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What did you do in KSP today?

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Yesterday upgraded my Duna rover:


Whoops the second:


Then tested some Duna lander designs:


Lucky landing:


Sadly that lander didn't work:(

So back to the drawing board

And then success:

This lander should be able to cover 2 biomes, sadly it does not include the small rover I've been testing

Then today I finally managed to rendez-vous in LKO:

(Sorry no pic)

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I`launched my N-1. All Stock with fully functional Mun lander and returnvehicle. A beast with a ridiculous amount of engines, struts and decouplers...


Adding the right amount of rocketmotors is so satisfying. And whopping 17 STAGES!!!


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I did this:



The Hover Manager that comes with Buffalo was very useful for keeping the V-22 in a hovering position while I attached the winch (from KAS), but the V-22 was rather difficult to fly with the rover in tow, and quickloading caused the Kraken to tear the craft from the sky.

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The lander has successfully transferred from Augustus to Hephaestus.



Meanwhile the mapping satellite was set to obtain some extra data from Otho's low orbit.



Once there, I realized that I can't preform a biome scan: Otho's atmosphere is higher than maximal altitude for this type of scan. But I did scan for resources (how do you mine ore off a gas giant?) and radar altitude scan (again, how?).

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Well, majority messed up the landing.  Tried to go to a earlier save, failed, game deleted and will not be playing KSP for another year or so.  Maybe when they make it so that a game can have more than one save file available?  I don't know.  Sandbox should not feel like iron mode.  I should not feel like messing up one thing messes up the game completely.

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Just now, ValleyTwo said:

Of the same game?  Show me.

I'm away from my computer right now, and will be for close to another 12 hours (hooray for retail wage slavery!), but they recently added the ability to name saves and select from them. I've seldom used that function, but I do know it's there.

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20 minutes ago, ValleyTwo said:

Of the same game?  Show me.

Press escape and click "save game". The name you chose for the career will be listed, just change it and click save. Then when you need to select a different one to load from, press escape and select "load game" and you will have the name you had been using before, your most recentquick save, and whatever you recently saved as.

As an example, my load options on a single save are: Xpanse, temp, temp 2, quicksave.

Xpanse is the career save, temp and temp 2 are for when I'm testing something, and then of course the quicksave. If something goes wrong in a temp or quicksave I can fall back on Xpanse, which I overwrite whenever a mission is completed and I feel like it's a good saving point.

If this doesn't answer your question then I may not be understanding your dilemma.

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35 minutes ago, ValleyTwo said:

Of the same game?  Show me.


6 minutes ago, kraden said:

Press escape and click "save game".

This feature has been in KSP (as I recall) since I started in late 2014.

Mod-F5 will take you straight into the named save menu and Mod-F9 will perform a reload from a named save.

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I launched a satellite for some easy money while I ponder the state of my tourism business. Grav readings on it's way to an orbit and will be ditching the spent booster into Kerbin's atmosphere once complete.



Finished grav readings, on to placing the satellite in the right orbit.




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                                                              ~stijlloze promotie~

                                        My Elcano trip so far

Follow my adventures :


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Today I did Hillary 2 AKA "Fun with Kagena"


The plan now is to take Megmore Kerman to Minmus and then on a little solar trip to LV her up to LV 3 so she has all Sas options

I also designed the ship that will take my Kerbals to Duna:


The bottom part is the Kate Shepard MK2 lander(the MK 1 still doesn't exist)

I'm still thinking about rover integration in this design



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1 hour ago, Ratwerke_Actual said:


Was thinking of your buggy when I made this.

Added an extra seat and a Hemi.




I love it, very Mad Max. :cool:

You should install the wheel sounds mod, it would sound great in your video.



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