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What did you do in KSP today?

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3 hours ago, Kebab Kerman said:




Man, I love Scatterer and EVE!

Oh, sure, it’s all ooohs and aaaahhs now, but then you get a quadruple eclipse and those beasties from Pitch Black come out, and then there’s running and ... screaming.  :o

1 hour ago, Triop said:

Don't ask . . . <_<


Asking. -_-

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I experimented in Jool-diving in 2.5x for resource harvesting, with a special-made OPT spaceplane. Nominal orbital velocity is about 8.6km/s so this plane would likely have exploded long ago if not for epic thermal control system. Four 1.25m Lassos from Pathfinder are hooked on under the wings for the actual harvesting, but for whatever reason, they appear to be broken for me again so I used only their atmosphere input rate as the yard-stick for performance and how deep I should dive.


I saw this on the way in and seriously asked myself how people can resist and reject mods so harshly...



I ended the experiment session by casually re-entering on Kerbin and testing its handling while landing. It was alright but it needs chutes.

That's no Mun. I swear. ~ _~


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48 minutes ago, Triop said:

You must be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more drunk than I am. &)

No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, man.  Just tired.  And it seemed to be in my appropriate...idiom.


47 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

We work with what we’re given. -_-




Some of us also work with what we bring.  Gives us more control.


42 minutes ago, Triop said:


Amen. ^_^

<Shatner>  Must.  Not.  Take.  Straight.  Line.... </Shatner>

Anyhoo, back to our regularly scheduled topic: What Did I Do In KSP Today.  Well, earlier this week.

Here's a rover I designed 3 years ago for KSP 0.90 (with Better Than Starting Manned) for which I'd failed to get any screenshots back then.  Still have KSP 1.0.4 w/BTSM install, so I fired it up and had Val and Jeb take it for a spin.



Huge 'cause it was designed for Mun and needed charge and life support.  Fast, top end about 24m/s.  Doesn't like bumps like the edge of the runway at that speed.



Visited the Monolith north of KSC.  Which was floating in the air in KSP 0.23.5 but partly buried in 0.90 and 1.0.x.



And it was just the right time of day to get this cool picture.



I'll have to go for a visit and see what it's like in 1.4.5.

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I built an supply freighter and topped off the Val for her trip out of Kerbin's SOI.




The landing legs were to attempt recovery of the supply ship, but the parachutes deployed too early, burned up, and the it crashed in the ocean. Oh, and the booster decided to miss the StageRecovery speed threshold by less than a meter, so that was a total loss as well. Expendability is flexibility, right?

I was able to use the Mun for a gravity assist to get to Kerbin's SOI: much more economical to get out for 800 m/s. And the extra time allowed Bill and Kargard to work on all the science in the lab from the Mun flyby and LKO experiments. I actually had too much data - need to have more than one lab in future ship designs.



Once Kerbol orbit was reached, more measurements were taken and the crew burned for home. going to use the Mun again for Kerbin capture, and they need time to get the numbers crunched anyway.

Back on Kerbin, flew another survey mission with the Ocelot long range aircraft:


Just after takeoff I got a partial failure on the starboard engine - thrust became erratic (visible in this photo). Lealong took it like a champ and kept flying, but the flight was slower, and we were headed halfway around the globe.


After wrapping up the aerial survey I noticed a surface survey so close. Too close to resist, despite my earlier issues using planes, especially the Ocelot, as a rover.

Landed alright, but naturally, this happened:


But I managed to fix it! Lealong, you are earning your paycheck today! (We pay them, right?)


I got two of the three survey sites before the unbalanced aircraft tipped again, and this time I lost the engines. No damage to crew and netted a nice amount of funds, plus it's a known issue, so we won't garnish Lealong's wages this time.






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Managed to put World of Warcraft down for a bit ¬_¬


As per standard procedure, the transfer stage doubles as a communications relay, and is left with just enough fuel to park in an inclined, eccentric orbit around Otho where we hope it won't get hoovered up by a moon.

Spice scans of Augustus came back inconclusive; there's definitely orange dust down there, but we can't tell from the spectrum analysis whether it's a new taste sensation, or just rusty dirt. Mission control requests funding for a kermanned mission to follow.


As befits middle-children, Otho Explorer didn't linger much around Hephaestus, barely finishing its radar scans of the surface before hastening on to the slightly more glittery-looking smallest sibling.

Upon reaching final orbit, this mission concluded with about then tightest fuel budget control has ever worked with. Turns out someone in flight planning didn't account for polar orbits when they were working out the transfer costs from moon to moon, with the result that Otho Explorer just barely squeaked into Jannah orbit with 17m/s spare in the tank. Cookie privileges have been revoked.

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Now that a crew is back on Laythe, the serious work can start again. 

Laythe atmospheric entry & cruising to the LZ in the clouds



First order of business was the mundane task of refuelling spaceplanes.  I'm SOOOOO glad that fuel rover landed safely.


Next up is checking on the debris from Pumera-Laythe 1, to see if there's any remains to send home.  I really want to bring this entire piece home & sit it on a pedestal next to the Astronaut complex as a lost kerbonauts memorial.  I had been expecting a smaller piece of debris that would fit in a Mk 2 cargo bay, but no such luck.


After inspecting the debris, it was time to head off shore, first to dispose of the old floating base:


Heading away after stripping off the advanced RTG's.   Demo charges have been set, then I remembered the Jetwing I was supposed to grab too.  Had to shut off the charge quickly before trying again


There she goes:


Hmm, I've got this perfectly good jetwing, and the new base is over 40km away.....   Might as well send the engineer ahead to make sure the new base is ready to go


Low pass over the crew boat


Umm, didn't quite mean to spashdown this far away.  Or this hard.  Surprisingly, Tomley survived the 30 m/s splashdown, but the jetwing did not.  Also, he was just over 300m from the station.  Made for a long swim


And finally everyone else arrived, the RTG's were attached to the new base & the scientists got to work



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Apparently I misjudged the size of the fuel module, and I bumped the solar arrays, causing the station to spin and making docking impossible. Couldn't retract them because lol nonretractable... Except for the power of CFG editing!

Edit, if I cant get it to dock with retracted panels, I'm chucking the solar arrays and getting a reactor installed. How I'm going to get 10+ Megawatts of Core Heat control on the reactor unit will be a question for the ages though.

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It is complete! Half a million kilos of metal and propellant now reside in a 77x74km Munar orbit as Fuel Station Luna. Now then, to look into building a base. Fortunately I have the mod that has those really nifty auto-leveling legs for bases, so I can be far less picky about how far off perfectly flat the ground i set down on can be (I keep it under 4 degrees).

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Spent a little bit getting my Moho multi-purpose craft into orbit around Moho. Forgot to account for my craft's less than stellar acceleration and ended up burning more propellant than intended. Not enough to risk compromising the mission, but definitely makes margins alot tighter than expected. Fortunately, I didn't have to tap into the science return craft's fuel reserve to complete the capture.

Also while I was out, the space center got flooded again.


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40 minutes ago, Cyrious said:

Also while I was out, the space center got flooded again.

Here where I live, we had a bad typhoon (what Americans call hurricanes) which necessitated the Typhoon Signal No. 10, which is the strongest on the scale. Many places got flooded, chaos and havoc reigned and some people were hurt, but everyone survived.


Anyways, after watching the launch of a Sputnik replica today yesterday evening, Bill Kerman had no missions or tasks to complete today, so he went for a stroll in the KSC.


He first visited the Mk. 1 pod memorial.


He then took a look at the satellite/statue that was put there a few days ago. If you recall, it was made from an actual satellite that skimmed past Comet Halley.


Bill then contemplated life on a tank full of highly explosive fuel.


Bill played around on the stairs.


Bill tried climbing the flagpole. Look at his determination!


And he gets to the top, admiring how extraordinarily huge the flag is. Gene Kerman is going to be so angry when he sees this.


He then visits the asteroid garden, located a few hundred meters away from the runway. I think there's about 20 something asteroids there.


Bill takes a swim. Usually Jeb accompanies him, but he's currently in Gilly orbit.


Bill then checks back into the Astronaut Centre to continue playing Human Space Program. Fitting, since he's a kerbonaut.

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This wasn't done today, but i was finally able to do what i did by complete accident years ago using the big 8 engined cargo-plane you get with B9 aerospace (was 8 engined back then) and a small shuttle using said mod.

I basically put the aircraft to a course that would get it to a high altitude, i went away to do something while the aircraft was climbing, and when i came back, hey presto, the aircraft was at an altitude of about 25000m or something like that, basically high enough for me to release the shuttle and put it into orbit.


My first serious attempt at this had me using this...or actually an older version of this that i lost because of those damn clone MK-0 tanks from the SXT mod.


I didn't do any serious test's with this new version, as the old one was so incapable, and i didn't think this would be that much of an improvement.


So, it was time to throw good looks out the window and bust out tweackscale, and here's the result of that.


A bit of a mix between a flying-wing and the stock stratolaunch thingy.

And this time, using this new plane, i actually got the damn shuttle into an orbit.

Sorry, no picks of the flight itself, as i got the thing into orbit in the first flight, witch i expected to end in the sea or something.



I taught id put this here as i lose interest in my space related stuff surprisingly quickly, even if it's successful stuff.

Now it's time to see if i can get this into orbit as-well


It's basically just a larger version of the other shuttle. My plan is to possibly use this larger shuttle put an new version of my first ever space-station into orbit, it was called spacelab, and i built it like 2 days after i got the game (getting close to 5555 hours now).

But, i kinda feel im probably not gonna even touch this again, i dunno why, but i guess ive spent so much time in the atmosphere that i just can't get myself to leave it.

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Today I finished a "few days program"...as I had given myself (no wait, ...had given all the fabulous engineers from Kerbin...) the task to build the smallest plane I could (no wait....they could!)

Here we go:


and NO....it did not fly. Although the engineers sounded perfectly confident before...

So, step 2!


...and step 3! Liftoff...kind of....


Many explosions (Yes!! :rolleyes:) later...version 4 took off! (I mean...kind of really flew!??)


I guess to really call it an airplane..I should land it with more than just Jeb surviving....but most landings still looked like this:


Still, I am going to call it a success! Kerbal wise at least...
Before I try landing this again though...I am going back to my career game and do some missions to get at least some of my self confidence back :rolleyes:

PS: I learned that delta wings are not actually symmetrical :mad:

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