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What did you do in KSP today?


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I had the biggest day yet in my new 1.5.1 career.  First I launched 4 probes to Duna & Ike on the career first interplanetary trip.  No crew going yet - they need to know what they're going to hit when they get there.  Too bad I didn't have either the seismic or atmospheric sensors unlocked yet.  Also too bad I didn't take any screenshots.  During the same time frame, I also performed a rescue from a high retrograde Minmus orbit.  And again didn't get any screenshots.  Finally, while waiting for the rescue mission to return, I sent Val on a mission to investigate an anomaly up on the polar ice caps.  To speed up the trip, I fitted four Boostertron I's vertically to her CS-02C Vampire recon jet to allow a vertical takeoff from the Woomerang launch pad.  For future reference, I could probably have cut the solid fuel in half.  After managing that successfully, she had an uneventful flight to the ice caps, followed by a picture perfect landing near the anomaly.  After marking it for future missions, she flew back to the desert airfield.  I did get a few screenshots of the flight up, but none of the vertical takeoff.   And I didn't copy any of them off my gaming computer to post.

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Building a station around Ceti (moon of Gael in GPP). 3.2x scale continues to be a challenge and I'm having to cut propellant really close to meet my current 1.875m lifter capacities. I can lift just over 11 tons to LGO with current tech.

Well...I shaved it a bit too close with one of my station components and ended up about 20m/s shy of necessary DV to rendezvous and dock with the station core... GRRRRR...Now I have a station component in a higher orbit, just sitting there and I'll have to plan a second launch to recover the errant module and bring it down to the station...  :/ 

I'll post pictures when I complete assembly...hopefully this evening.

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4 hours ago, Cyrious said:

Most likely. At least he didn't use the Whirlijigs to do it, or go on EVA and slap them directly onto the reactor casing.

You can cook hot-dogs by connecting them to the power grind. 
Its three ways to weaponize capacitors, charge them and then use slingshot or crossbow to hit somebody with them. Connect to power grind and they go off as an firecracker. Use them for powering an laser or railgun. 

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I started a new career world today, main reason is becauce when i use principia max timewarp gets quite choppy. And with opm (more than) max warp is needed alot and i am impatient so i rearranged the planets a little so that they are closer in.

Sarnus was moved to roughly the orbit that Dres was on before(but with less eccentricity and inclination).

Urlum was moved to between Sarnus and Duna, in 5:3 resonance with sarnus(I tested it in my gravity simulator and it works great). Dres was put between Polta and Wal.

Neidon was put in a distant Jool orbit(Fun times ahead:D)

Plock was put in the same orbit as Eeloo is in stock.

I have not come very far in the carrer itself but i sent Bob together with an Okto probe to minmus and back and a small relay in kerbin orbit but that is it for now.





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Ok, the VTHL (vertical takeoff, horizontal landing) flight to the ice caps was just too good to pass up, so I re-did the take-off for a screenshot, and posted the shots of the original flight too.

Vertical launch from Woomerang:


Cruising over the top of the world.  I can get this up to about 840 m/s above 15km and can cruise around 20km, maybe a little more


Landing on the ice cap is smoother than the actual runway.  Pics of the actual anomaly were seized by kerbals in suits & dark shades upon landing at the desert runway


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First stage of Project Dreamland is taking shape. In preparation of the upcoming Karborundum mining operation on Eeelo at Sarnus, the first unmanned mission was launched:


Interplanetary tug "Pegasus" taking off from Kerbin. Total mass on the pad: 3,000 tons.




Pegasus after arrival in orbit, waiting for its first payload.




First payload (about 160 tons) to Sarnus beeing launched by its own lifter




After docking the package to the Pegasus...




course was set to Sarnus and the atomic engine propelled the setup out of Kerbins orbit.




Incoming to Sarnus, the first two modules were released: a long range relay probe and a carrier with four com sats.




The Sarnus Master Relay went into a high orbit with a period of about one year for maximized link-time to Kerbin.





The com sats were carried into an orbit arround Eeloo and set up in a cluster covering the whole surface permanently and linking up to the Master Relay.




The Pegasus also entered orbit around Eeeloo with its remaining cargo...




Next module to be released was a science- and resource-scanner.




It went into a polar orbit, scanning the surface and detecting some interesting phenomena along the way...




Final module released from the Pegasus was a re-useable Eeloo-lander for future operations.





Then the Pegasus left Sarnus and set course for Kerbin...




She is expected to arrive back home in about 6 years and will then, after refueling and refurbishement, push the next cargo package to Eeloo...



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Duna Surveyor mission day 326 (Game day 382): Approach to Duna for insertion into a contract mandated polar orbit.

I launched this satellite back in early August to cover several Duna contracts. It was the gold plated beast that included every science experiment I'd unlocked at that point. I don't typically use timewarp for more than a few hours at a shot so this has been a long time coming.

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4 hours ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

Ever have days like this?



Yep. It does however help to check staging BEFORE you press the big red LAUNCH button :sticktongue:


Meanwhile, I'm busy doing yet more ore runs to the station. The tedium mixed with showing up at each endpoint of the journey and seeing the respective base/station is on fire again is... interesting. Then again, the base/station constantly being in a state of overheat is why I went absolutely overboard with the cooling in the first place.

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With a contract to conduct an Orbital Construction Survey at Kerbin, I began my day with the design of a MOLE lab craft. I have to say I'm having trouble coming up with a suitable way of poking fun of the name MOLE. Case in point - the lab craft I built was ultimately dubbed the Speedy Gonzales 7. I think I was thinking along the lines of mole sauce, which got me thinking about Mexico or something; it's a lame name in any case. Anyways, I put pilot Suly Kerman and scientist Lisbal Kerman aboard and shot the thing to LKO, where the station was officially dubbed DOH-1 upon reaching orbit. Lisbal did the experiment over the course of the next three bols; when they were done, the station was deorbited and the two kerbals returned to Kerbin safely, landing in shallow water just offshore of KSC within 3 klicks of the Administration Building.

For a rocket-based launched, this is pretty close to where you want to land. Still want to nail the VAB one of these days...

Shortly thereafter, the three Minnow 7 passenger ferries I launched the day before reached Mun for their scheduled flybys. With the intention of docking their craft in orbit later on, Jeb and Val both put their respective Minnow craft into Munar orbit, while the trajectory of the specially modified third Minnow was adjusted to retrograde so that its return course would put it headed back towards Kerbin; on its original trajectory, it would've left Kerbin's SOI entirely. The third Minnow did return to Kerbin safety before the day was out.

It was at about this point in the re-entry that I said to myself 'it's generally unwise to perform a maiden re-entry of a craft with six paying customers aboard'...wound up being okay in this case, but still...

With not much else going on until things got where they were going, I went ahead and warped ahead to the scheduled flyby of the Bloop-Bloop 7 probe at Minmus:

Don't blink or you're gonna miss it!!

The flyby was a success, with the probe picking up a temperature reading in high space over Minmus as it flew past. A minor burn took place after it left Minmus's SOI to get it on a return course to Kerbin; it should take another eight days for it to arrive. Retrieval of the probe is still a bit of a concern but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Other things that happened were the successful rescue of pilot Geofbles Kerman from LKO and the placement of two satellites, one in high polar orbit over Kerbin and the other in equatorial orbit over Mun. This morning I had a contract to establish a new space station over Kerbin and yet another rescue mission; I was able to kill two birds with one stone by making some very minor alterations to a Kerbal Tour Bus 2 orbital craft involving a pair of cubic octagonal struts and a pair of Buffalo trailer hitches, with the KTB2 already fulfilling all of the other requirements for the contract natively. Suly flew the craft up and successfully rescued pilot Gwenlock Kerman from LKO, returning safely 20 kilometers east of KSC. A third satellite was also established in high polar orbit over Kerbin as well.

At this point, I've finished making all upgrades to the space center and so my focus is shifting to getting the local infrastructure up. I've got new space station contracts for Kerbin and Mun at this point, and these will probably be utilized to establish a new Kerbinport and Munport space station respectively when the time comes. I do have a contract to send a tourist out to Mun and another to plant a flag on the surface, so I may be sending a ship or two out that way in the near future. The rest of my contracts are going to have to wait until the Bloop-Bloop returns from its mission, assuming it returns safely. Looking forward to getting Bob out to Minmus for science farming as soon as I can possibly manage. Maybe today. Fingers crossed...

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4 hours ago, Cyrious said:

Yep. It does however help to check staging BEFORE you press the big red LAUNCH button :sticktongue:

Staging was correct, what was not correct was forgetting the command to shut down the main engines during the abort sequence. :P So the abort test booster sat there burning fuel for three or four minutes before gently settling to the ground unscathed and balancing on its engine bells. :confused:

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Mostly mucked about with my VTOL. I found that if you just let it liftoff on the VTOL Juno engines it'll tumble around in the air for a while until it eventually settling into a stable forward flight configuration without using the forward engine at all. In the end, it flew ~100km on only its vertical engines and without a pilot before losing altitude and crashing into the ocean :sticktongue:




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