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What did you do in KSP today?

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After another long hiatus from posting, here I am again!

My recent Minmus landing was a success, despite Bill's face (I have a tendency to forget landing legs, although magnetometers make a good launching rod).


My Mun flyby was also a resounding success, with many juicy science points being picked up along the way:


And finally, I'm halfway through my Eve expedition. Here, the crew deploy the small surface lander to collect and analyse some samples, whilst keeping the kerbal crew safe from possible marooning.



If you have any suggestions on some cool base, station or mission ideas, let me know!

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Well, as usual, RL kept me away from my laptop over the weekend, but Friday was pretty significant. After departing space station Kerbinport late in in the day on Thursday, both Strange Cargo and a Minnow 7b touring craft made separate rendezvous with LSV House Harkonnen in a resupply orbit over Kerbin. Both ships arrived nearly simultaneously. Since I wanted to put Strange Cargo in one of the main ports amidships but no ports were available, I went ahead and docked the Minnow first. Once docked up, the Minnow promptly undocked, taking the adapter module with it. The Minnow then affected a second, final docking position to the Bigby Workshop Module. With the way finally clear, Strange Cargo docked amidships.

Three docking maneuvers for the price of one. Strange Cargo coming in, with the Minnow (right) already docked to LSV House Harkonnen.

Once the two ships were secured and their engines safed, Harkonnen proceeded to the apopasis of her orbit above 300 kilometers, where a pre-warp static bubble test was conducted. Since everything was contained within the bubble and nothing broke off, Harkonnen pointed radially outward and warped out.

It's a real shame that I don't own a theramin. Just saying.

Once clear of Kerbin's SOI, Harkonnen set a direct course to Eve. She came into Eve's SOI with an orbital velocity of around 19 kps, and so a series of warpback maneuvers commenced to slow her down enough to put her into orbit. Took up the better part of my lunch break on Friday...

LSV House Harkonnen approaching Eve.

Harkonnen did finally slow down enough to enter a 1,700x1,600 kilometer equatorial orbit over Eve, at which point the Pink Noise 7 communications satellite carrier the ship had been carrying in its drydock was released. Unfortunately, I had failed to fuel the craft all the way prior to release; it only had 28% fuel reserves at that time. While that was enough for the Evecomm Alpha communications satellite to reach a final position, Evecomm Bravo had to be deorbited this morning for want of fuel; I don't know about Evecomm Charlie just yet, but I'm not confident as to its chances...

After I got Evecomm Alpha into position, Harkonnen began the print of another Pink Noise 7 for deployment in polar orbit over Eve, after which it was time to finish the conditions of the Explore Eve contract that had brought me to orbit in the first place. Val got out and took a very brief spacewalk, and Jeb transmitted a crew report back to KSC; these two activities cleared the contract. The next exploration contract will see me landing on Eve, something I'm not prepared to do right now - I've got some other things I want to take care of first. But with that contract done, Harkonnen did go ahead and warp to an 85-degree inclination. The second Pink Noise was launched just a short while ago, and this time I made sure the stupid thing had a full tank of gas before I mashed the Release button on it. I'll be working this morning to put Evecomms Delta, Echo and Foxtrot into their positions and I'll try to get Evecomm Charlie into position if I can. If I can't, I'll probably scrap the original Pink Noise entirely and do a new one, though I'd prefer not to if I can avoid it; I will have to replace Evecomm Bravo at some point in any event. Harkonnen is currently printing up a Booger Flinger 7 scansat probe for Eve; in will be done in less than an hour's time. Since I've committed myself to putting a ground base on Eve, it make sense that I figure out where the best spot to put one is going to be. I do plan on printing up two more Pink Noise probes and one more Booger Flinger to deposit in Eve orbit before Harkonnen leaves; those probes will be heading to Gilly when the time comes (going to send them there the old-fashioned way since I doubt very much that warping there would be a very cost/time-effective idea.). Harkonnen will be heading on to Duna after deploying the communications satellite constellation at Eve; I've got tourists that want to visit various points of the Duna/Ike SOI, plus staff that need training. The plan is for Harkonnen to resupply at Duna and head back to Eve before going back to Kerbin - when she returns to Eve, I hope to have designed a TBD base-seeding craft that will withstand Eve entry and have it ready to deploy in her drydock... 

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Started a new career mode, and performing a survey mission to the North Pole


It's a loooooong journey......


Reached North Pole. The sun is setting behind us


Hey that island looks like a good landing site


You know what? this place is a good site for North Pole base/ outpost


Watching the sunrise on the next day


Doing some science, finishing contract and planting the flag for marking the site as proposed location for future expedition


Returning to KSC


Home is in sight!


Landed safely. By the way, this is my first succesful landing on the runway, ever :P


I also having fun with the Restock mod, especially in "utilizing" the new part design even further. For example: here, is a new rover that I made. I named it "Toasterbox" (Because it looks like toaster lol). Those big white box on top is the new radial-mounted Science Jr. At first, it looks rather bland, unlike common stereotypical appearance of rover that has a lot of junk strapped on top. However...


Opening the Science Jr. reveals that it also functions as improvised service bay (which, is very good-looking and aesthetically pleasing) :)



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17 minutes ago, Servo said:


Final tweaks and improvements later, here's my F/A-18 Hornet ready to take on the world.


Download it here! https://kerbalx.com/servo/FA-18-CD-Hornet

Absolutely amazing work! Good luck on your aerospace engineering course!

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I failed miserably trying to get an Orion/ESM/ICPS thing into an orbit around the moon in Realism Overhaul.
Any variant or mod part I test, the ICPS inevitably runs out of fuel way too early.

I mean it would be a lot more bearable if my RO install would start in less than 8 minutes...

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well, I just found this thread and it looks pretty interesting. what did I do today? not much actually. I did a little editing on 1 of my KSP videos. Currently I have a modded career mode, the video was of installing a solar array on the Odissey station. I also debated getting Hullcam Vds, Raster prop monitor and domes mods, all of which look really well done.

The main mods in my career mode include:

Deadly reentry
Research Bodies
extraplanetary launchpads
KIS (Kerbal inventory system)
Kerbol origins
Kerbal planetary base system
and EVE
I am also playing on 120% reentry heating and 50% funds/science/reputation gains (because I like things a little hardcore)

Since I am new here and this is my first post, I don't know how to upload pictures
also, nice plane Servo!

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13 hours ago, ARS said:



Opening the Science Jr. reveals that it also functions as improvised service bay (which, is very good-looking and aesthetically pleasing) :)



It could be a little cooler on wheels.

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Daily update time!

Completed the mapping of Eve in ~2 Eve sols. Transferred Solaris 2 to Gilly, which was a heck on an endeavour, as I was in a polar orbit, and performed several apoapsis raising burns before making a phasing burn to sync up with Gilly. One small MCCB later, and I had an encounter... at over a km/s relative to Gilly. Total encounter window: 8 minutes and some seconds.

The burn to insert into orbit with the anemic early ion engine it runs on would take at least that long, but I figured that if I started burning a touch early, I could make the insertion with time to spare.

For once, one of my massive gambles not only paid off, but hit the jackpot. I managed to get into orbit over Gilly with a touch over 1 km/s dV remaining and proceeded into a mapping orbit, and promptly found out how much of a pain it is to orbit. 9.7 m/s orbital velocity... I think Val could probably kick a football to escape velocity here!

Unfortunately, I was so excited at having arrived, I completely spaced on taking screencaps. I'll grab some tomorrow from low orbit. :blush:

In other mission news, I finished the second of two long-term science experiments aboard Minmus Outpost, loaded them into the return pod, and shot them home.


Agena B was used to insert into orbit (needlessly, it turned out), and the pod continued to a fiery (and horribly off-target) reentry a few days later.


Also, the Moho launch window is now at peak, so I have knocked together a new probe to go and visit...


Solaris 3 is significantly different from its predecessors (currently en route to Duna and orbiting Gilly, respectively), and has been optimized for the uniquely hostile environment the R&D team expects to find around Moho. There's a few tweaks to be made still, such as fine tuning the launch vehicle and adding a very small solar panel for when I don't need to run the ion engine but do need power for science instruments, as, by my math, I should be getting 5 times more solar flux at Moho than I do at Kerbin. Otherwise, it's ready to fly. Preliminary simulations (read: reverted flight :rolleyes:) indicate that the departure stage is more than adequate, but the launcher is about 800 m/s over requirements, so that's the next big issue to tackle.




Ribbon has been updated again to reflect my arrival at Gilly.

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7 hours ago, Arzielle said:

Since I am new here and this is my first post, I don't know how to upload pictures

Well, hello, and first: welcome to the forum!!  I've found the forum is not only the best source of information/assistance about KSP, but also a good way to make friends and, generally, be inspired about KSP!  So, have fun!

I post screenshots to imgur.com and then post the links here.  There are other, similar image-hosting sites, too.

Be advised that the album feature in imgur does not work in this forum.  But it's easy enough to 1. go to your images, 2. click on one, 3. click Direct Link, then 4. paste the link from your clipboard into a forum post here.

So, I'm really looking forward to seeing some pics from your next exploit.  Have fun!

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Fairly minimal amount of things to report to y'all today. Because it had been a while since the last time I'd designed a spaceplane and I found myself with the desire to design a 12-passenger craft, I spent a good chunk of my playing time yesterday building the Auk XVI.

One of these days I really need to get around to doing something to help me keep track of which Auk is which. I mean, there are sixteen in the series now and I've only retired four of them...

I did get some time to perform a test launch yesterday; still haven't done a full mission yet though. The intent is to send nine colonists and two tourists to Minmus with this thing though, in violation of the well-known and generally correct rule that wings in space are dead mass. Looking forward to doing it sometime in the near future.

The other main thing that happened yesterday was the position of communications satellites in orbit around Eve. As noted in yesterday's update, Evecomm Bravo was launched without sufficient fuel to attain its final position and had to be deorbited. I went ahead and resurrected the design of the White Noise 7 kitchen sink probe from v.1.4.x, taking the time to strip off the booster and all the unnecessary junk to turn it into a dedicated comm satellite. Modifications complete, I ordered a White Noise up for construction aboard LSV House Harkonnen in polar orbit over Eve. Bravo was an equatorial probe, so warp maneuvers to put Harkonnen back into an equatorial orbit commenced. That would've gone better had I not experienced a prolonged bout of mental flatulence and forgotten completely what was involved there (namely that, when using Alcubierre Drive, you wait until you hit a local maxima in latitude before warping back towards the equator). I'm still heading back that way as of this post. The idea will be to complete the probe, launch it, have it rendezvous with Evecomm Alpha and then position it from there using the same profile as the original Evecomm Bravo.

Positioning of the Evecomm Charie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot probes took place yesterday, with Charlie, Delta and Echo attaining final positions and Foxtrot reaching its final position just this morning.

Evecomm Foxtrot burning into a final circular orbital position at just over 1100 kilometers above Eve. The probe, like all of the others in the constellation, will complete one orbit every ninety minutes.

Before leaving polar orbit, Harkonnen also completed the printing of ScanSat Eve, which launched and proceeded down to a 150 kilometer polar orbit. The probe completed the orbital survey of Eve shortly thereafter, and the narrow-band scanners have begun their surveys for suitable landing sites for the next TBD base. I've scanned six of Eve's biomes so far, with three of them - the Midlands, Lowlands and Poles - showing adequate suitability. Highlands are out, unfortunately. I'll be sticking with the probe as it surveys the other nine biomes; the Midlands are looking the most promising so far in terms of ore and materials needed for Equipment processing.

Today's probably more of the same. Once Evecomm Bravo is in place, I'll have the communications network at Eve fully established. Harkonnen will leave two Pink Noise satellite carriers over Eve as well as a ScanSat; these will head on to Gilly when the go-ahead is received to head that way; once those probes are completed, Harkonnen is scheduled to head on to Duna; she's still hauling tourists heading that way as well as the crew that's heading to Eve's surface - I want to get them trained up as much as possible since it's unlikely they're going to leave there once they've arrived. The colonist flight to Minmus is also on my radar, and I've got a couple of other small contracts in and around Kerbin that I'd like to get started once I have a free minute or two (translate: as soon as ScanSat Eve has given me reports from the remaining biomes).

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What did I do in KSP today?  I learned 2 new thingys....

After having played KSP for over 2 years, I'm still finding stuff in the UI.  Call me extra dense...

1. You can expand and contract the debug menu console if you click on the thin bar at the top (turns greenish blue). Doh#1:



2. In the VAB/SPH, when in Offset mode there are 2 options for 'Absolute' and 'Local'.  OMG, how long have those been there?  How did I miss?  Doh+facepalm#2:



Hope this is mildly interesting to those of similar density. :cool:

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