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What did you do in KSP today?


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Today, I've found a solution to avoid me installing mods for landers:

presenting the mk2 lander can evolved


Totally Kraken safe


Bringing the crew capacity up to 8!


With now,  so much room and comfort for the brave crew...



Other variants available of course,

please order to    @RockoStrutOrbitalScrap.Kerb



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Just now, Kerballing (Got Dunked On) said:

how... @kurgut... how did you do that? Is that some kinda mod?

No^^ It's just the mk2 lander (and btw, I noticed today is has doors! still discoerving ksp after 1.3 lol). So I opened the doors in the VAB, and stack in some external seats, and that's it! :)

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37 minutes ago, Espatie said:

I've been experimenting with parts to figure out why @linuxgurugamer's Structural Tubing Restructured mod doesn't play well with @IgorZKAS mod. So far as I can tell, KAS really doesn't like trying to attach a part to an STR part that has two nodes pointing in the same direction.

That's  off.  @IgorZ, any ideas?

@Espatie could you list the specific parts which you are having trouble with?

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Got my game running again (thx @4x4cheesecake). Built a small cargo SSTO, forgot to put RCS on so I actually had to turn round and land back at the KSC. Sent it up the second time (now with RCS on), got it to orbit, delivered a small satellite payload, and flew back down. This was actually the first time I had done a proper SSTO too.

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51 minutes ago, linuxgurugamer said:

That's  off.  @IgorZ, any ideas?

@Espatie could you list the specific parts which you are having trouble with?

Right, having done a bit more testing I think that the issue I'm having is actually to do with the weird things symmetry mode does with STR parts.


When you attach an STR part to something with symmetry on, it can often attach the symmetrical part in strange ways. Some are visually obvious, but for others what is happening is that the part is surface attached it looks visually fine in the VAB, but when you get out in the field the part only has nodes on the end which is buried inside the part it's attached to.

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Got in a game of Twilight Imperium (3rd ed.) yesterday afternoon with my wife and 10-year old son.  Won it after five hours playing the Xxcha. I don't own any of the expansions so the whole Imperial/Initiative cycle was in effect, which my son didn't fathom properly, but he still had five points at game's end, so I think I was able to teach him the game effectively otherwise. He played Sol. Missus came in with eight points at the end playing as the Jol-Nar.

Not KSP, I know. Just wanted y'all to know the excuse for not having gotten more done over the weekend. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread. Short and kinda boring report for y'all today.

Nostromo 7 in orbit of Ike, in preparations for landing at Scan Queen.

Friday began with the landing of the Nostromo 7 resource lander at the Scan Queen outpost on Ike, carrying a consist of 11,200 units of Minerals shipped from the Enchova Central outpost on Duna. Upon arrival, outpost engineer Thombles Kerman attached a KIS port to the lander and hooked it up via a resource transfer station, at which point the lander's Mule tanks were drained into one of the outpost's Chuckwagon storage modules dedicated to Minerals. With a supply of this crucial resource finally available, production of Konkrete at the outpost commenced immediately. For its part, the Nostromo was refueled and then detached from the outpost. It remains to be seen whether it will be necessary for the Nostromo to make another run to Duna for more Minerals. If so, it may haul back another load of uraninite ore, something that is not present at Enchova Central.

Earlier this morning, Strange Cargo rendezvoused and docked with space station Munport. Rookie pilot Edsy Kerman along with rookie engineer Gilford Kerman transferred to the station's Spamcan 7a lander, which detached from the station and set down safely in the Munar midlands east of the Twin Craters. The two new recruits planted flags and then returned to Munport. Later today, three tourists will also be heading down to the Munar surface to do some sightseeing. After they return to Munport, Strange Cargo is scheduled to head back to space station Kerbinport, swap out its tour group and be on its way to Minmus. Edsy and Gilford will be repeating their flag-planting duties there and will also pick up scientist Rodemone Kerban from space station Minmusport. The three will comprise the team heading out to establish a new base either on Eve or Gilly; haven't decided which one I want to do just yet...

117 days until the Ray Charles 7 telescope reaches final position...

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I've never been a person to go for re-usability in KSP, as I almost exclusively play sandbox mode, and multiple stage rockets are an absolute pain to land and try to re-use in KSP. But regardless, I tried to make a fully reusable launcher, that put a fully reusable lander/capsule into LKO. The only thing that wasn't re-used was the interstage fairing between the launcher and lander/capsule.

Here's the full rocket:


Launcher re-entry and landing. Had 2m/s left after landing after putting the capsule/lander into LKO.




The lander/capsule fully propulsively landed, the parachutes are if the capsule is coming back to Kerbin from the Mun or Minmus and it has no fuel left from the landings there. I mainly made it to be based at a space station, and be pushed around by a transfer stage based at the station.





All the fuel tanks are radially mounted 0.625m tanks on the hitchhiker container which is in the fairing. The lander/capsule can house 7 kerbals. 

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I made a super high-maneuverability aircraft and assigned Jeb to test it out. Unfortunately, I'm get a little bit too excited doing ridiculous low speed aerial acrobatics and loses control of the craft before it crashed and destroyed the research complex (Jeb survives though)

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