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What did you do in KSP today?

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Yesterday morning, did my 10th mission in my Caveman (no facility upgrades, no gameplay mods, unlock all techs costing 90 or less) Nanocrystaline Diamond career (max difficulty, min starting funds, science, reputation, only 10% rewards of funds, science, and reputation, etc.).

With very early tech (Basic Rocketry, Engineering 101, General Rocketry, Survivability), I had a contract offered to survey a sector near the Island Airfield under 16,700m.  And that reminded me of an old BTSM mission years ago to the Island Airfield.  So I took what I knew of that and make my Caveman mission both get the survey and Island Airfield science.

Album for my 2015 Better Than Starting Manned military mission to strike a target on the Island Airfield.



Album for my Caveman LCD Mission 10 to survey and land at the Island Airfield for Science!





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Finally after 5 re-enginings and way more attempts, I landed on the moon with a Kestrel! Figured I'd go big or go home so...





I'm super low sure but if FTL's taught me anything its to never give up on a run. If I run out then I suppose we'll have to use the mono props :P 

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7 hours ago, Spacetraindriver said:

Finally after 5 re-enginings and way more attempts, I landed on the moon with a Kestrel! Figured I'd go big or go home so...

I'm super low sure but if FTL's taught me anything its to never give up on a run. If I run out then I suppose we'll have to use the mono props :P 

Eh, just need to turn on that distress beacon and hope the Rebels don't catch up to you in the meantime, right?

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First landing since deinstalling Trajectories! (it caused problems - in the form of crashes)

It took me soo many attempts to get it right! Mostly I was running out of fuel, with a decently hit helipad.
Even this attempt was just 10 units shy of failing!

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To celebrate the completion (ish) of my KOS docking script, Jeb took a modified version of his usual "Docker" test ship 


Once he'd docked with the previously launched "Agena", Valentina was able to take up a standard "Docker" to join them...

...then Bill also took up a standard model "Docker"


then Bob wanted in on the action too...



I still need to tweak some of the acceleration/braking rates, and it would make sense to integrate it with the Hohmann transfer so it steers the braking burn rather than stopping and then burning towards target, and need to add in a pre launch wait until the target's in the right position, but this should massively simplify building up big ships and stations in orbit as I don't need to even press a button once I've set up the launch.

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After a ship glitching, save corrupting, kraken invoking bug happened Was forced to start a new game :(

So first launch:


"Reminds me of some thing"says Val


"Mystery goo observation from Kerbin's upper atmosphere:The goo is getting pretty cold now":sticktongue:

Third launch,to orbit this time:


Fourth launch:to the Mun!

Only the launch pad is a necessary upgrade for this rocket(I had also upgraded the tracking station and astronaut complex but you don't need them for the mission to work)


Val carried out EVA work while on mun fly-by but I don't have any pics


Second mun flyby,I swear I planned this!:sticktongue:


Antarctica!At first I thought it was a graphics glitch  

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Can't say I've been doing much of anything particularly interesting in the game lately. Developed a shorthand method for making my log entries; they're currently taking up less than two lines of text. Going to be interesting to see how far out I can actually expand them here...

Friday began with the docking of a Auk II 8-passenger spaceplane at space station Kerbinport, where tourists Lanard, Wehrming, Hadfrod, Matty, Shannon, Stauki, Tansey and Kabert Kerman boarded the ferry ship Necessary Evil. Necessary Evil performed a full round trip flight to Mun and back over the course of the next few days, docking at space station Munport just long enough to take on fuel for the return flight to Kerbin, and then stopping off briefly back at Kerbinport again to take on fuel. As of this morning, the ship is en route to Minmus and should arrive in seven days. Five tourists will be making landings once Necessary Evil arrives at space station Minmusport, with four of them heading down to the Deepwater Horizon outpost for colonization.

With a contract to put up a new outpost on Mun and a desire to make a minimal amount of effort to put such an outpost up, a Phage 7 base-seeding lander was printed up at the Piper Alpha outpost, with outpost engineer Haydorf assembling the Phage base upon completion. Unfortunately, the Phage did not meet the criteria for a "new outpost" and so it was subsequently dismantled and recycled. A second attempt with a newer Phage design (the Phage 7a) has met with similar results. New plan is to re-work the original TBD 7 base-seeding rover design, print one up at Piper Alpha and go out on a field trip. I'll probably be working on that later today.

I spent a fair amount of time continuing to expand the Enchova Central outpost on Duna.


Noteworthy additions include the ground tracking station, drilling rig, arc fusion reactor, refinery and observatory module, and the Pipeline mass driver of course. Probably shouldn't have stuck the drilling rig right next to the tracking station, but so far nothing has exploded, so I'm living with it. Operationally, the base has so far built and recycled a Bill Clinton 7b grabber probe for purposes of testing a 10 meter heat shield landed on Duna (which the Clinton has), and it was able to shoot up a load of Rocket Parts to LSV House Harkonnen still in orbit of Duna. Harkonnen is using the parts to print up a Spamcan 7c lander, a design meant specifically for use at Duna; when it's finished, some of the crew still aboard Harkonnen will be heading down for flag-planting training and to finish out Enchova Central's contract. The base is also currently printing up space station Dunaport; the print is expected to be complete in nine days. Two of the four intended orbital facilities in the Duna/Ike SOI are now under construction, and I hope to get to the other two soon enough.

I've picked up more tourists heading towards Duna and Ike with Mun as part of their itineraries, so later today I intend to send those folks up. I'll probably use a Minnow 7 touring craft for the job. Other than that, not much else will be happening until all the print jobs finish up. I'll have to shoot some more Rocket Parts up to Harkonnen so she can finish work on the Spamcan at some point.

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24 minutes ago, septemberWaves said:

@capi3101 That is an incredibly impressive surface base. I think it may have outgrown the term "outpost".

By the way, which mods are you using for it? I recognize many of the components as Pathfinder parts, but I do not know some of the others.

It's 100% Pathfinder - @Angel-125 has recently added a number of new facilities to the mod. They're permanent structures that come stowed in Buckboard-sized boxes (like the Pondarosa), and generally they require both Equipment and Konkrete to put up.

I'm not sure if "outpost" is the best term either; I'm still getting used to the notion that my surface bases aren't just simple ore refineries anymore. Still going to keep my refinery-naming convention (i.e. naming them after significant oil field disasters) for the time being, at least until I can come up with something even more morbid...

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Today I have been working on my new Mimnus miner.

It will carry just an engineer and uses fly-by-wire.

It has an RTG so that it only has to use the solar panels while drilling.

It's fuel costs around 300 ore round trip. It carries 1500 ore.

The RTG and the Fly-By-Wire can make a ship unbalanced but I have managed to get the torque down to virtually nil.

I'm playing in stock (vanilla) so I had to turn gravity off and set up the weight with micro-thrusting and eye.

The two small drills are not as efficient as the larger drill in terms of speed but in terms of weight carried to and from orbit they are ideal.

It takes about a Kerbin day to fill the tank with my three star engineer. Better than I suspect real life would be ;)

RCS is balanced both empty and full.



Showing RTG placement.




Showing Fly-by-wire placement.

The basic design should work on any of the low G worlds with only minor changes.





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