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What did you do in KSP today?

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Since my GPP career is currently experiencing a lack of things happening, I went back to OPM career and finished flagging the Jool system:

- Tylo. Definitely the hardest landing. Even with the immense amount of dV my lander has, I still was left with not-enough fuel to rendezvous the lander with the mothership and had to rendezvous the mothership with the lander instead.



- Bop: "I guess, it's really dead, after all..."



- Pol. The final moon to be visited:



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I made the Kerbin ejection burns with my my Jool-5 craft. Because of the low TWR I had to split the burn into multiple parts. Even so, the last burn was long enough the Nerv's were overheating a bit.



I got to see a nice eclipse just after finishing the last burn.



A small mid-course correction burn got me a Jool capture from a Tylo assist. Now I just need to set up an encounter with Laythe so I can park my mother ship there and start sending out landers.



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Had a reasonably busy day last Friday. In an attempt to bring down the guidance requirement to shoot mass driver loads between the Enchova Central outpost on Duna and LSV House Harkonnen in orbit, Harkonnen lit up her conventional engines and adjusted her orbit down to a 93x92 orbit over Duna with 0.17 degree inclination, a delicate operation since Harkonnen's center of mass is no longer in-line with her center of thrust. The slow burns brought the guidance requirement down from 32 mits of data to just over 9, a marked improvement. I'm still having issues sending up payloads of any significant mass, though, which is puzzling to me - I've tweaked the Pathfinder mass driver parameters to allow 15-ton payloads into a 100 kilometer orbit over Kerbin, so payloads of similar mass should be attainable at Duna, yet I seem to be limited to 3.5 tonnes at most. Still not sure what's going on there. Enough liquid fuel was transferred up to Harkonnen to supply the Spamcan 7c lander, which had just completed construction in Harkonnen's drydock. I'll have to send up the oxidizer when EC's mass driver has again accumulated sufficient guidance data to do so. In the meantime, additional structures were added to the outpost, including a new storage depot and four drilling rigs.

The presence of the drilling rigs make me much more comfortable with the idea of naming the base after an oil refinery. It's still capable of much more than that, of course...maybe I can start calling them "colonies" or something.

The other thing that took place on Friday was the return of a Minnow 7b touring craft to Kerbin from a jaunt to Mun on Thursday. The Minnow docked safely at Kerbinport, at which point tourists Eligan, Lanwell and Podgun Kerman disembarked awaiting a future journey to Duna and Ike. Pilot Eridred Kerman and tourist Donpond Kerman remained aboard the Minnow, which was then refueled and departed the station for Minmus. Unfortunately, there was a mishap  - when burning for Minmus, I had mistakenly used Mun to judge the alignment, and forgot to quicksave prior to the burn. The transfer was aborted but by then the craft hadn't the fuel to return to Kerbinport, so the decision was made to have the Minnow come in for re-entry.

I suppose the reason why I don't actually give the Minnows proper names is so I don't get too attached to them. They are supposed to be disposable, after all...

The command stage survived to landing, and a replacement Minnow craft carrying Eridred and Donpond launched for Minmus from KSC just this morning. The craft should arrive in just under four days, and there should be sufficient fuel available for it to brake into orbit from the obviously high relative approach speed. I do still need to check to see if there's a docking adapter for the craft installed at space station Minmusport and have one installed quickly if there isn't, and I could stand to do a resupply mission at Kerbinport; it might shed some light on the difficulties I've been having over Duna. Otherwise, I'm still in a holding pattern until I can get the Spamcan down from Harkonnen to Enchova Central. Need to move some serious oxidizer...

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Few days ago, I finally switched to 1.6 (was stuck on 1.3.1, cuz playing RSS/RP-1), and it's fresh!

So, as always, Jeb is having fun in the Kerbol system...


...while others kerbz do all the remaining work: Gilwin, Zelfel, and Billy-Boptop were sent to build and start the science operations on the Minmus Surface Outpot (a prepackaged base to be deployed by Kerbals in situ, due to obvious cost benefits to send a can withall the parts inside, instead of trying land a ready-to-use huge base).

let's go!


Solar tower construction:


2 hours later (after many sweet krakens bugs...), the habs modules are almost ready and linked together:


And finally, the science stuff is deployed (it's the material bay looking thingy, from better science labs)


Now please go work kerbz, and give me some science!


Next step, I would like to launch a minmus space station, in a synchronous orbit, with a Pe of just few meters above the ground, that would pass just over the base, take a look at vid, it's so neat!:




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I put three relay sats in orbit around Jool in preparation for arrival of the manned mother ship. The sats left Kerbin in the first launch window and the mother ship left a year later at the second one. I mounted the three sats on an engine plate turned upside down so they could all ride together until it was time to make the separate mid-course burns. This is the last one still mounted on the transfer stage here.



Here's the relay network once all three sats finished their Jool captures. I really didn't do any planning on this. Just eyeballed three different orbits and went with it.


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Made a ION craft for the Twenty Ton speed run. It fits in a Mk 2 cargo bay or 1.25m fairing.

It weighs 9.2 Tons and expect to get it to highest SMA using a TSTO.

1: Topside up


2: Downside up


3: Firing the 3rd stage.


4: Again


5: Activating 4th stage.


6: Debris :)


7: Kerbin getting closer :)


8: Across the dessert.


9: Again


10: Leaving Kerbin


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Finally got the image albums up to date in my Caveman Challenge career.

Posted here.

Jebediah coming back from a Mun flyby with his discarded 2nd stage above him.  Needs to work on manuever efficiency as he only had 39m/s delta-V left.


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16 hours ago, Triop said:

Cool, I saw this on Reddit before, mesmerizing.

Today, Hot Dogs sales are up... &)




Hey!  I bought one too!  Nice custom paintjob you got on yours, my dealer didn't offer that.  ;)

I see you've added a ridgeback on this new edition, what did you use for that?

Don't forget to add some .50-cal antennae to the wings!



Pokerface Jeb.


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8 minutes ago, Elroy Jetson said:

I guess this is the place to post an accomplishment?


i successfully completed the docking tutorial!  Didn't think to grab a selfie, darn.  I will do that on the first career rescue mission!



That's a huge hurdle!  Congrats!

About the only thing harder in this game than docking is learning how to dock with that lovely in-game tutorial.

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