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What did you do in KSP today?

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Converted the skycrane I posted yesterday into a fully fledged atmospheric EDL system.  Used it to land rovers on Duna and in Kerbin's desert's and drove them about for a bit.  Then I finally remembered to download the Persistent Trails mod so I could make cool shots showing the paths the rover took.

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Landed the same rover at Ceti. That mission was poorly thought out.

First, I didn't pick any extra science instruments I had developed until then. Next, I landed near the pole, so it was daaark. On my visit to Ceti Station, I didn't pick up any scientists, so I could perform the experiments that can be 'restored' by a scientist only once. Then I landed on Plateaus and really didn't expect them to end THAT way:


There's no driving up that slope.

A return to the propulsion module, a suborbital jump, and I could access three remaining biomes. Then I went back to Ceti station where I offloaded all the gathered science for the lab to process (and thank Kraken for that or it would have been a total disaster). Then I decided to bring Galileo Galean, the GPP Jeb counterpart, back to GSC - he'd driven the station to its destination and was currently stuck there. Plus he'd deliver the dingies, or something...

And I decided to reduce my orbit some by aerobraking before burning the remaining fuel for slow-down for reentry. That turned out to be a mistake.


This is all that remained from the Buffalo. I could hear parts popping all around, but the cabin Galileo was in was first to go.

RIP Galileo Galean.

At least the other two survived, able to pop that single parachute on the cockpit. And the station has a couple years worth of experiments to provide data.

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Well, yesterday I finally made the leap from 1.4.5 to 1.5.1, taking most of my catalog of spacecraft from my 1.4.5 career game into my 1.5.1 litterbox game. All of my mods appear to be functioning with the exception of Protractor, which I'm still investigating as of this morning. I do know that a few of my mods have deprecated some parts with 1.5 and I've already taken some steps to replace those parts, though I still have a ways to go before I've got them all cleaned up.

I did a test run of the TBD 7 base-seeding rover craft in the new litterbox, sending Jeb and Bill out to Mun to put together a small outpost; it seemed like a good test of the more critical mods I use. I was dismayed to discover that, unfortunately, Pathfinder now works as its intended to and I couldn't assemble the onboard Hacienda-Claimjumper drilling module. Means I'll have to go back to the drawing board on the design, unfortunately...

Most of the rest of the day was done in the new career save with the early crap. I haven't made it to orbit just yet but I have come awfully close and hope to do so on the next hop. I'm sure I'll be back to doing more interesting things in a few days, RL permitting.

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Upgraded my Beep comsat package from the shot on the Left to the one on the Right:



The payload is the same, consisting of two pods, each powered by an Ant Spark engine and 400 kals. and containing 3x RA-2 comsats.  Approaching the destination body, one pod goes equatorial and the other goes polar.


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52 minutes ago, Hotel26 said:

The payload is the same, consisting of two pods, each powered by an Ant engine and 400 kals. and containing 3x RA-2 comsats.  Approaching the destination body, one pod goes equatorial and the other goes polar.


That is a brilliant idea - consider it stolen...... :D

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I continued texturing my new ground station for Pathfinder:


And I added the port hab/lab and starboard logistics module for DSEV-3:


Once the port logstics module is installed, I'll have to retrofit a pair of RTG auxiliary generators- I don't have an nuclear fuel aboard the station. After that it's time for a shakedown cruise. :)

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Had an Eeloo lander finally arrive at the south pole today


Then I realized all my more experienced pilots were away on missions & it was going to be nearly a year before I got Jeb & Val back home, so I dusted off my mid-tech Falcon II spaceplane & sent a pair of 2-star pilots out to deep space to pick up their 3rd star.  As it turns out, it has just barely enough fuel for that trip, with a little left over for when you overshoot KSC & have to turn around & fly 90 km back to land.

Leaving LKO


Getting ready for course correction burn on the way back home


First (of three) aerobraking passes


After landing with just LF fumes in the tank



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Catching an plane. 
Upcoming Jool mission, this is the laythe base and the SSTO to service it. 
Topped up the base on Spaceport 1, topped up the tanks on the plane to before docing with station as the extra fuel will let me land on Minmus after transfer without refueling in Minmus orbit.
Will dock with transfer stage in Minmus orbit. 

The heat shield on the station is the bottom of an shuttle 

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Today, I've finally brought the first crew to my Ciro (Gael's sun) space station:


Oh, and here's the station itself. Nothing really fancy here, but it was designed as a single-launch solution.


Finally, I got the nuclear fuel plant up and running, and even bred some nuclear fuel to bring the reactor online. Now, the Ceti Outpost is fully self-sustaining AND is down to just 52 parts. I still need to build fuel storage module (and, probably, another set of mining excavators), but...


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Twilight Station Assembly - Launch of Core part 2


Today was the first test of my Pozhar-1B LV, but it didn't end well. I removed some clipped parts and space some things out more, and it worked better until some solar panels were destroyed by a fairing being too close. screenshot119.png



It took a few tries.







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I completed the Lesser Flats Refinery:


The Pipeline mass driver is ready for test shots.

Meanwhile, Team James launched in the Brumby Lander up to Minmus Station:


... and activated the drydock and centrifuge:




Team Marnica will join Team James once they've finished setting up Minmus Station's new capabilities and they've tested the mass drivers.

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Preparation for the Duna surface base mission, preliminarily named "Irem," is proceeding apace. We have just conducted a successful rehearsal of base delivery and setup on Kerbin, with only minor mishaps which have been corrected in an improved design.

The mission will consist of three launches: "Marjana," "Sindbad," and "Dunyazad." 

Marjana carries three extra-rugged, fast, autonomous survey rovers and a 100G relay. The survey rovers will land on the Duna surface in areas previously determined to be relatively ore-rich. Their mission is to find a suitable site for Irem: it must have sufficient surface ore concentration for fuel production, be relatively flat, and be situated relatively near the equator.

Sindbad is a VTOL/STOL tanker. It will be ballistically launched from Kerbin, with three modules on its nose: the command module, a light science/utility/liaison rover with a crew capacity of three, and a deep-space vessel with a crew capacity of ten, intended for rescue missions in the Dunatian system and an eventual return to Kerbin.

The main launch is Dunyazad. She is a VTOL/STOL flatbed cargo/utility atmospheric craft, loaded with the three most important surface base modules: a drill unit, an ISRU unit, and a tractor. Following recent revolutionary inventions such as the "lever" and the "screwdriver", we are now able to make use of fixed facilities such as these. The tractor will be crucial to base setup, and once that has been accomplished, will provide the ISRU and drill with additional power, serve as a fuel distribution point for Sindbad and Dunyazad, and tow the aircraft around the base using another revolutionary technology, known as a "tow cable."

Some pictures from a trial run on Kerbin. There have been some minor improvements to some of the craft, notably the tractor, but nothing that should cause any major explosions. We hope.


Dunyazad on a trial flight on Kerbin. The craft is otherwise identical to the one that will server on Duna, except that it carries a less powerful but Kerbin-atmosphere-capable engine.


Towing the ISRU unit into place. There was a mishap deploying the fairing and it damaged a wheel. We could have repaired or replaced it, but towing it was simpler.


Preparing to pull the drill unit upright. Cables are attached. All it needs is a little yank...


...and there we are!

By the way KIS/KAS absolutely rules. It's breathed new life into the game for me. Suddenly small mishaps are recoverable, and you can do all kinds of cool stuff with packing things up and deploying them -- like this separate ISRU and drill unit, or transporting things lying down and then pulling them upright, towing aircraft around, and what have you. Once the base is set up I'll have to put something in the tip jar for that...

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I finished my Minmus refueling station....kind of :confused:


And did give my core staff a day off for a social team building program... needless to say everybody was thrilled! :ph34r:


After a Minumus Landing (Flag Planting) - SolFlyby - Mun Orbit - Kerbin Land .... there are now 17 new 3-star Kerbals available for duty

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40 minutes ago, Stunkfish said:

I finished my Minmus refueling station....

You aren't the one who finished their construction project today, man.

I've finally finished building my Extraplanetary Launchpad base on Ceti by adding fuel storage module (and 2 more mining excavators):


Even without extra drills, that thing had a dry weight of ~70 tons and took ...awhile to construct. Now I can store whooping 26k liquid fuel, 280k liquid hydrogen, 51k oxidizer, 12k monopropellant, 12 800k argon and 45k xenon to quickly fuel-up whichever ship I decide to build there (I still need to fill those tanks, of course)

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Well… Some debugging is on the schedule. :D 

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