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What did you do in KSP today?

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32 minutes ago, AviosAdku said:

it wasn't that interesting

Good work.  It might have applications, though: quick response, maneuverable, low-level, surveillance photography.  The reasons that the U2 and SR71 held a niche for a very long time.

Check out https://youtu.be/r-akwRFylmI and my photo-recon plane,  Skunk, in action.

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Rock Hopper Mk1 made its first successful touch down on Ike. Based at the Ike orbital station I plan to visit every boime with this baby :cool:VYKLd9c.jpg

Meanwhile the expedition crews of the Duna Dart and Dune crawler  landed safely on Duna ready for further exploration!nSKyVGP.jpglygaAVL.jpg

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Lots happened yesterday in the Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation.

A SMIRF platform was launched into polar orbit.


Bob and Val rode the boat out on deck... with a difference of opinion about the experience.


Then the Coastal Cruiser took a detour up this river.


To get to this mountain.


So Bob and Val could take the rover up it.

They couldn't make it to the top (long time since that's happened on this trip) though as the last kilometre or so is far too steep, so they had to call it quites at  about 4km ASL.


Then once the rover returned, the boat headed downstream to continue their round Kerbin trip.


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This isn't really in KSP, but I'm currently reinstalling the game to fix some annoying problems I've had for ages. I'm not saying goodbye to my venerable save, but I'm going to reinstall all of my mods and try to weed out those that I don't really need and/or use.

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I finally landed on the moon. It took me a whole week to get it right. Finally decided to get some science first and get the twin boar engine and it was a good gamble.890AF8871C37CAEC68208C3F1932EBDAD449808C


But Ive been trying ever since and I guess I havent mastered it yet xD

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What a half-kilometer space station looks like...99pmgq8hc4v21.png

511 meters, to be more precise. Still in testing... 2- 125m end caps on a 250m center truss, all held by 8 docking ports.

So far, it's stock, no welding or joint reinforcement mods.

Will submit launch and assembly vids, once final design is complete.

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Success! First automated RO launch to LEO. Target was 180km circular, actually managed 180x190 which is pretty good for this launch vehicle (S1 is a bit over powered so tends to throw off the orbit a little).


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(1.6.1) Managed to get in a few sessions of KSP since this past Wednesday, though everything going on in the wake of my wife's surgery last week has continued to heavily put the kibosh on my KSP playing. On the plus side, I've finally caught up on some other things that should free up playing time in the evenings.

No screenies today, alas.

The rest of my day on Wednesday was pretty minimal. I transmitted a temperature report from probe M-01017-043349 to satisfy an orbital Mun science contract, and then LSV House Harkonnen in orbit of Duna transmitted a crew report to complete a subsequent orbital Duna science contract. I also performed an ore con job using the Enchova Central outpost on Duna, the Scan Queen outpost on Ike and the Infans Calcitrant Yards in Ike orbit.

With the Power Tools evaluation at space station Dunaport finally completed, the results were transferred over to Gilligan docked at the station, and all crew members aboard with the exception of scientist Willin Kerman transferred aboard. After taking on fuel supplies, Gilligan departed Dunaport and burned to rendezvous with Harkonnen. The rendezvous is scheduled to take place a little over an hour from now.

That's been pretty much it since Thursday. I've spent some time with the landed Echo 1 rover on Eve attempting to get it to go anywhere...I quicksaved shortly after landing it originally and I'm glad I did. The rover has a tendency to go about thirty meters from its landing point before popping tires - this with ruggedized wheels, mind you. Been reverting and adjusting parameters just to see if I can get the thing to get a little further along. Can't say I've had much success as yet. Something's obviously overstressing the tire, but it's happening so fast that I don't catch what's causing it until after the tire has popped. Closest engineer right now is on Kerbin...

Also spent some time this morning designing the Christmas Tree 7 nuclear jump-start module, which is basically eighty SAFER reactors cobbled onto some structural fuselage. The idea there is to have something that can fill up the exotic matter tanks of new warp ships - kinda like the older General Electric 7 jump-start module except much more efficient (since 80 SAFERs in concert produce the 10,000 EC/s needed to run an exotic matter generator). I have no immediate use for the module so it's just design work for the moment; I won't deploy one unless it becomes apparent that I really do need a third warp ship out there. Getting the 8,000 units of Enriched Uranium required to power the module may also prove to be interesting, should the need for it ever actually arise.

Should have a little more time to play this week; hopefully my next post on this thread will be more interesting. Heading to Eve very soon.

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On 4/25/2019 at 12:33 PM, MisterKerman said:

Biome hopper?

No My landers before these were tall and inefficient... So these landers are better designed and efficient with a budget-friendly cost


Just a few highlights from last week's missions


Landed in the Canyon of Dres... I also failed at a Jool 5 mission... and this week I send my first space station into orbit with two modules already in orbit. I will attempt more Jool missions after






Here is the station


Find more on https://maarlandersinnovation.wordpress.com/

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Today, I have made the 1st prototype of the Super Vulcan Hypersonic Passenger Plane (Carrying 36 Kerbals and 1 pilot): 

Max Speed: Ma 3.75

Download: https://kerbalx.com/Kerbodyne/Super-Vulcan-Passanger-Aircraft







Check out my other crafts on KerbalX: 


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After a somewhat extended break, I have returned in triumph!

I've don a lot of behind the scenes missions since my last post, such as crew swaps, experiment and science retrieval, and finally decommissioning my Minmus Outpost. But, so far, the crowning achievements are in my Duna exploration campaign.

After around 350 days in transit, Viking Lite arrived at Duna, making a quick bank shot off of Ike on its way in, and proceeded to insert into orbit over Duna...



It then settled in to wait for the relay and survey satellite Solaris 1 to arrive some 9 days later...



Solaris 1 successfully inserted into a polar orbit over Duna after 366 days of transit, and proceeded to relay the commands to the Viking Lite lander to proceed with EDL operations. These were a complete success, and the lander safely touched down in the Midland Seas and promptly returned a wealth of science data.



On a completely different technology level from the previously mentioned missions is the Solaris 3 orbiter, which is currently, as I type this, inserting into orbit over Moho. ~4 minutes of ion engine burn time left...



Finally, I set a personal best time from LKO to Minmus orbit... 3 hours flat.


The CTV - Torch crew say it's a heck of a ride, being pinned to their seats by more than 3Gs of acceleration, but the quick arrival more than makes up for the discomfort. However, several major deficiencies were noted with this design, mainly a lack of non-torch propulsion for orbital maneuvering in proximity to ships and stations. Back to the drawing board.

EDIT: And Solaris 3 has completed the capture burn! Welcome to Moho!

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In their trip around the coastline of Kerbin, the crew of the Coastal Cruiser made it to the Antarctic.


Val seemed particularly surprised that the big white wall was made out of ice.


They went ashore to take a look around from the top of the wall.


While there they grabbed a quick photo or two for the album.


Then headed on along the long Anarctic coast... which apparently is a huge snow covered chess board.


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(1.6.1) First generally normal day I've had to play the game in quite some time yesterday; wasn't as momentous of a day as I had originally hoped. Having made and failed at a final attempt to adjust the wheel settings on the Echo 1 rover in Eve's Shallows such that the thing could go more than fifty meters before busting a tire, I decided to go ahead and scrub the rover's mission and get on with getting a crew down to the surface. Gilligan was already en route to LSV House Harkonnen in Duna orbit with the Eve crew aboard, affecting a successful rendezvous.

Gilligan getting ready to botch yet another attempt to get off the island, obviously.

After docking, engineers Gilford and Gemlorf Kerman checked the SAFER reactor that was included as part of the TBD 7d base-seeding rover's consist, pulling it out of storage to verify that it had a full load of Enriched Uranium aboard. The stowed reactor turned out to be loaded (an important design note for myself for the future!) and the two Kerbals elected to leave it deployed rather than put it back into storage (questioning the wisdom of that decision at the moment, to be honest). Once the two engineers returned to Harkonnen, the final checks for departure were made and the ship broke orbit.

LSV House Harkonnen leaving orbit, officially (and finally) closing out the big Duna/Ike expedition.

Harkonnen warped to Eve, eventually establishing itself in a 450x320 kilometer, 3-degree inclined orbit over the purple planet.

Harkonnen over Eve, with the TBD 7d rover visible within the ship's drydock.

Upon establishing orbit, pilot Edsy Kerman, scientist Rodemone Kerman and engineer Gilford Kerman transferred over to the TBD 7d rover and the rover launched from Harkonnen's drydock.

TBD 7d over Eve. Time to play "Spot the design flaw!!"

The initial attempt to land the rover at the target zone ended disastrously, with the entire craft disintegrating due to heat and aerodynamic stresses at about 30,000m. I've never seen a 10-meter heat shield get hot enough to explode before...

Fortunately, I had the good sense to quicksave before the landing attempt, and instead of going for a direct landing I went ahead and lowered the rover's orbit to 100 kilometers at as close to zero-degree inclination as I could manage. The rover is now sitting in that orbit as of this morning with about 150 m/s of delta-V remaining. As with the issues I ultimately had with the TBD 7c rover deployed at Duna (what became the first Enchova Central outpost), I built the landing stage too small to cover both the transit down to low orbit and the final landing. I'm now in damage control mode, which at least has afforded me the opportunity to try and redo Echo 1's mission; a rover craft dubbed Turdbiter 7 - which will become Echo 2 upon successful landing - was designed and has been ordered up for printing aboard House Harkonnen. This new rover utilizes the Buffalo Grizzy wheel instead of the stock ruggedized wheels and is about a third of the mass of the venerable Hellhound 7 design (Echo 1 is one of these), so I hope to not have the same popping tire problem as before. I also have included a robust landing stage that should get the craft to the ground without issue (knock on wood). This morning, I went ahead with a design of a new grab-on landing stage for the TBD 7d, which I dubbed Merde-to-the-N 7 (hopefully I don't redacted on that name because it does accurately describe my mind-state regarding the Eve mission at the moment, including the apparent need to swear in French). Anticipating the need for parts and or fuel for the new craft (which includes a quad of J64 tanks, a trio of Vector engines and a 10 meter heat shield), LSV House Atreides already in Eve orbit warped back to Kerbin, where at a minimum she'll be able to deliver the needed supplies to Harkonnen (more likely, though, it'll take so many parts and so much fuel to build it that it'll fall to Ceri to build it - which means a significant delay in the Eve mission). 

That's pretty much where I am at the moment. Echo 2 finishes its print in a little over four hours right now and I need to get Atreides into Kerbin orbit before anything else happens. I've got some colonist contracts in progress as well as several Mun science projects, and then a bunch that are riding on me successfully getting a manned outpost on Eve's surface. Given the in-game events of the last 24 hours, I'm now a bit concerned about my chances of success...

Occurs to me that I could still try to drive Echo 1 into Eve's seas...that way I at least don't waste that mission entirely. My current exploration contract includes a clause to have something that splashes down. Just need to keep the tires from popping long enough to get there...


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My Iota Gateway Station in my 10x Rescaled Galileo's Planet Pack playthrough with lifesupport~


The visiting crew will arrange the docking hubs on the radial attachment points and the station will be functional as a fuel depot and stop-over point for kerbonauts before they land on different biomes of Iota.


The cargo vehicle for resupplying the station with fuel for landers, snacks and those KIS boxes contain bits and pieces that kerbonauts forgot to bring with them (KIS/KAS screwdrivers, science experiments, stuff..) Once the station reaches full operational capacity, it will be able to manufacture its own fuel and snacks, thus reducing dependency on Kerbin. The completed station will be able to service, refuel and restock interplanetary spaceships and cargo tugs.

But that's a long way off! And rocket launches for these missions are absolutely ginormous, and time consuming! Its like Real Solar System, only less real....

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