict a hard-SciFi (-ish) space battle in-game. 


For example, a "stealth" (as in, harder to detect, not "impossible") railgun ship. The first issue was that the structure simply liked to tear itself apart, regardless of using the cheat menu (which have been required to prevent ships from exploding when reloading them). Next, even a highly modified railgun had serious trouble against a laser ship, often failing to hit, possibly because it simply wasn't aiming the right way.


The battleship, equipped with powerful lasers on the front (and though not depicted to save part count) and powerful missiles. Building the battleship went smoothly, but only because I forgot to test the front and back halves of the ship to see if they would explode. Indeed, the front exploded spectacularly with great frequency, caused by a combination of an FEL laser part (for cosmetic purposes) and armor plating on the rear part of the cone, which required extensive testing to fix. Once fixed, the issue became a pattern of the front half constantly flopping around under acceleration, which meant I had to cut down on the amount of parts the central truss used, and I ended up having to fix the first issue again. Once this issue was solved, I was able to test the vessel without constant destruction, until the gas core engine started to rapidly overheat, and the radiators seemed to have little effect. I experimented with other engines, but they proved to be poor substitutes in performance. Putting back the engine, I encountered the problem of the engine being the part that was now shaking itself apart, and after countless tries I managed to get back to a usable configuration. Lastly, however, the ship pitches severely when SAS is enabled, despite SAS attempting to counteract the shift. Turning off SAS solves the issue, but that will be an unsustainable option in combat...

(In short, A LOT of problems have stretched what should've been a day-long endeavor into one a few times that.)

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Finally got my Duna transfer window, so 5 ships are on their way to the Duna system:

First to leave is my Duna Ore Scanner (the Ike Scanner is identical, and 2nd in line to leave):



3rd in line after the Duna and Ike Scanners is my Duna Orbital Refueler.  Hopefully this vessel is totally not needed, but if mining does not work our properly, or any ship needs some extra juice before reaching final destination, the Orbital Refueler is there for backup.


Next up is my Duna Ore Miner and Converter.  The v1.0 craft is a little tall for my liking, so v1.1 or 2.0 will look to shrink down the height...when I get around to building it.


Finally, the 5th ship on the journey is my completely untested space plane/refueling rover.  I built this thing to where it's docking port (currently covered by the heat shield) should line up with the docking port of the Ore Extractor.  I also never really tested landing the thing, so, this should be an exciting last craft to the Duna system.


5 craft leaving Kerbin SOI and on their way to Duna.  Only 2 of the 5 need course corrections at the moment.


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18 hours ago, -M-TheDoctor said:

Today in Kerbal Space Program I learned that airdrops are a viable option for getting Kerbals to those hard to reach anomalies on Kerbin. Performed a quick test with a lander can and it worked splendidly... Photos of upcoming missions to come....:D

For a long time (about 2 years) I didn't make any vehicle with wings, so anything on Kerbin, more than a quick rover drive away, was flown to by rocket.

Even the runway island was a place I'd travel to balistically.

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I'm plugging along in my Career game, but today was interesting. I sent two probes to the outer edges of the Kerbol system: Urluum & Neidon.

I've been running with OPM for a while, but honestly never got out that far. I've always liked how they looked in the night sky. :P

But with launch windows just 7 days apart and the promise of science rewards (admittedly, 10+ years away...) I had to send something out that way!


Standard equipment for both probes: 
Science package (using DMagic/Universal Storage 1): Orbital telescope, Magnetometer, Multi-spectrum Analysis, RPWS
Propulsion: 1 NERV rocket engine
Electrical: 6 RTGs (2.4 e/s using Universal Storage 2 RTG part), 2 Gigantor solar panels, total 3250 ec capacity
Comms: 2x HG-55 (30G Direct range), 1x RA-15 (15G Relay range)

They're both basically identical, except the Neidon probe required more dV, so the fuel tank area was beefed up a bit.

Deep Space Probe - Urluum Explorer (KSCD-006A)
Estimated arrival: 9 years
Total dV: 8060 m/s


Deep Space Probe - Niedon Explorer (KSCD-006B)
Estimated arrival: 16 years
Total dV: 8790 m/s




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On 8/12/2018 at 8:59 AM, purpleivan said:

Took a quick trip to Kerbol to see how close I could get... as the PSP was launched today, it seemed appropriate.

This seems like it should be a challenge somewhere..... get as close to the sun as you can.

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On 8/15/2018 at 11:52 AM, Tyko said:

Do you have a pic of what it looks like before RUD? It looks like you have a bunch of wheels attached out on the ends of long bars. If that's the case I wouldn't be surprised that it was shimmying a lot.


It's currently in a holding orbit over Kerbin waiting for the launch window. This model of mobile base doesn't have very good forward visibility, but it looks cool.

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12 minutes ago, blorgon said:

Well that is just adorable. But umm... how's the driver supposed to see?!

Good question, actually he doesn't need to see because I have a Probodobodyne OKTO hidden in the back that does all the steering.

He is just there because I need a EVA report and no drone can do that. ^_^


Thanks for asking.


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5 hours ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

Sorry, sometimes I forget that I’m old. :blush:

Well, I'm not very young being 45 years old, thanks for freeing us from Hitler. :sticktongue:

Stability is my main issue with rovers and rolling over is my worst nightmare.

I design these monsters but I have no idea how to set up yhe hydraulics . . . :unsure:

Mountain survey contracts are pretty serious business btw...





Empty batteries, waiting for a sunrise  . . .


Edit: Don't think the buggy in the bottom picture is going downhill, it's actually going up, if I let go of the brakes it will go backwards.

Optical illusion...

And yes, I made this picture so I can have the Mun and Minmus in it . . .

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