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What did you do in KSP today?

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made a aircraft that is based of the Angle intercepter from Captain Scarlet a tv show from the 60s and had a 3d remake in the early 2000's

Angel+flight.jpgHere is my aircraft remember it is  based off this aircraft not a replica


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I'm still new to the game.. Only been playing for a couple of months... but today I finally got a probe to Jool system.. Not a big deal, but the big deal for me was plotting a gravity assist to cut my Jool Insertion Burn to only 400m/s

Plus it puts me a a good trajectory for a tour of the system.. Thanks Tylo. You're the MVP.

I did some testing and it cut my insertion burn down from 950 m/s to around 450m/s




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Last night I got my first Duna landers on the ground in this career.  I didn't set up the deorbit burns very well - they landed ~32 km apart purely by chance, in the same biome of course.  I've had craft come down further apart than that when I was TRYING to land close together a few times.

First down was a Formalhauf lander:


Followed two weeks later by a cobbled together lander I originally built for other purposes.  It only has about half the instruments it was intended to have due to most of them not being unlocked when it was time to launch for Duna:



And last, I unlocked the last of the tech needed to rebuild my orbital recovery claw probe:


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So I just spent almost two hours planning and launching an elaborate 3 contract mission, that ran into one bug and then had to be reverted completely when I realized that tourists cannot EVA. So yeah I'm a little upset right now.

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9 hours ago, The Doodling Astronaut said:

I did my first base today

Pics or it didn't happen! :)

Just kidding, congrats on the KSP accomplishment and seriously we'd love to see pics.

1 hour ago, Aotearoa said:



Is that black nose piece part of the command piece/cockpit? If not, you could maybe throw a long tapered aero piece (usually meant for the end of a craft) to get that super-long nose portion like in your reference pic.

Very cool aircraft to emulate in KSP!

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1 hour ago, johiah said:

So I just spent almost two hours planning and launching an elaborate 3 contract mission, that ran into one bug and then had to be reverted completely when I realized that tourists cannot EVA. So yeah I'm a little upset right now.

Now I’m curious as to what aspect of a contract you were trying to fulfill by having your tourists EVA. Were you doing a rendezvous and transfer without a docking? Did you just put too many on two ships without any spare seats to do a transfer? But I do feel lucky that I inadvertently learned that they can’t EVA before I took any tourist missions; I could see ending up frustrated if I hadn’t. Also, who would pay to land on the moon if they couldn’t do an EVA?!? :confused:

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11 hours ago, Sky Vagrant said:

Now I’m curious as to what aspect of a contract you were trying to fulfill by having your tourists EVA. Were you doing a rendezvous and transfer without a docking? Did you just put too many on two ships without any spare seats to do a transfer? But I do feel lucky that I inadvertently learned that they can’t EVA before I took any tourist missions; I could see ending up frustrated if I hadn’t. Also, who would pay to land on the moon if they couldn’t do an EVA?!? :confused:

Ok so the whole story is thus:

I recently started a new campaign using Gameslinx's Beyond Home planet pack. I accepted 3 separate contracts, one to make a station around Rhode, one for its closest moon Lua, and one for the baby moon Armstrong. I also needed to dock two craft for another contract, and needed to kick off space tourism. (I am using contract packs, too)

So first I launched a station core for Rhode, and then accepted another contract to add more space to it for more kerbals. I sent a second habitation module, basically a downsized version of the station core. Upon this was a newly hired pilot (which just about bankrupted me because I didn't check the price tag) and the tourist. I docked, completing two contracts (the milestone one, and the habitation expansion one) and then waited the four hours that the tourist wanted to be up there for. At this point I launched an unmanned reentry vehicle designed to return the tourist and my fresh pilot. I forgot solar panels. I also did not include a docking port, thinking to Eva transfer. I was close to rendezvousing with the station before I ran out of power, and I was on a path that would eventually drag me back to the ground, with a periapsis 8km below the atmosphere. So I undocked the newly installed habitation module with the goal of rendezvousing before that could happen, my hope being to transfer a kerbal over and restore engine power.

Long(er) story short, by the time I successfully intercepted it, both craft were plunging into Rhode's upper atmosphere, and upon realizing that all of my machinations were wasted thanks to tourists being unable to EVA, I basically ragequit, resetting my save 27 minutes.

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(1.6.1) Okay... time to decode this garbage...

5/15: Can7a dep Mport, r Lageremy’s capsule. S-Lageremy EVA xCan. Can b4r, r&d Mport. SQ ptd Hound, Hound + SQ, b4V, l 1.5k oft, hit 3pts 4c. DH + 45dCc. NCY ptd BC7b, BC + NCY @r w/Venkmann, g Venkmann, b4K, g-Venk, b4Mo. ICY ptd CT7, SQ xUe ICY, ICY xMOF CT7. CT7 + ICY b4r BLK, wa2h30m int.

5/16: PA bp McFeely Sr7, wc 7h.

So yesterday I got back to business trying to start taking care of my ongoing contracts once again. The day started with the departure of the Spamcan 7a lander from space station Munport, which was dispatched to rendezvous with Lageremy's capsule in a high, inclined orbit over Mun. The rendezvous was completed successfully.

There's nothing particularly impressive about this, but I wanted to note that for once the game actually gave me a freakin' stock part for the rendezvous. I'm shocked...

Scientist Lageremy Kerman EVA'd and climbed into the Spamcan, at which point the craft returned to Munport. Lageremy will remain at Munport until I can get an available craft to take him back to Kerbin. 

Next up, the Scan Queen outpost on Ike printed up a Hellhound 7 rover with its skycrane in order to conduct a seismic survey in 900 kilometers away in the Eastern Mountain Range. Once fueled, the rover - designated India-3 - launched to the target zone, missing its target landing point by only 1.5 kilometers. The rover hit all three points of its survey, fulfilling the contract. While conducting the survey, I received word from the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus that a 45-day colonization contract for nine Kerbals was done; I visited the outpost briefly to clear the contract fully, netting me a cool √7M (mind you, my Strategies are set to where the bulk of the funds route into Reputation instead; I have yet to see where that's sitting now but it was at 96% before the contract finished up. I'm still plenty rich from the last time I finished up one of these long term colonization contracts...). 

The Non Caseus Yards over Mun completed the printing of a Bill Clinton 7b grabber probe next, which was fueled and then launched to rendezvous with the Venkmann 7 probe I'd launched from the station several days ago carrying a completed Materials Survey. It had turned out that the design of the Venkmann didn't have sufficient fuel for a return to Kerbin, hence the need to give it a boost. Serendipitously, the Venkmann was making a very close approach to NCY at the time of the Clinton's launch - it was within 600 meters of the shipyard at the time, so it was an easy matter to grab it.

Talk about your waste of monoprop...

After burning sufficiently to put the Venkmann on a course to enter Kerbin's atmosphere, the Clinton released the probe and then burned to return to a stable orbit over Mun. At the moment its orbit is something like 150x15k, and this morning I had the idea that I should have return to and then grab on to NCY; it's a perfectly good probe capable of performing another grabbing mission if I ever need to do one (likely), so I might as well refuel the thing. Plus that'd clear up a flight.

Last thing that happened yesterday was the completion of the Christmas Tree 7 nuclear battery at the Infans Calcitrant Yards over Ike. A small supply of Enriched Uranium was shot up to ICY from Scan Queen via mass driver in order to give them an initial power generation supply for the craft's intended trek over to the Bi-La Kaifa Shipyards over Duna, and standard fuel supplies were loaded aboard prior the battery's launch. 

Christmas Tree 7 over Ike preparing to burn for Duna, with the Infans Calcitrant Yards in view. Still think that's a hell of a lot of SAFER reactors - but the intended job needs a hell of a lot of them...

Christmas Tree burned for Duna and will reach an intersection point with BLK in about 2.5 hours. In the meantime I've been hanging out at the Piper Alpha outpost on Mun, where after months of research, a Breakthrough Tech experiment is nearly complete. This morning, I ordered up the print of a McFeely Sr. 7 speedy delivery craft at the outpost in anticipation of that experiment's completion and the subsequent need to return it to Kerbin. Construction should take seven hours.

On the agenda for today is to get the Christmas Tree docked to BLK, and to finish up the experiments ongoing at Piper Alpha. Since NCY is now available for use, I might also begin the process of printing a return craft for Lageremy as well. Got a lot of stuff happening between now and when the Bento Box 7 finishes construction at the Alexander L. Kielland outpost on Eve; that mission is the one I'm looking forward to at this point. Might happen today, might not - going to depend on how much time I can find.

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I have just deployed my first FlyBing airport terminal building in my Orbit (production) world; big thanks to @Brikoleur, who designed and executed this work.

Here you can see a Manta++, carrying 15,000 kallons, pumping fuel into the terminal reservoir.  FlyBing has 3 claw docks available for visiting aircraft, which simply park over the claw and then 'kneel' to dock by retracting the nosegear.  Aircraft with reversers may use any available dock; others must carefully choose a dock with an uphill approach to allow departure by simply extending nosegear with brakes released.

(Here you can see a meTro departing in the background.)


Kerbals and fuel can be transferred directly to/from the terminal which has accommodation for 48 Kerbals in the terminal and a control tower harboring 3 more Kerbals.  Executive-class passengers now enjoy the convenience of transferring directly from one aircraft to another when connecting...

FlyBing has an estimated range of 1,200 km -- which is not enough for the opposite side of Kerbin.



However, if the final destination is more than 1,200 km distant, FlyBing may be flown from the KSC to, and landed at, either pole to be refueled.  From there, it is capable of reaching any destination within the same hemisphere.

("Why the poles to refuel", you ask?  The Pilot Operating Handbook states that "landings should never be attempted in FlyBing unless performed at full throttle" -- which is 180 m/s at sea level!  Touch-down sink rate may be no more than 1 m/s.  Thus, you'll need a giant flat, omnidirectional runway of near infinite length to perform this without voiding your bladder.  Your fuel trucks need to supply 5,200 kallons and they ought to be Very High Speed trucks since there's no telling how far away FlyBing will actually land and roll to a stop...  :)



At the destination, wings and engines are jettisoned and chutes are deployed [old photo].


[Editor's Note: pretty sure that should have read, "voiding your warranty"...?]

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What use is 3 tonnes to orbit? Well, that's the lifter I have at the moment in my RSS save, and it's enough for a mini-station :-)


Closer to the ground, I gave the X002 Gallifrey, my shuttle atmospheric test article, its first real flight. I'm doing my shuttle development out of Woomera for a change of scenery. Didn't get very high or fast because the test revealed a strutting mistake, and because two Whiplashes actually aren't much to push an aircraft this size, but she handled well and landed nice and slow for a shuttle. I did the landing under power, I'll practice deadstick landings later.



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I cobbled together a small lander & sent Jeb to the Mun to finish the last two anomaly contracts:

One down:


The second was examined after a quick sub-orbital hop, then it was time to head home.  To maximize dV, the landing gear & 4 radial tanks can be jettisoned when empty.   Even then, if I hadn't over-engineered my launcher & transfer stage, I wouldn't have been able to get the 2nd contract done - most of the landing dV was provided by the transfer stage rather than the lander and I made it back to Kerbin with <100 m/s dV remaining.


Kerbin reentry - despite being pretty hot, I expended the last of my fuel & kept all the parts intact:



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Last night's mission for me was to try and get a ISRU rover inside a mk3 cargo bay and drive it out. 

Spoiler: I failed!


Simply put I couldn't separate it into 2 craft, so attempts to move the rover, moved the carrier plane as well. I think what was wrong was because it wasn't coupled to the parent craft, it couldn't decouple. Therefore KSP never realised it was really 2 craft.

Well it's possible as well that autostruts could be misbehaving, but I think I had managed to switch that off! Still it was fun to try and get this to work.

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To get here , I built a new PC just for gaming . i7 9700k , 32gb 3.2 ram , gtx 1660oc strix , so far I havn't had to Overclock the system.............so far lmao .
This is RSS a JRO Version running in ksp 1.6.1 thanks to a friend of mine it's now running in Dx11 with RSS 16k textures and a 8k skybox plus all the other bits needed 

Still work in progress .

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Today, i docked a Kupola module to Kerbin Orbital One, completing a contract.

Besides of the central core, which was too bulky, i used SSTO spaceplanes to construct the station. Here the Starlon Mk. II with the payload:


And the docked modules. I use double docking ports on most parts of the station to have perfect alignment of the modules:


Docked to the station is a Bussard Mk. I crew SSTO spaceplane, which can carry 6 kerbonauts and 3 tons of cargo. Feel free, to download it from my dropbox here. Enjoy!

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