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What did you do in KSP today?

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11 minutes ago, ARS said:

Very stable in-flight, it can reach over 1200 m/s in level flight at 1000 m altitude, however perhaps it's too stable. It has difficulty in maneuvering once it goes supersonic. Throttling below 300 m/s allows for stable maneuvering around like normal aircraft, but above that, it's difficult (but not impossible, it's just the craft is seems won't budge an inch once it goes supersonic). So it's basically point at the flight direction at subsonic, then go full throttle from there

Sounds like a normal plane.

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First flight of the ore hauler! A 3.75m class Kontainer (10,800 ore), 4x Quad-Round Kontainer tanks for propellant, and an RE-I5 Skipper as the engine due to the enormous Munar launch mass of almost 200 tons. Empty of cargo this thing could probably make it to Jool and back, but fully loaded theres about 1100m/s Delta V to play with. Oddly enough, refueling is done on the ground, as once I've offloaded to the station, there's more than enough fuel to get back down on the ground without having to do on-orbit processing. Not my best design IMO, I miss my Novapunch engines.

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Today I went into spaced mode and built my first "spaced out rocket"


It actually does what it's supposed to, in a Kerbal way (slightly overpowered)


Enough dV to go places....but nothing really to do there...so I sKipped that part :rolleyes:


Landed well, Valentina was just a bit lazy with the trajectory.


Does anyone know if this actually influences the aerodynamic drag?

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1 hour ago, MR L A said:

I built a stock "fighter" with the opposite problem it would maintain its maneuverability at 1200m/s and as a result rip itself to shreds... :P

To paraphrase from "Llama's with hats":

CAAARRRLLLLL........that kills people!!

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Made some more parts for an upcomng parts pack from Honest Purple's Land O'Junk. Purveyor of fine recycled parts for the price conscious and tight of wallet... opening soon!


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12 minutes ago, NHunter said:

A first group of tourists has been sent to the space hotel high above Gael.


Hm.... I think, I need a bigger space station...


I really like your craft... any more pictures or details of it?

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32 minutes ago, MR L A said:

I really like your craft... any more pictures or details of it?

If you're about space station, I posted another pic a page or two before. If it's about SSTO - ... well, that's just a random flying thing I cobbled together from OPT parts.

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Today Laythe has rejected the Present from the KSC (3 MapSat's)


I had not enough fuel for get into Orbit, and tried to make a aerobrake, now all of the rocket is gone :mad:.

The Antenna survived the reentry but it crashed


No MapSat's but a nice Picture of Jool


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1 hour ago, NHunter said:

If you're about space station, I posted another pic a page or two before. If it's about SSTO - ... well, that's just a random flying thing I cobbled together from OPT parts.

Yeah I saw the station... I quite liked the look of the SSTO!

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11 hours ago, MR L A said:

I built a stock "fighter" with the opposite problem it would maintain its maneuverability at 1200m/s and as a result rip itself to shreds... :P


And this is exactly why real modern fighters have flight control software worthy of @EpicSpaceTroll139:D Tho they are built just a tad stronger, and the software is mostly to keep the pilot from getting ripped to shreds ground into paste. 

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Launches and landings today!

Flush with cash after recent survey missions, the launch site team started a building frenzy. With the approval for production of the heavy-lift, 100% recoverable C-4 Kittiwake launch vehicle, the KSC has rolled out a production program for not only the KS-2 exploration craft but also the first permanent Minmus base and support craft. Look at this KCT build queue:


First off the line is the KL-2 Springbok lander, both Mun and Duna capable and able to operate autonomously.



The Kittiwake launcher is a 3.75m core orbital stage with two C-2 Tern-derived side boosters. There is no second stage in the traditional sense, the side boosters separate and are recovered via StageRecovery while the core stage continues to orbital velocity.



The core stage has a probe core, solar panels, and antenna to enable recovery after payload separation.


The booster separates and burned its remaining fuel to slow down and drop near the KSC. Intended for a water recovery, this booster tipped over a bit too quickly and lost one of the tank pieces but the bulk of the craft was recovered. In the upgraded booster variant i have included landing legs to attempt a return to launch site but have not yet built one with that option.

Once in orbit, the lander docked with the KS-1 Valentina. Since the production of the KS-2 is taking longer than expected (thanks KCT) the crew has time to do a shakedown and nab two Mun exploration contracts, and get a ton of science along the way. Archie, Matdorf, and Ted Kerman head out to attempt the first landing on the Mun of this save.




Success! Archie and Matdorf made Munfall at the Farside Crater and proceeded to biome hop to the Highlands.



Got a good Kerbinrise pic there too, and something like 900 science transmitted, not counting the lab work to be done. Unfortunately, the biome hop used too much fuel so they are currently temporary residents of Mun orbit. Hopefully KSC can get the Minmus base and mining operation running before they run short on supplies; and I can refuel them much cheaper from Minmus. In the meantime, the crew has plenty of science to work on.


Next launch was for the command deck of the KS-2, follow-on to the Val.



This is the first of 15 or so launches needed to construct the Kujira. This launch was autonomous; crew will be delivered last. Most of the construction should be robotic, although I will need an engineer for some final touches.

The final launch of the day was a tourist mission, bringing back the KA-4 Pipistrelle spaceplane. Two tourists wanted an hour in orbit, and as a bonus they got to ride with Verlan, our most decorated kerbonaut.



What should have been a milk run ended in tragedy, as many of my missions seem to do lately. Without the benefit of Kerbal Engineer's flight computer (an integration oversight) Verlan brought in the reentry far too steep, trying to hold the runway landing. The cockpit burned killing Verlan, and the two tourists in the cabin pancaked into the ocean.


During the long, slow, doomed fall, I considered hitting Alt and F4 to try and recover the mission. But, this is hard mode, and when I make dumb mistakes, my Kerbals pay the price.


Here's Verlan's ribbon rack - she is the most senior Kerbal lost so far.


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Today in KSP I learned that the heat system can be quirky if I leave everything on while I'm away from the target vessel.


147.8 Megawatts of heat outflow, and they were saturated for a good couple of minutes before temperatures base-wide began to drop. So, no more leaving the drills, ISRUs, and reactor online while I'm away. Things tend to get toasty as a result.

Oh, and if anyone knows what this Z-fighting bug is and how to fix it (only kicks in if I've been switching back and forth between vessels and generally moving about. If I start the game and go straight to the target, it's unnoticeable/barely there.), I'd be quite grateful.

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So, this is Bumblebee Redux, totally inspired by the original Brikoleur creation.


6x Kerbals and gobs of VERT thrust (4x Wheelseys) for those high alpine locations.

I haven't put it through the whole flight regime yet, so I don't know how high/fast it goes or with what range.  It feels rock-steady in the hover but definitely not a beginner VTOL machine!

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I installed @Angel-125's Buffalo mod, and Jeb and Bill went camping in the mountains. 


With its ten Grizzly wheels, my rover was capable of climbing 35-degree slopes without much trouble.



(The explosion in the background is a piece of debris I left on the mountain a while back. It fell down the hill and exploded when I switched to it because physics.) The rover also did some sick jumps on the way home.



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On 10/16/2018 at 10:49 PM, djr5899 said:

This evening I accomplished Phase 2 of my Minmus refueling network.  Phase 1 was getting the Fuel Tanker Rover on the surface, seen in the pictures above.  Phase 2 was to get the ore mining rig to the surface.

On the pad and ready for takeoff....



Here's what the Big Rig looked like on its decent to Minmus.  You can see the rover on the ground in the background, about 500m away from the Big Rig landing spot.  



Here comes Jeb with the rover.  Dear god let the docking ports line up, or else I have about 500,000 funds in Minmus space junk on the surface



Eureka it works.  Docked and available to take on converted liquid fuel, oxidizer, monoprop, or xenon fuel.



One of the challenges I have had in the past when building mining rigs (besides my tendency to build up and not out) was, on the bottom part of the craft, I always used 2.5m tanks, and I always ran out of room trying to fit radial engines, landing struts, drills, and a ladder for Kerbals to depart.  Going up in size to the 3.75m tank on the bottom solved that issue for me with this build.

Phase 3 will be the orbital fuel tank, which will be responsible for landing on the surface, receiving fuel from the rover fuel tanker, and then returning to lower Minmus orbit to refuel crafts.

Phase 4 will be adding a orbital fuel station, so the orbital tanker can work on refueling the station, and any ships can dock with the fuel station.   Hope to get Phase 3 and 4 completed by the end of the weekend.

Completed Phase 3 about a week ago, but had problems when trying to post the update last week, and just got back to it now.

Orbital refueling tanker on approach to my mining site.



Touchdown, and not too far away from my ore miner and refueling rover.



Rover connection success.



As I'm still relatively new to mining.....damn this conversion stuff is slow.  Thinking of sending a 2nd ore conversion craft to the mining  site, an unmanned version, to help speed things along.  Possibly a 2nd rover and fuel tanker as well.  Now, I need to get at least the first part of my orbital refueling station up to Minmus, and swap out some of the crew at the mining site.  Jeb really wants to go home, after being on Minmus some 100 plus days.

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Today... I took a pretty screenshot during a reentry. I think, it was my Ceti expedition returning home, but I can't be sure anymore (had a busy couple of in-game days after this).


And, after having played the game for over a 1000 of hours, I finally realized that the icon on the "go-back-to-KSC" button is a top-down view of the KSC and not some weird helicopter.  :o:confused:

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So, it wasn't exactly today, but as it's the conclusion of a month long mission, I thought it'd be appropriate to post here.


So. In order to squeeze the last drops of creamy science out of the Mün for some much-needed parts for an upcoming Duna mission, I created a manned rover-base and landed it.




The mission was successful overall, and the crew visited all biomes and anomalies.



One small problem, though.



See that little beige dot above the rover? That's the cockpit. 1 kilometer away.

So, I had to drive the rear of the base over towards it, close enough for the engineer to screw it back on. And this happened not once but twice.

On loading, WorldStabilizer would sometimes get a bit enthusiastic, and... Well, you see.


Fortunately, nobody died. Always a good thing. Here are some pictures of them heading home.



(Disregard the KFC flag)


Phew. Glad that's over. Never again.



Nine days later:


I'm never sending a rover anywhere again. Ever.


Ooh, I can collect tons of science from Duna if I just put wheels on the base. It'll be fine.


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