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What did you do in KSP today?

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There's no such thing as being "Too big" Right, Jeb? Today I built a warship.... Giant warship





Looking at one of the quad-mount AA autocannon


View from above the bridge


Rear deck section


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Pretty slow day yesterday; didn't help that my lunch break was spent designing and I had to revert pretty much all of my afternoon break thanks to stupid-fingers...

Strange Cargo returned safely to space station Kerbinport yesterday, bringing Jeb and his passengers home after a sightseeing mission to Mun. An Auk IX 4-passenger spaceplane flew up to the station to pick up tourists Ribbles, Geofdrin and Phoebe Kerman as well as pilot Tridrin Kerman, the last of whom had been rescued from Munar orbit. After docking and crew transfer, the plane performed a successful de-orbit and landing at KSC 09, clearing three contracts in the process.

I mentioned designing - I did do that. Not that I needed another plane in the Auk lineup, but I didn't want to get out of practice and felt like making a three passenger craft, so I designed the Auk VX:

This was supposed to be the Auk XV, but you can't argue with screenies much. I'll fix the name when I get a chance.

Though I didn't have any passengers to send up to Kerbinport, I did go ahead with a shakedown run of the VX late in the day. Overall the plane's mission to rendezvous with the station, dock, undock and then return to KSC was a success. She does want to come in shallow at re-entry but not badly enough to burn up anything, so she's good as is I think.

The last thing that happened yesterday was the successful establishment of the Michael Collins Convention Center on Mun. v0.21 me knew the coordinates for the Armstrong Memorial; I'm glad they haven't changed and I was delighted to discover that landing there apparently comes with a Worlds First bonus. Shows how long it's been since I've been there last...

Following a tradition I established in v0.21 through no intentional means, the MCCC landed at the site at night. I don't think I've ever been here during daylight. Seriously. The Memorial is on the left.

Putting the coordinates into Trajectories was quite effective - I had to drift a little just before touchdown, on account of I was going to land on top of the Lunar lander replica on top of the memorial otherwise (and that would've resulted in a tipover - the MCCC is bigger than she looks in the screenie...).

Not much happening so far today. Did a High-Altitude, Low-Speed contract to test a Small Hardpoint; that was successful except for losing half the testing craft after touchdown when the thing tipped over. Picked up a tourist mission in its wake; probably going to be heading back to Minmus in the near future.

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Did nothing in KSP today, but something related to it. I spent whole hour writing """story-ish mission report""" about launch of my first space station with tourist as well. Writing is taking far far longer than it should have. However after today it is mostly finished, but it still needs about another hour of writing to complete. Only then I can move on to next mission.

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Rescue some bros from orbit, new mission to re-orientate a relay, which I don't want to do. It's an old one though and the comnet needs an upgrade at some point.

Have a look in the TS and find the new path isn't much different, probably wants me to be really specific. Fortunately it's in a polar orbit and was an old probe mission I stuck a relay on.

Accept mission, switch to probe and......

Target orbit isn't there..... surely not...

Mission Accomplished!


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I threw together a V-tail Beech Bonanza in 22 parts, the only problem was that it's 2 meters too long, but other than that, t looks and flies like a dream.

I made a kerbal skydive from 45 km, poor guy fell for 5 minutes before chute saved him.

I am slro trying to get back into doing 1:1 scale replicas (based on real aircraft) that are highly detailed, and functional.

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Today, I've come a step closer to making Galileo, Jade, Bobert and Poody the first Gaelans to walk on Iota: I've sent a satellite to map the moon so that I can determine the best spot for a gaelan-ed craft to land. Some much needed science was also welcome.


^ I got a bit bored with my stock + OPM career and started a new one on GPP + GEP secondary.

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Got a bit of a backlog of work done, but for the immediate thing, I am experimenting with KAS/KIS and a tower light from a mod I found.


With KAS/KIS, and these nifty tower lights for general floodlighting installed, I do believe it's time to begin construction of my mun and minmus bases.

Among other things I have gotten done, I've deployed 3 commsat networks (Moho, Ike, and Duna) and sent the science return pod for Moho back to Kerbin. If everything goes well with that I can get away with a direct-entry attempt with it.

Oh, and update on the Duna manned mission component: I'm effectively out of fuel (Station is bone dry and the mothership only has about 200m/s for the nuclear thermals.) and ain't getting more until the tanker/expansion ship for the Duna station shows up next window. So now the prime crew and their companions NOT being abandoned stationed at Duna are going to be stuck at the red planet for quite a bit longer.

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Made a really big airliner.




Gotta put struts on this to keep it together, because autostrut surprisingly isn't helping this time. Also, this happened:


EDIT: I also made this thing a few days ago:


It has enough fuel to fly around Kerbin using not even 5 percent of it's fuel. It's amazing. It also looks like a Convair B-36 Peacemaker without the jet engines and the cockpit bulge. Not going to lie, a B-36 would look better without the jet engines. Kinda kills the WWII vibe.

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I spent entirely too much time yesterday working on the Kerboat 7 for the AIRS challenge.

The Kerboat 7, the boat that thinks it's a plane. Sponsored by Megadodo Publications and their friends at Sirius Cybernetics, who reminds you to "Go stuff your head in a pig". Wait, that's not right...

My problem with the design is that it's a boat that I'm trying to use as a plane (you know, to get it out to the starting point). Maybe I need to be thinking of it as..well, a boat. It boats, and it flies; it just has a tendency to flip up onto its nose and kill Jeb when it lands, or at least break off the forward bits of the outriggers, and I have yet to land it safely (read: intact) on the water. And before y'all start, this screenie was from early in the day, before I took off the canards from the nose and moved the CoL back a bit. Atmosphere Autopilot was keeping it under control well enough for the five minute flight out to the island runway anyway...

Regular game saw the launch of a Bill Clinton 7a grabber probe for a junk hauling mission. Owing to my own stupidity, I'm still waiting on the rendezvous with the target and hope to get that done later today. An Auk I rescue spaceplane was launched to rescue scientist Ditrey Kerman from LKO; the retrieval went well but the plane is still waiting for a window of opportunity to land at KSC. The mission was originally scheduled to pick up Hudbree Kerman, but the target craft was in a high inclined retrograde orbit over Kerbin, so a specialized flight will have to be sent up for that particular rescue at a later time. 

Last regular game event yesterday was the flight of an Auk XII 6-passenger spaceplane to space station Kerbinport:

Auk XII, the hot rod of the Auk fleet. 

The plane successfully docked at Kerbinport this morning. Tourist Geofmon Kerman was joined on the plane by fellow tourists Barvin, Franler, Gercal and Philsy Kerman , and then the plane was refueled to maximum capacity before departing and burning for Minmus. Ordinarily I wouldn't go to Minmus in a spaceplane - they are largely designed solely for trips between KSC and LKO - but I've got a mission to test a RAPIER engine at Minmus and I had five tourists wanting to go out there, so end of story.  The plane is scheduled to arrive in 4.5 days, though I'm concerned about its fuel supply; post transfer burn, it's only got about 350 m/s left. I might have to send space station Minmusport's tanker to meet up with it just so that it has enough fuel to finish heading towards the station...

Yeah. Fun times...

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The KSC team has successfully launched and tested our first station called the KLOP-Gee. Destined to be relocated to the moon of Iota where it will serve as a platform for crewed landings (as soon as 1.5 comes out and -hopefully- landing legs work again).

Initial testing lasted for several months on Gael orbit where a rotation of crews performed systems checks and stress tested the newly developed life support systems. After testing was completed the Service Module was launched and attached. The KLOP-Gee has 900m/s DV for lunar circularization and maneuvers during its lifetime, not nearly enough to perform TLI. The Service Modules are disposable. The first one brought up Supplies and will perform the TLI. Future Service Modules will resupply the station and provide LFO for the lunar landers.

Special shout-out to @Nertea for SSPRX and @Beale for Tantares. The parts from the two packs work great together and the fuel tanks and engines from Tantares attach perfectly to the SSPRX station module. Like chocolate and peanut butter :) 

Lots of pics in my Imgur album. Here are some highlights

KLOP-Gee in orbit




Station with 2 crew pods attached - the larger on the right is the long range Kedillac model, the smaller is an orbital hopper called the Krius



KLOP-Gee with Service Module attached plus a quick inspection by the crew




Mid-flight stage separation - the Service Module will crash into Iota - and KLOP-Gee circularization burn into Iota orbit



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did a lot of firsts for my current career run


starting the space tourism business with the Dysoneus-I


also got two identical space stations to kerbin orbit and munar orbit, which totally didn't have anything to do with me overengineering the amount of delta V for LKO by 2200m/s :blush:


oh yeah ehhm, that black module is supposed to be a stock 2.5m size MPL science lab but the textures are glitched out for some reason

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3 minutes ago, BRAAAP_STUTUTU said:

did a lot of firsts for my current career run


starting the space tourism business with the Dysoneus-I


also got two identical space stations to kerbin orbit and munar orbit, which totally didn't have anything to do with me overengineering the amount of delta V for LKO by 2200m/s :blush:


Nice work! which engine is that in the first pic? Is that from FASA?

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1 hour ago, Tyko said:

Nice work! which engine is that in the first pic? Is that from FASA?

heh, no it's actually two KW rocketry twin nozzle 1.25m engines on an adapter that are moved a bit closer to eachother


Dysoneus-II, a 10 kerbal transport vehicle, for completing multiple contracts (SS crew rotation, SS tourism, general LKO tourism)


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My first time to Dres, I heard that it was lonely :D. This Station is an old build called "Station MK9" the name comes from the MK1 Lander Cans I am using, there are 9 in it's core. 


99 Years Later (My Kerbals are kinda old now)


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