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What did you do in KSP today?


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On 6/13/2019 at 11:43 PM, Chris Hopkins said:

Daft question: Are those folding wheels stock? I've seen loads of people use them, but I can never find them. Or are they an IR thing?

Everything in the build is stock including the robotics ^_^!

(but P.S. while they can fold normally without robotics, the way they fold wasn’t how I wanted them to so these actually fold using robotic hinges.)

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Finally got around to making the transition to 1.7.2 yesterday. To save time on getting my mods together, I gave CKAN a go. For someone who's resisted using it for a while now, I can see the appeal - I was able to get most of my apps back from 1.6.1 with a minimal amount of fuss, and for the (very few) ones that it didn't pick up it was a simple matter to go and download them manually. Still need to figure out the ins-and-outs of it, but I can see myself using it a fair amount in the future, Fiddled around in the Litterbox yesterday to check to see if my mods were working and the ones I was able to test were, but there are some I still need to check.

So that said, I haven't actually played the game in 1.7.2 yet. Last report for 1.6.1 follows:

It's been a busy week this past week. On Monday, Gilligan returned to LSV House Corrino in high Eve orbit, this after the warp ship had dropped off its payload of a TBD 7dG base-seeding lander over Gilly on Sunday. With the touring craft secured, Corrino warped from Eve to Kerbin, passing by Kerbol at a distance of 1.655 Gm in the process (almost close enough to have stopped to fired up the ship's exotic matter generator). Corrino arrived over Kerbin clocking 17.7 kps and warpback maneuvers began to slower her down for orbital insertion; Corrino ultimately settled into a 612x604 kilometer, 1.52° orbit over Kerbin. Upon her arrival, the G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft I'd launched from the Enchova Central outpost on Duna originally was cut loose with rescuee scientist Wehrdas Kerman aboard, burning down to a 101 kilometer equatorial orbit. At that point, the Bill Clinton 7c probe carrying Lutop's Scrap, which I'd brought back from Duna with pilot Lutop Kerman and engineer Nelrim Kerman aboard, was de-orbited and landed safely about 120 kilometers to the west of KSC. Wehrdas's turn came up next, with the G-LOC landing safely 157 kilometers west of KSC. The successful de-orbits brought three rescue contracts to a close, cleared the latest exploration mission for Gilly (by returning a craft to Kerbin's surface from Gilly's orbit - G-LOC had gone along for the ride with Corrino to Gilly), and cleared several world's first contracts...apparently I hadn't returned a craft to Kerbin's surface from the surface of Duna yet either. The replacement contracts included an offer to do a seismic survey on Mun, a rescue mission over Gilly and two space station contracts, one for Gilly and one for Eve. Since I have no space stations over there yet but plans to build them, I went ahead and snapped those up. Figured I might as well get paid for that sort of thing...

With nothing to do until J.G. Backus arrived at Kerbin, I went ahead and did the seismic survey.

It was night where the Mike 2 rover was located, of course. Gave me an excuse to use the night vision cameras...

The Mike 2 rover eventually hit a total of six waypoints before finishing the survey, with speeds getting up around 35 m/s in an area of the Mun with a lot of steep craters. Managed to take a strut off the front end of the rover but no other permanent damage to report. 

After ordering up a Bill Clinton 7c grabber probe in Corrino's on-board drydock in order to conduct the new Gilly rescue mission, I went ahead and had Gilligan depart for space station Kerbinport. Gilligan had been carrying the results of a Goo Study I'd performed at the Scan Queen outpost on Ike, and was supposed to transfer it over to Lutop's Scrap before the craft departed originally; I had to come up with a contingency plan for getting it down to the surface. Gilligan arrived safely at Kerbinport and docked, transferring off the study and also allowing pilot Edsy Kerman to go ahead and disembark. Edsy will likely be joining Wehrdas as a member of the next outpost crew; I still need to find a suitably trained engineer to join their team when the time comes. Corrino next completed its print and resupplies were sent up for the new probe from the South Base outpost near KSC via mass driver, the Dystopia Planitia shipyards began the print of a Clinton 7b probe to do a rescue mission in LKO, and one of the colonization contracts at the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus completed with no replacement contract offered.

It was at this point that J. G. Backus finally arrived at Kerbin and burned to rendezvous with Kerbinport.

Took you long enough to get back, Aldler...

Pilot Aldler Kerman managed to run into the engine bell of Next Objective during the docking maneuver, making it two Minnow 7 touring craft in a row that he managed to ding up; luckily this time no permanent damage occurred to any craft. Upon docking, tourist Malbo Kerman transferred over to Next Objective, final checks were completed and both Strange Cargo and Next Objective departed, with both ships burning for a rendezvous with House Corrino to commence the next multi-planetary touring expedition. Both Strange Cargo and Next Objective arrived at docked at Corrino on Wednesday.

Next Objective maneuvering to dock with House Corrino, with Strange Cargo already docked up.

Once the two ferry ships were docked, Corrino set course for Duna and warped into interplanetary space. She stopped about 2/3 of the way from Duna to conduct the next exploration contract, which was to transfer a Kerbal between two craft over Kerbol. To that end, Next Objective was cut loose and drifted about five meters away, at which point capsule commander pilot Eridred Kerman EVA'd over.

This would be more impressive if it wasn't backlit...

Eridred boarded Strange Cargo's aft Hitchhiker module, fulfilling the contract. At that point Next Objective docked on remote control and Corrino continued to Duna, arriving at about 3.5 kps; warpbacks commenced to put the ship into a 434x314, 1.51° orbit. The two ferry ships departed Corrino and headed for space station Dunaport, both arriving and docking successfully.

Took this screenie a second too late...was just enough time to lose all my light. Well, both ships were docked up and it was impressive. Trust me...

While still en route, Dystopia Planitia completed its Clinton print, which launched and burned for a rendezvous with Unit NS-3DC in LKO. With a second junk-hauling mission over Kerbin, another Clinton was ordered up at DP, and then the second and final ongoing colonization mission to Deepwater Horizon concluded. 

Yesterday, I shot up fuel from Enchova Central to Dunaport to support ground excursions, after which my Clinton arrived at its target, which turned out to be a Mk3-2.5 meter adapter; the garbage was successfully grabbed at de-orbited, landing 90 kilometers west of KSC. At that point my Gilly crew - pilot Melrie Kerman, scientist Dumin Kerman and engineer Bartzor Kerman - boarded the Spamcan 7c lander docked at Dunaport and conducted a surface excursion, landing safely in Duna's Midland Sea to conduct flag-planting training. The trio returned safely to the station, after which they boarded Jonas Grumby docked at the station along with tourists Lizemone and Magdard Kerman. Jonas Grumby then departed the station for Ike. Meanwhile, colonists Wehrlock, Bobing, Fercas and Roslorf Kerman boarded the Spamcan, which departed the station after refueling. The Spamcan then affected a safe landing at Enchova Central.

Still missed the designated landing zone by about fifteen meters. I was rather annoyed about that, but not as annoyed as those tourists are going to be when they learn they have to board the outpost via winch line...

I didn't have sufficient playing time yesterday to actually get the colonists aboard the outpost, but that's first thing on my agenda after I can confirm everything's still going to work in 1.7.2. The big thing I need to check is the Workshop modules aboard my extant outposts to ensure they're still capable of print jobs - if not, I'll have to roll some things back. It'd also be nice if the Castillo modules could actually re-train kerbals; that's something that I should have been able to do all along but can't for reasons I haven't been able to adequately trace to date. Once the final checks are done, I'll be returning the Spamcan to Dunaport, I need to get Grumby over to Ike and then conduct one surface excursion there. My Gilly crew will then head back to Dunaport at that point and the ferries will head over to Corrino for warp to Eve. At that point I've got a pretty big challenge ahead of me - five of those tourists are headed to the surface, and right now I haven't got any infrastructure to reliably get them down and back up safely. I may be making an attempt at that tiltrotor spaceplane nonsense I threw up on this thread a few days ago...it's the only thing I can think to try right now, honestly. Corrino will be headed over to Gilly in the meantime, and hopefully I'll be given the go ahead to begin surface operations there very soon. I have to do an EVA in orbit to satisfy the current exploration contract first. Knock on wood, landing will be next.

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Launched a big ol' multiple relay system. This guy, to be exact: JZ2OcMY.png

Calling it the "CosmoConnect" system, it's made mostly to strengthen the Kerbin relay system. However, I'll probably make smaller versions of this that I can stick on big assemble-in-orbit motherships. Here's the thing in space:44nbA4V.png

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2 hours ago, capi3101 said:

I gave CKAN a go. For someone who's resisted using it for a while now, I can see the appeal - I was able to get most of my apps back from 1.6.1 with a minimal amount of fuss, and for the (very few) ones that it didn't pick up it was a simple matter to go and download them manually. Still need to figure out the ins-and-outs of it,

Make sure you set the compatibility settings. The vast majority of mods should be fine from the 1.4s on up.

I still need to figure out how to properly manage multiple KSP installs, but I know it can be done.

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Back to career mode. 

I just got the 2G relays so I sent up an equatorial constellation of four of them to 16 Mm. My idea is that I can cover both Kerbin and the Mun with a single constellation: there will be one of them or Kerbin over the horizon at all times, within range of a Communotron-16. If I send up a pair of them to orbit Minmus, then that will be covered too.

That first satellite launch was hairy because of the blackout just out of KSC...

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21 hours ago, Brikoleur said:

Seems I need one power unit per module, so the minimum setup is two power modules, a central module, and an experiment module, and if I want to transmit data back, a comms module?

Use an engineer to deploy the power modules.

Level 0 and 1: 2 power instead of 1 from the modules

Level 2 and 3: 3 power from the modules

Level 4 and 5: 4 power from the modules

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Thanks! I just discovered that actually, frotzing around KSC with them. I sent a set to the Mun, with a scientist and an engineer in a Pea with an Okto on top, they fell over on landing but managed to do the job and get back home with nothing broken.

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Today I made working landing gear out of hinges and pistons. They toggle with G and (at least on Kerbin on the launchpad) work about 10x better than legs. One hinge swings them out and back, the other aims the feet up (when stowed) and down (when deployed) and the piston goes from fully compressed to extended and back. Plus I have each on their own axis control so I can tweak them if necessary.

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10 hours ago, Brikoleur said:

Oh man I wish I could play KSP for the first time again. The sheer rush of first making it to the Mun and the back again, only to land softly on a mountainside, then roll down it and die in a ball of fire...

I feel the same!

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I'm working on a spacecraft nicknamed K.R.A.T.O.S. (Kerbal Remote Autonomous Transportation of Oversized Spacecraft)

It has 13,800m/s of Delta-V without a payload, and 5,000m/s of Delta-V with a 200t payload:


The reason why I designed this spacecraft is because I want to launch a very heavy base to Laythe (170t) and I'm too lazy to do it in pieces lol.

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Dres Crew expedition get's ready

Yesterday the Dres Surface studies expedition landed


While the rover will stay on to investigate a little bit more the lander will go back into orbit.


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Well, last night to be exact. I've tested Breaking Grounds by building a wannabe sub (Couldn't dive, prop totalled), paddleboat (Slow, sometimes made a wheelie) and an electric plane (Didn't fly well, acts like CoL in front of CoM even its CoL is behind CoM). And since I've dragged every single mods from my previous 1.5.1 into my new 1.7.1 install, a lot of thing went horribly, game-unaffectedly wrong (E.g Janitor's Closet not working) and I need to wait until the next break to update those mods manually.

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3 minutes ago, The_8_Bit_Zombie said:

What's a Dres? Never heard of it.

Doesn't surprise me...


Dres is the dwarf planet that no one remembers


Today I learn about the never ever finished planet Harvest!

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14 hours ago, capi3101 said:

It was night where the Mike 2 rover was located, of course. Gave me an excuse to use the night vision cameras...

 @[email protected]! Is that a mod? Looks kool!

Today in KSP I launched my Mun ground mission into LKO where it will stay for a while since the landing spot on the Mun just entered the night side :( 


^I decided to set a volume limit for all my missions to fit within the same fairing size, so have to get creative stuffing things in there!


^Launching it on my generic heavy lift rocket in a 2 SRB and no upper stage config ^_^!


^Fairing separation!


^Mission with Munar injection stage (to be impacted on the surface when expended :))

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15 hours ago, 5thHorseman said:

Today I made working landing gear out of hinges and pistons. They toggle with G and (at least on Kerbin on the launchpad) work about 10x better than legs. One hinge swings them out and back, the other aims the feet up (when stowed) and down (when deployed) and the piston goes from fully compressed to extended and back. Plus I have each on their own axis control so I can tweak them if necessary.


Here it is. In almost every way it's better than any landing struts in the game.

The feet wiggled a lot when it hit the ground, but the pistons did a great job absorbing the... ah... impact and upon reloading the scene it was rock-solid steady. Oh, and with the storage bay starting out unshielded and careful placement of all parts, it's totally balanced AND there is NO CLIPPING of anything other than some cubic octo struts. Those actual octo struts fit nicely in each of the 4 sides of the storage bay.

I may never use landing struts again. The only ways it's beat by them is part count and mass. And I suppose construction time but whatev that's why I play :D

If you're curious, that ugly thing is my Mun lander for JNSQ. It allows an engineer and scientist to land together sans pilot and return to the orbiting space station to refuel. The first trip brought those boxes full of deployible ground science and the rest will hit a biome at a time. The only flaw (other than having rcs jets when I've not researched them yet. What the what Making History?) is that I forgot the antenna. But that's what copious relays are for. I can't transmit until I'm back at the station, though.

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Decided to... launch... KSP again!


Not much happened. I launched a satellite to Minmus. That's really it; I'm currently waiting for a transfer window to Duna to land on Ike.

I actually (unintentionally) got a gravity assist from the Mun! How nice!

I also tried a transfer to Moho (just flight planning, not actually executed). I was shocked by the fact that it takes a "mere" 3800m/s to lower a Kerbin orbit to Moho periapsis, with a HUGE plane change because the inclination is all wrong!

I have 4800m/s worth of dV (Please don't spoil whether or not it's possible to enter Moho orbit with that much, which is what I'm trying). Although I'd also be glad with just flying past it.

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