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What did you do in KSP today?

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Oh boy, Comedy of errors time.


Doing a bit of playing about with the Science Lab I've just fitted to my LKO station. So obviously I need some Science to put in it.


I launched a simple 2 man orbiter (based on my LKO rescue ship) into a polar orbit to get some EVA reports. I forgot that the Delta-V costs to change orbital inclination in LKO are so insane, and I don't have the Delta-V to reach the 90th Kilometre Market (that's the name of the LKO station).


So I burn the Delta-V that's available to get into a slightly more useful orbit, and decide that now is the right time to launch the "Bus" I've been designing; a simple 5 man ship that's going to run back and forth between the various space stations exchanging crew members. I'll launch northeast into a matching orbit for the stranded Science vessel, work an interception, transfer the crew and the Science and then finesse a fly-by around the Mun to return to LKO and the 90th km market. The bus is designed to do round trips from LKO to Minmus and then come back via the Mun, so it should be able to handle that.


Lower stage of launch is an absolute swine, pulling the rocket heavily against the limits of the SAS. It *really* wants to flip, but Val fights it into something like the right trajectory - 6 graden off line and far too steep, but not mission-ending.


Then, as I stage the boosters off for some reason one of them turns sharply inwards and impacts the Mainsail. Thankfully it only takes out the engine without (somehow) blowing the half-full LFO tank ahead of it up. Val hurriedly stages the now useless tankage off the back of the rocket and engages the upper stage. Thanks to the too-steep trajectory the circularisation burn eats the rest of the upper stage dV and about half of the fuel in the actual bus... But it gets (just) a Pe above the atmosphere (70,064).


I've got enough dV to make the intercept with the stranded Science team and make a Mun insertion burn (maybe... I'm in a horrible eccentric orbit that's way off the Mun's plane of orbit). If Mun is kind, I can probably finesse a fly-by into a free Kerbin return.


What I definitely don't have is the Delta-V to get back into LKO with no Orbital inclination. Which leaves me some problems.


My first option is to take the Bus to the Mun and get into orbit there and wait for the OUV Faust to come and fetch me with a load of fuel.


The second option is to get back into Kerbin SOI and get the Faust to make an intercept at Pe. Which the Faust can definitely do, but it's fidly and will need the Mun to cooperate in changing the plane of orbit.


Decisions, decisions...

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An amphibious rover design I was testing for my "visit every biome on Kerbin" mission. Works far better than I was expecting... just don't try to use the forward winch to go trolling while cruising; it tends to go boom, and that somehow shaves a full 20% off of the cruise speed.

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A Duna transfer window came around and Val, Bob and Bill took the shuttle up to the KTRN Love of Rain. A mission payload consisting a comsat network and an atmospheric lander was also launched and docked to Rain in orbit.



The Kraken apparently hates IR parts and mangled the Rain's two antenna booms. Bill EVA'd out to inspect the damage and after attempting to reattach the booms determined that repair was impossible. The booms were detached and nudged away from the spacecraft to prevent them from throwing off the vehicle's center of mass.


A two-part transfer burn (0.24 Gs acceleration) took place over Kerbin's terminator and after a 6-ish month trip the Love of Rain arrived in orbit of Duna.



Comsat deployment went smoothly. The primary relay took up a high, inclined orbit beyond Ike, and a constellation of 4 small relay sats were deployed at an altitude of 500 km to guarantee continuous coverage over most of Duna's surface.



Heatshield detachment was a little janky, but otherwise the landing was a success. The lander also features a mini-rover and a crate full-o-science!




Val and Bob took the rover out for a spin to a nearby hill while Bill set up the surface experiments.


After a few days of putzing around, the gang piled back into the lander and burned for orbit.



KTRN Love of Rain of still had plenty of fuel, so they jettisoned the radial tanks and made a short hop over to Ike to say hi.



I like Ike!




10 minutes ago, Triop said:


That's a badass little plane! How fast can it go?

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4 minutes ago, BadOaks said:

That's a badass little plane! How fast can it go?

Don't know yet, just came up with this design 5 minutes ago.

I wanted to learn how to build assymetric crafts, but still be able to mirror-place parts like wings, engines.

It's just a work in progress, I'm amazed it flies as well as it does.

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Totally intrigued by this aircraft because, (having done some flying on Duna), I can't get how you can make it perform there as it does.  My hat off, mate!!


Some late nights in the lab for me, then...

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Which brings me to:

I love my team here in the VAB.  They are great guys.  They work hard, they're happy, they play together, often pong-ping or make-shift sokka, when I'm in a meeting (and they should be working).  I catch myself wondering if they're all so close-knit because they're all named Kerman?  They love pranks and are good-humored about it.  (I often wish they wouldn't waste company time that way.)

I yell; I'm unreasonable; I have to keep them on their toes, else they'd get nothing at all done.  It's lonely, being the boss; having all the responsibility... none of the fun.

But if I don't do it, who will?

Did I mention they love pranks?  They know I have a bee in my bonnet right now about Mobile Refueling Sites...  Recently, someone put the following series of screenshots (like a comic strip) up on the bulletin web site here in the VAB.  ...hacked through the security firewall to do it...  no trace left...  clever little boffins...




This is Aquarius.  It's stumbled over a Tick....

















blasted Tick has locked on to its quarry...















Ticks are difficult to shake loose, even for the fleetest of aircraft...












Go!, Tick, go!




















Shoo, Tick!  Shoo!
















Hurrah!  That was no fun at all...














Ticks are nigh indestructible

















How can this be!?  It was only 433 Kg under chutes...


...now it's more than 580 tons!

With 45 thousand kallons of LF.

Ooh, OK: someone's taking the mickey!!...







That's when I rounded them all up onto the VAB floor, stopped all operations.  Shouted for well over an hour fifteen, turning a lobster shade of carmine...  promising the culprit/ring-leader would be dismissed by the end of the week.    (Sniggers.)

Everyone knew that Wernher von Kerman would never be fired -- I didna have the authority, for one thing -- and everyone knew, even/especially I, that this was Wernher's prank, his signature, his fingerprints, his modus operandi...




Ja.  Effery vun knowz zat Wernher von Kerman ist ze biggest prankster uv zem all...


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57 minutes ago, Schwarz said:

I want a compensation for all the time lost pressing W.

I know. Or compensation for designing the devices to auto-depress W (usually starting out with just a stack of pennies (with a bottle opener on top as base for a weight above) but then turning into heavy M$ investment, always with the lure of IPO); the interminable series of devices that didn't work...  or didn't sell (too small a market, KSP???)...  Dashed hopes.  :(

I will never get back those lost years of my life!  :(

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7 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

Totally intrigued by this aircraft because, (having done some flying on Duna), I can't get how you can make it perform there as it does. 

You are probably not half as surprised as I am.  I thought it would fly (compared to my first attempt), but I had absolutely no idea it would perform like it does.  I may upload it if you're interested, but it's pretty mod-heavy - Airplane Plus, Probes Plus, Universal Storage II & Modular Rocket Systems just off the top of my head.  Getting rid of the Probes Plus parts shouldn't be too hard, but the other 3 are critical to the design and there could well be others I'm forgetting.  I'll try to take a look later tonight.

In the mean time, back at KSC, I did some testing of a mobile base design:



It handled pretty well, but it isn't immune from rollovers, even in 1g.  Still, the only parts lost are one drill, 2 of 4 radiators & some solar panels.  I have redesigned it to mount the wheels closer to the top of the frame to lower the CG, but I didn't have time to test it any more.


Edit:  Actually, the aft solar panel was broken off by aerodynamic forces because I actually got this beast up to ~70 m/s over flat terrain

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Today, I oversaw the departure of KSS Voyager to Grannus.


It was a massive 35 000 m/s maneuver. It all began pretty smoothly (though the engine was getting really hot even with those massive and extremely powerful radiators), but then one small oversight almost sent the ship on an unplanned Ciro-escape course: I've severely underestimated the time the burn would take and it lasted long enough to get reset by SOI change (Voyager was departing from 68 000 km Gael orbit - it was built by Ceti EL Launchpad and later was put into very high Geal orbit to await the departure maneuver). A quick reset of maneuver nodes, and the ship was back to the intended course.

2y 321d 3h till it enters Grannus SOI, thus making its crew of 6 the first Gaelans to travel to another star. 

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I made a F-15 to Kerbal Scale. Much smaller than my usual, but just as fun!


I took some liberties with the design, too.


In reality, I just forgot to shut off the action groups, but hey...

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When, today, I tried to link the Nuke-Tug and the Basic Lander.  The Tug, within 60 meters, went nuts, the RSCs pushing it away from the Lander.  I decided it needed a new design so I terminated it and rebuilt a Mk II.  IT did better.  In that after it lined up with the Lander airlock it slowly approached it.  Over the next FOUR hours.  Finally, at the last 20 meters, it came "alive" again and increased speed slightly to dock at dinner time.  


At least it didn't waste mono.  Once linked I took fuel from the Lander Booster to top off the Tug's tank.


Then they decoupled.  Tomorrow we see if they can get to the OSS to pick up a crew.


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