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What did you do in KSP today?


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2 minutes ago, aagun123 said:

well, the bridge mod is kerbincity, i didn't build it...

Ah, I only have Kerbinside installed for Kerbal Konstructs, I might take a look at more KK add-on mods.

Still love the plane. ^_^

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2 hours ago, Loskene said:

Is that what I think it is?


Nope, it's an Icon A5.


Been away for a while preparing for my last final exam in college, but got some time in to get some stuff done.

Launched the Duna SLAM-2 (Surface Lander and Ascent Module, 2 seat)...





Went Anomaly Hunting near -REDACTED- on the Mun...


At first I thought I'd found an arch, but upon terminal descent, it revealed itself to be something much more unusual...


This bears further investigation...


Finally, kicked off the latest in a string of unmanned survey missions, this time to Eeloo.




Basically, I replaced the atmospheric probe from my Jool Orbiter with a vacuum-optimized lander and sent it downrange. Hopefully it'll be able to make the capture burn... the little OMS engines aren't all that powerful, so the 3.3 km/s of dV gets spread out over, y'know, over half an hour of burn time. uhh.gif


EDIT: Aaaaand the Kerbin Departure Stage clocked in some 75 m/s short. Back to the drawing board.

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Yesterday I was mainly busy with getting supplies shot via mass driver between the Scan Queen outpost on the surface of Ike and space station Ikeport, transferring Enriched Uranium back and forth between the two outposts in an effort to fuel up the SAFER reactors at Scan Queen; that effort was mostly successful, though I'll need to continue enrichment at the outpost to get everything fueled up all the way. In the meantime, outpost engineer Thombles Kerman added a new Chuckwagon storage module dedicated to Uraninite in an effort to speed up delivery to the Nostromo 7 resource lander docked at Ikeport; the outpost's capacity of 500 units prior to the installation of the new module was wasting precious guidance data. After installation, the remaining amount needed to bring the Nostromo to capacity was able to be shot up in one go. Thus filled to capacity, the Nostromo departed Ikeport for space station Dunaport, leaving Ike's SOI before the close of business yesterday.

While that was going on, Next Objective arrived in Minmus's SOI and affected a rendezvous and docking with space station Minmusport. Eight of the nine colonists aboard Next Objective were loaded aboard the Crater Maker 8-passenger lander docked at the station, which then departed and landed at the Deepwater Horizon outpost on the surface. After the lander was hooked up to the outpost, the colonists disembarked into one of the outpost's Castillo domes, bringing the Castillo up to its maximum 32-kerbal capacity.

♫ All the stupid people... ♫ / ♫ where do they all come from? ♫ / ♫ All the stupid people... ♫ / ♫ where do they all belong? ♫ / ♫ Ah, look at all the stupid people... ♫ / ♫ Ah, look at all the stupid people ♫ / ♫ Eleanor Rigby, died in a church and something something something... ♫. I know, it's supposed to be 'lonely', not "'stupid', but...

First order of business for the revised, slightly expanded and now-inaccurately named Quorum of the Twelve: get better lighting, figure out who was playing Pong and why they felt it was necessary to have it on so many screens.

After refueling, the Crater Maker returned to orbit and set up a rendezvous with Minmusport, which has yet to happen as of this posting. Order of business today is to get the Nostromo and Crater Maker to their respective destinations. Nostromo will offload its consist via mass driver at Dunaport to the Enchova Central outpost on the Dunan surface, while the Crater Maker has one more colonist to deliver to Deepwater Horizon. I'm hoping to get Nostromo back to Ikeport soon with a load of Minerals to shoot down to Scan Queen - the outpost ran out late in the day yesterday just 500 units of Konkrete shy of being able to build the Depot, which I want to use to store Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer and Oxygen in insane quantities. 

Really I need to find more time to play. These days I'm not playing the game in the evenings like I used to, so not as much is getting accomplished as I might like. Too much RL going on at the moment.

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Today I started a new career (believe it or not I actually like the early game)

So the first serious launch:(I did a launch before that to get a little science)


"I'm itchy says"-Valentina Kerman 2019

Then I did a second launch to orbit:


Then the third launch is a Mun flyby:


Fourth launch is a Mun orbital vehicle where I forgot to take the ScienceJr results out, goodbye sweet science

After that I made the near fatal error of upgrading the R&D which brought my funds near to zero thankfully bail-out grants are a thing which allowed me to scrape a bit a of money together for a tourist contract launch with money from that I launched my fifth mission is a Minmus flyby/orbit that turned into a Minmus landing!


What happened is that I had way to much fuel for just a flyby/orbit so I decided to do a landing but I only had 700 meters per second left on the transfer stage and the orbiter only had a spark engine which didn't have the TWR to lift the orbiter of the ground on Minmus so I resulted to use the transfer stage to land but I emptied the "orbiter"'s tanks into the transfer stage's:



As you know First world Milestones rack up a lot of money so there are my money and tech problems solved:


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today, Space stations!


View from the board crew/docking segment:


now, all the old styles modules are assembled, and will be used for future kerballed expeditions, until i unlock the near future nodes!

also sent the the MOJYS! (minmus orbital junkyard station), it has kinda weird shape, but i like it!




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Spent a lot of time refining and launching stuff for my Duna expedition and to support my Minmus station.

In between those launches (I space out the Duna launches to a maximum of 3 within a 6-hour bracket, then wait 18 hours before launching the next cluster), I spent some time tinkering with Hullcam again...


The view of the KSC from Salyut 1, at an altitude of 125 km... 


Also put down some serious mileage on Stigmun's Folly, courtesy of Bon Voyage.


Pitstop at the tundra for science.



Chasing anomalies in the frigid polar wastelands...



Welp. Now what?


Also ran some supplies up to Salyut 1 to keep the crew busily turning research kits into science, and sent a pair of completed experiments from the Minmus Station back to Kerbin, but since those have become routine missions, I've kinda stopped screencapping them. :rolleyes:

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Bob and Bill climbed one of the big beasts in big crater mountain chain... in the little runabout for the Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation.

That involved a sideways scramble across a very steep (greater than 45 degrees) slope of doom, just below the peak, to avoid going all the way down, driving around the whole mountain, then up the other side.

That'd be the slope just above the center of the picture below, with the cluster of trees on it.



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Today is a good day for Rizzo's further adventures in KOS.

First I launched this


After giving up trying to work out how to shed fairings and activate antenna and solar pannels directly in KOS I assigned to them an action group and had KOS trigger it at 65km. 

3 x RemoteTech Komsats each with a Communatron 16 and a Reflectron KR-7, with a 4th set of comms gear built in to the upper stage of the launch vehicle.  This will give me comms to beyond Minmus.  I'll launch a set of Polar ones with longer range antennas when I've got more science.


The script calculated the required altitude for the satellites and rounds it to get a sensible period, then the who lot was boosted in to a resonant orbit .


I then manually staged and uploaded a new script to each satellite on consecutive orbits, which took each one up to it's 90 minute period orbit.... 1 hour, 30 minutes, 0.000 seconds according to KER!  I'm not going to need to adjust those any time soon!  


Next step is to send some Kommsats and ScanSats to Mun and Minmus, and hope the mapping lets me identify some good flat spots for auntomated landings in different biomes.

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In response to @Triop's Adventures

and to enter into his Dragweek contest

I developed a number of rocket sleds of increasing speed.  They go very fast in a straight line down the runway.  And they even can stop.  If they don't crash. :D

The latest one, Rocket Sled 5, AKA "Kompak Trak", is very very fast in a very very straight line and stops real real well.  It even doesn't crash.





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Today we bought this at the junk yard for 200 Funds and 50 science points (No reputation points had to be payed).


All it needs now is :

  • Fuelcells

  • Batteries

  • Fueltank

  • Headlights

  • brakelights

  • Stereo Sound System


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